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Brian Williams, Vaccinations and Ukraine .

 Another fake photo of Brain Williams in Iraq?
Brian Williams  NBC's nightly news host "probably" should have kept his mouth shut . In this day and age of "scandalizing" he fell into a statistical trap of being regrettably admitting something that is over 13 years old. This isn't a joke like some wrote below, this is his life and he has seen a lot of war, so the plane he was following got shot, he is lucky to be here...but can you remember 13 years back..??  SO this is likely a self made problem for him . I do remember that Brian Williams was in a helicopter flying in Iraq in a combat zone . The case of mistaken memory? No investigation?  Are they afraid they're going to find more FAKE STORIES? Brian Williams, acknowledging that the scrutiny and criticism he was attracting was becoming a distraction for his network, said on Saturday that he was stepping aside as anchor of NBC’s “Nightly News” for the next several days.In a memo to the NBC News staff, Mr. Williams said that Lester Holt, the anchor for“Dateline,” would step in as the network dealt with the crisis caused by Mr. Williams’s admission that he had misled the public with an account of a helicopter incident in Iraq. Williams has said in recent years that he was in a Chinook helicopter that was brought down by grenade and small arms fire, even though his original 2003 reporting said it was another helicopter in the convoy that was hit. Earlier this week, the publication “Stars and Stripes” published a story, based on eyewitness accounts of the incident, saying Williams was incorrect when he said a helicopter in which he and his team were traveling during the invasion of Iraq was hit by rocket propelled grenades.Williams apologized on air Wednesday, but the firestorm surround the incident has continued, including calls for his resignation. Either case his "story" get vary suspicious , here in  on "NBC Nightly News" and in a 2013 appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman," apologized for the mistake on the air Wednesday, and again before news division staffers Friday afternoon. But his statements have failed to stem the criticism and comments by members of the crew on the helicopter that was attacked who contradict Williams’ account.TV anchors are really no more than actors who read what is before them. In today's world where multiple sources of information are readily available to all the major news outlets have outlived their usefulness. It is amazing however in the world where one can become informed from a multitude of sources easily and form their own opinion how many just watch what they already agree with (whether it be Fox or MSNBC). If we can't have journalists that accurately report the news and keep politicians relatively honest their is no use for them. 

Vaccinations , a opinion .
2015 is proving to be the heyday of "outbreaks" . With the flu vaccine in years  being weakest at 23% effective . The strains of disease transmissions appears to be vary high . I often think that having a yearly vaccination only weakens  the immune system. The debate over measles vaccinations has been spirited, to say the least. And in some places, it's become downright nasty. ***The measles outbreak that started at Disneyland in December is not slowing down. The total is up to at least 155 cases in 16 states. The latest state to join that list is New Jersey.To misinterpret the science, is understandable; the general population doesn't speak the language of science. Its like an anglophone trying to interpret an article in French. People are losing the ability to recognize that, and to understand that there are real experts in every given field. Their opinion and conclusions should hold more weight than someone who may be very intelligent but has not had the necessary years of training and education to understand and interpret evidence. You are entitled to your opinion but must understand that it does not hold equal weight as someone with an MD and a PhD on the topic, and this is not in any way insulting your intelligence or limiting freedoms.  It is just a fact that has become lost amongst this controversy and many others in this age of social media and google.  And to be clear, vaccinations are a social controversy, not a scientific one.  There is no disagreement amongst the scientific experts. The issue that we should focus on is that communicable,  Initially, new infectious diseases could spread giving the fact that "immigration of illegals" can be the main culprit . Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) went after undocumented immigrants during his State of the State speech Tuesday, suggesting they were spreading HIV and other diseases.This is not the first time LePage has linked undocumented immigrants to a public health threat. During a hepatitis A scare in October, LePage implied that illegal immigrants may be to blame for an uptick in hepatitis C and HIV.There are two key issues. Where is the measles outbreak coming from? And how well screened are illegal immigrants such as unaccompanied children?The 2015 outbreak, mostly centered at Disney amusement parks in California, is still under investigation,We should note that CDC’s Schuchat said that in 2014, “79 percent of the un-vaccinated cases of measles in the U.S. were un-vaccinated due to personal belief exceptions.”  So even if one could trace the source to an illegal immigrant, the main source of the problem is a failure to get vaccinated in the first place.People with measles are contagious and can spread the disease from five days before the rash appears until about four days after that, and are most contagious while they have a fever, runny nose, and cough, the foundation says.It's well established in law that the government can mandate vaccinations. The measles-mumps-rubella vaccine also is known to be effective.So, should the state mandate the vaccine for children? , we ARE taking steps backward  if we don't mandate vaccines.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ADDENDUM .
***CDC reports that in at least the last ten years, nobody has died from measles, but here are the statistics for the measles vaccine:  Using the MedAlerts search engine, which facilitates an online search of the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database, as of December 14, 2014 there have been 6,962 serious adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in connection with measles vaccine since 1990, with over half of those occurring in children three years old and under. Of these events 329 were deaths, with over half of the deaths occurring in children under three years of age***************
Ukrainian situation critical. 
Here we go again . Our American government just can't wait to start a war with Russia. THANKFULLY that The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France aim to meet in Belarus's capital Minsk on Wednesday to discuss a peace plan for eastern Ukraine.It comes after leaders of the four countries discussed the ongoing conflict by telephone on Sunday.More than 5,300 people have been killed by fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russia rebels since April 2014. Without any double hindsight (2)>  Washington D.C. wants to sell Ukraine weapons . For me that's illogical and could further escalate the conflict . I still don't understand the inner workings of our American system right now that they have not sought for a diplomatic process ahead of selling arms to Ukraine which still has no stable government . It's thin ice. Even Gorbachev warned as Russia and the West enter what Gorbachev calls a new Cold War. “Are we in the middle of a new Cold War? Indeed we are,”he said. Question is why? Why are our leaders spilling a billion dollars for increasing hostilities . Did sending weapons to Syria to the "rebels" to  fight the Assad government change anything there?  Obviously Europe sees it differently than America . The headlines are coming thick and fast but most prescient appears to be: Despite (1)>  John Kerry's denial of any split between Germany and US over arms deliveries to Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier slammed Washington's strategy for being "not just risky but counterproductive." But perhaps most significantly is France's continued apparent pivot towards Russia... Following Francois Hollande's calls for greater autonomy for Eastern Ukraine, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has come out in apparent support of Russia (and specifically against the US), "we are part of a common civilization with Russia,” adding, "the interests of the Americans with the Russians are not the interests of Europe and Russia. That whole statements says a lot . Hopefully Peace will prevail . And my American Government will not send any weapons to the Ukrainian government.

(1)> Looks Like EU Is Saying ""Sorry Kerrie"", You Cannot Have Your Proxy War In The UKR With Russia... Sorry... ..... Where's That Reset Button Again???  (2)>Michael Kofman , he served as a subject matter expert and adviser to military and government officials on issues in Russia/Eurasia. And, now, he is telling the Brookings Institution war-hawks, and its insider ‘experts’ whose expertise is about getting America into invasions but not getting us out, and is certainly not about “winning” anything more than defense contracts — he is telling them that their arguments for getting us into sending weapons to Ukraine as our “proxy” against Russia, is a shockingly stupid and counterproductive idea for everyone but America’s armaments-makers. s
ending a mix of weapons to Ukraine is unlikely to improve the situation, given the overwhelming force-on-force mismatch the country faces against Russia, but it could add fuel to a fire that is steadily consuming the country’s chances of emerging as a new nation on a European path. … [The Brookings report] does not offer recommendations on a path to peace, and no explanation of how weapons shipments could result in a political settlement to the war. … The [Brookings] report is intended to press the reluctant president into changing his course in Ukraine [so as to send lethal weapons]. … 

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