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Jordan's King Abdullah leads
the battle against terrorists .
 I have to admire King Abdullah II of JordanJordan's King Abdullah was reported by some Arabic-language news outlets to be personally leading airstrikes against Islamic State militants, however those reports were in question on Thursday.  He has to guts to fight , and stand with his  people  after the brutal execution of captured Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbe. Honestly he makes Pres. Obama look weak . Sure America has carried out air strikes against ISIL (the Islamic State ) , but I have to admit in my observations ***the American air strikes look like a  "skirmish" , bombing and running away  might not be the key . King Abdullah II holds in his hand the cards on getting most of the Arabs united to fight the (3)>  "false Muslims" as he said in regard to the ISIL. A wave of airstrikes against ISIL was just "the beginning" of Jordan's retaliation for the burning death of a fighter pilot, its military declared while promising to attack the Islamist militants "until they are destroyed.Jordan's military released a video late Thursday showing its fighter jets preparing for the airstrikes, with military personnel writing slogans on missiles in chalk including: "You are the enemy of [true] Muslims." Meanwhile  Republicans and Democrats pressed senior Obama administration officials on Wednesday to move swiftly to provide aircraft parts, night-vision equipment and other weapons to Jordan . Jordan's King Abdullah II met with the committee and other lawmakers as well as President Obama on Tuesday.In the current year, the United States is providing Jordan with $1 billion in economic and military assistance. The Defense Department is also giving an unspecified amount of help to Jordan to secure its border with Syria. Islamic militants have grabbed significant swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. ANYHOW with this I have to put my two cents in this. This is going to bite and challenge my American readers , I believe the double dealing by our government has  created this  mess in Syria , and Iraq. There is no way I can't not point the finger at Pres. Obama . My grounds on this we had been even warned by Syrian President ( dictator ) Assad about the rebels who were fighting to overthrow him.  (2)> The so called Arab Sp-ringers were waving the black Jihad flag, so  , in 2013 way before we may have heard about a terrorist group named IS. King Abdullah II also warned of the mounting dangers in  Syria’s widening civil war poses to his neighboring kingdom but offered only fresh demands that the Assad government step down immediately.But Obama, speaking inside a cavernous dark-wood hall alongside the king, also raised the question he said preoccupies his administration regarding Syria. His concern is how the fighting, which has killed an estimated 70,000 people, will shape the religious and cultural makeup of a long-repressed nation. In truth and in fact, President Obama (and both Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress) have a very large responsibility for the instability and bloodshed in Syria. For several years President Obama has been demanding "regime change" in Syria. After a very brief period of non-violent protests against the Assad regime during the "Arab Spring,"(1)>  for the past two years there has been a constantly growing armed insurrection by so-called "rebels" -- many if not most of whom are foreign non-Syrian Sunni extremists, either belonging to Al Qaeda or adhering to the religious beliefs and practices of Al Qaeda. It is public knowledge that many of these Al Qaeda-related "rebels" come from Saudi Arabia and are getting their weapons from Saudi Arabia --yes these "rebels" became the ISLAMIC STATE as we know them now and so much our misguided American government has been selling arms to these rebels in Syria since the Arab Spring .  The source of 15 of the 19 terrorists who attacked our nation on 9/11, and the source of Wahabbi clerics who spew out their distorted version of Islam to Sunni terrorists from Libya to Pakistan. Only a fool could believe the protestations by our Government that it is powerless to stop the supply of weapons to the known terrorist groups fighting and killing in Syria. With the decades-old ties between the US and Saudi Arabia, our Government certainly could persuade the Saudis to cut off the weapon supply to the terrorist "rebel" groups in Syria, if our Government really wanted to do so. Instead, our Government is operating like a Mafia capo who winks and says to its Saudi Mafia soldiers "take care of the problem."  The Hero now is,  While few expect an actual presidential run by the Amman-born king, invidious comparisons with the current U.S. president proved tempting during a week that saw Obama contextualizing the Islamic State's daily brutality by making references to religiously-motivated abuses by Christians in the distant past.In many cases it's not clear whether Abdullah fans are responding to Jordan's new offensive against the Islamic State or are still under the impression that the head of state will be flying a Cobra against the jihadists. But on one point everybody seems to agree: The King's hard-guy cred skyrocketed this week.“King #Abdullah of #Jordan is a total badass,” Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Peter Lerner said, adding also the hashtag “#LeadByExample” to his message.

***Obama's most courageous move against the Jihad was drawing a line in the sand and running away from it on Putin's orders. Any one remember this? (1)> How about the American arms that were sold to the Syrian rebels? That some how ended up in the hands of the Islamic State . So far no has the guts to say that , yea the bi-product of a "failed" foreign  policy is the creation of the Islamic state. A report as far back as 2009 outlined on the UK GUARDIAN . " The US is a virtual supermarket for terrorists and foreign governments seeking high-end military technology, including components that can be used to build nuclear weapons and equip militants fighting US and British troops, the American government has found.Over the past year, government investigators posing as private buyers purchased military-grade body armour, technology to stabilise and steer guided missiles, a device that can be used to detonate nuclear weapons, and other munitions through legal means in the US. They evaded export controls and posted dummy versions of the gear to countries known as trans-shipment points for terrorist groups and foreign governments seeking arms and weapons components." ( see (2)> Surly enough the ISIL group just did not spring out of no place. Its a confounding mystery of this organization that honestly is Un-Islamic in every detail , yet they fly the black flag . There are some hints that ISIL is made up of non Arab fighters as I reported before , there seems to be a "satanic"/ Nazi element that most Muslims are asleep and are not saying nothing about them.Not sure if you're surprised that this is happening because it was bound to, when considering that there is no definitive group know as "Syrian rebels." The fact that there are faction upon faction of rebel groups in Syria, some of them affiliated with ISIL make it difficult to control where US weapons end up. The intention on the part of the US to combat ISIL is good but the outcome of where US supplied weapons end up is certainly not desirable - but war is messy, and this is just a part of it.What the war hawks evade - and few people mention any more - was that the U.S. had a *deliberate policy* of training, arming and financing, to the tune of billions of unaccounted dollars,the "Sunni Awakening" - a vital component of The Surge.When the U.S. bribes to Sunnis, intended to gain their elegance to Baghdad, came to an end, they all joined with Syrian Sunnis to form ISIL. The entire force is a creation of the U.S. military in Iraq. (3)> President Obama lumped Christians and murderous Islamic terrorists together: Here’s some of what he said, “unless we get on our high horse and think that this is unique to some other place -- remember that during the crusades and inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ … So, it is not unique to one group or one religion; there is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.”Lumped? My bad. He practically blamed Christians for the religious fanatics who are burning men alive. Burying children alive and crucifying young boys.

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