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The Brian Williams Enigma .

I  always thought that there  was
something odd about Brian
Williams nose.
He may not have lied at all.
I am writing this just to get some thoughts off my chest . It regards Brian Williams who may have made the greatest slip up in journalism . I spent some time searching for old videos of Williams reporting way back to 2001 , and the ominous RPG helicopter footage . I have to point out that their were not many inconsistencies as to what he reported .  Well lets get to the point , did Williams have to apologize ? ***From that level I think host "attempted" honesty did him in . I would have told Williams to keep his mouth shut . ( I know all of you think that I am condoning lying?) obviously I am not condoning that falsifying a report is really what it is . MAYBE there could be a lot more to the story , but here is what the problem is. Last week, “NBC Nightly News” ran a segment in which Williams took veteran Tim Terpak to a New York Rangers game, at which an announcer hailed Terpak as “responsible for the safety of Brian Williams and his NBC News team after their Chinook helicopter was hit and crippled by enemy fire” during the 2003 invasion. Williams also related the story of coming under fire during a 2013 appearance on David Letterman’s “Late Show.”Journalists are political sycophants. They love the power afforded to them by their positions. They get to party with the most powerful leaders in the world. They show up on television shows and in movies. How many times has Williams shown up on late night television shows? From what we know so far, Brian Williams did nothing compared to what Lara Logan did when she conspired with a lying author to fabricate and present a news story for 60 Minutes for the purpose of driving her personal neo-con ideological agenda. And, she's back at work, right?  Theorists about with the notion that Brian Williams was suffering (3)>   from a "false memory" . If so it contrasted his demeanor in journalistic reporting . Now  It has widened beyond just Williams' initial errors about a 2003 Iraq War mission to include other possible misstatements, but the network has not commented on any particular ones.Initially, Williams had gotten his facts straight on the helicopter story. Discussing the trip on a March 2003 episode of “Dateline,” he described the trip accurately. “On the ground, we learned the Chinook ahead of us was almost blown out of the sky,” he said while narrating a report. Over the intervening years, the story has taken on new twists. NBC has started a "witch hunt" trying  dig up more dirt on him . Just think , your own "employer" is trying to get you fired by looking for crap on you  , and also misleading the public as well.Williams was also a direct competitor with NBC correspondent David Bloom, who was next in line to take over for Brokaw. Bloom died of a pulmonary embolism in Iraq.. How did that affect Williams?  Williams' SO CALLED exaggerations about Iraq and subsequent questions about his accounts of ++ Hurricane Katrina have triggered (1)>  a full-blown crisis of confidence inside NBC News. (The scrutiny about Katrina is particularly significant.They've (NBC)  known about these things, and covered them up, for more than a decade. Now they're all upset? Why? Because they got caught? Repeatedly? And there was too much public pressure to ignore and lie some more? A year ago if you had asked Seal Team 6 do you talk or write about your missions the answer would have been "no,never" now we all know that's not true. I think the fact Brian Williams actually reported the story as it happened the first two or three times before it all went kablooey and the fact no news agency is reporting this is very telling. I think just like all of us with every telling of a story things are added and or taken away while a journalist should guard against this it happens to the best apparently. But what bothers me most is the gleeful public humiliation Brian Williams has been subjected to its a shame an I for one hopes he comes back.

*** I think those kinds of apologies are worse than counterproductive — they’re pointless. Surviving a shaming is completely out of your hands. [British Formula One official] Max Mosley survived [a sex scandal] not because of the way he behaved nor because he'd admitted what he’d done. He survived because nobody cared. Nobody cared about him having sex. Whereas if somebody happens to do something that the social-media echo chamber does care about, like Brian Williams did, there’s nothing that person can do. ++ There are eyewitnesses to Brian Williams reporting that are out there some of them have already spoken out.  Matt Pincus doesn’t know whether Brian Williams really looked out his hotel room window at the Ritz-Carlton and saw a body floating in the floodwaters that
Here is a photo of Williams in
Iraq . Is it fake?
inundated New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
 .recollections about what he saw in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina Pincus said he was at the Ritz for most of the week after the storm, and while he didn’t see a body in the spot Williams would later remember one, he did see one less than two blocks away, near Rampart and Canal streets — though he hastens to add that it merely appeared to be a body.But he said it’s entirely possible Williams saw something Pincus didn’t, noting that he and others at the hotel were making furtive forays into the surrounding area, but mostly trying to keep the building secure. (2). No news agency is "clean" from controversy , NBC , CBS have had their share in misstatements , false reporting A few years before that, NBC addressed accusations of manipulating the particulars of a report. In November 1992, a “Dateline” episode revealed that certain pickup trucks could be vulnerable to gas-tank explosions when struck from the side. The assertions had validity, but NBC did not disclose it had attached devices to a GM truck used in the report that would ensure the vehicle would explode on impact. After the automaker filed a defamation lawsuit, NBC broadcast an apology by hosts Jane Pauley and Stone Phillips on “Dateline,” then hired independent attorneys to determine what had happened.The so called liberal media lies many times. CBS before the first Iraq war said the Bradley and Apache and other military hardware would not last and tens of thousands of US deaths. NBC lying about GM. The point is everything anything not liberal is wrong according to the news media. The backing of CNN for Obama during the debate in 2012. (3)> the way our memories change over time. We are not perfect , and altered memory is a phenomenon that is quite common, and probably universal.If they asked everyone who was involved in the episode (or, inevitably, episodes) in question to recount, individually, their recollection of the events, I think it would be fascinating to see the range and variety of responses. I can almost guarantee you that no two of them would be identical.When Williams first reported the incident on NBC news on March 26, 2003, he said the helicopter he was in was one of 4 Chinook helicopters, he was on the 3rd in line and "suddenly the helicopter ahead of us was attacked by a RPG". He did NOT say that his helicopter was attacked.Years later, when telling the story on Letterman, the story changed. He was NOT reporting the news at that time like he was on March 26, 2003. As the years pass, all of our memories of events grow dim and take on changes.He was not reporting a news story on Letterman - he was just telling a story. It is time to admit that you are not perfect and neither is Williams. 

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