Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The "Midterm" elections is coming!

The mid term's are around the corner . There is a lot of anxiety and desperation in the political front . ALSO it's going to be a wall-up  in spending as the "rich" donations   pour into both the coffers of the democrats and Republicans with billions wasted to fraud the American people even further..  The total price tag for the 2014 midterms -- an election which almost no one is paying attention to -- will be nearly ***$4 billion, according to projections released Wednesday by the Center for Responsive Politics. That would make it the most expensive midterm election in history and set the stage for a 2016 presidential contest that could approach double-digit billions in spending. The American public by now should have all the fog cleared from their eye's , sure we have the power to vote , but we don't have the power of the dollar in our hands , so the election process is certainly bought with cash by the biggest donation Example President Obama's fundraising may have raised 1 billion dollars , that money is not from an average taxpayer , but the spending leaps like a frog . "So far, at least $663.3 million has been spent by outside groups like super PACs and 527s (a figure that is current within the last 48 hours), but CRP’s projections based on the pattern in the 2012 cycle indicate that at least another $233.5 million remains to be spent in the 12 days before Nov. 4," according to the Center."That’s a rate of $19.4 million a day." Political missteps by President Obama are unnerving Democrats just two weeks before the midterm elections. NO democrat candidate wants Obama nearby; BLACKs walk out on his speeches; Republicans and Democrats are struggling for control of the Senate in this November’s midterm elections. But there is no real fight for control of the House of Representatives. The Outcome?  on November 5, this will be seen as an anti-incumbent election first and foremost.  That means that Democrats may well lose the Senate (they will almost certainly lose 4 or more net seats) and some net House races and that GOP and Democratic incumbents - or incumbent parties - will lose Governor's mansions across the land.I see the GOP losing Alaska, Wisconsin, Florida, PA, Maine and Kansas on November 4 while Democrats lose Massachusetts, Arkansas and Connecticut.  Dems hold on in Illinois only because Bruce Rauner blew a winnable race with his business antics and Hickenlooper pulls out the narrowest of wins in Colorado.  Rick Snyder survives in Michigan by a percentage point or two because Dems didn't quite get out enough votes in Detroit to win it.  It's all about the practicability of the outcome , Politico is predicting a loss of 10 seats for Democrats, with 14 toss-up races not included. Larry Sabato is predicting a “strong and increasing chance” for the GOP to gain control of the Senate, but a House map that “isn’t really expanding to a great degree.” The Washington Post is predicting a gain of 8 seats in the House for Republicans and seven seats in the Senate. 

*** The issue isn't just whether money can help win races. The issue is to whom the candidates are accountable after they win. It's naive to believe that elected officials don't have some sense of what will happen to their campaign funding if they vote one way rather than another, and it's unquestionable that those who fund campaigns get far more access to the political system.

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