Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Poor Governor and the Rich Governor.

The Poor Governor and Rich Governor:
Who took the most donations , and
out spent his rival .
The "special interests" have out done the donations to the re--election of Gov Jerry Brown. Brown for sure is the winner already,but here is my critical opinion.Reported Monday that he has nearly(1)>  $24 million left for his re-election campaign after spending very little so far this year, while his Republican challenger,(2)>  Neel Kashkari, has about $680,000 left for the final month of the campaign. Brown out spent his competitor . Just where is this money going as far as it is coming from is the big question. Brown's largest expenses were for campaign consultants. He is not outwardly campaigning for his re-election, instead focusing his efforts on a pair of ballot measures he is promoting: Proposition 1, which would spend $7.5 billion on a variety of water projects; and Proposition 2, which would strengthen California's rainy day fund.The committee for both reported having $6.6 million on hand Monday. Among its largest donations are $3.8 million from the California Teachers Association and $1 million each from the Service Employees International Union and former Facebook president and Napster co-founder Sean Parker. The special interest list does not end with the teachers union as far as contributions Gov. Jerry Brown reported Monday that he returned campaign contributions from six Pacific Gas and Electric Co. officials, as the utility released more emails in the controversy surrounding its close ties with state regulators.The company said Monday that it had been notified by the U.S. attorney’s office in San Francisco that it has begun an investigation into the private communications.Emails released by PG&E on Monday showed the Governor’s Office also was involved in the negotiations. Returning the donations “seemed prudent due to the inquiry,” said Dan Newman, a spokesman for Brown’s campaign.  For (3)>  Kashkari's bid for governor was always going to be an uphill battle, however, money is a serious problem. His latest financial report shows him with about $680,000 in the bank, with $142,000 in unpaid bills. That’s trouble for a little-known candidate in California, where it can cost $1.5 million or more a week to run a statewide television campaign. The source of the the two candidates’ cash adds to the contrast. In the most recent finance period, almost all of Kashkari’s money came from individuals, including a maximum $27,200 each from both Henry and Wendy Paulson of Chicago and William and Nancy Thompson of Newport Beach (Orange County). Another major difference is the financial support from parties and other partisan groups. While Kashkari received $1,000 from New Majority California, the state’s largest Republican political action committee, the state Democratic Central Committee gave $450,000 to Brown’s campaign. # Kashkari is spending the final weeks of the campaign talking about his opposition to high-speed rail. And poverty, which he sees as the root of many of California’s problems (4)> ."I feel like I am demonstrating a path for not just not myself but for other candidates, to unite not just Republicans, but people across the political spectrum," he said. Still, it's going to be a tough fight this time around.

The election is on Nov. 4.

In a report filed with the secretary of state's office, the Democratic governor says he has $23.6 million in the bank and has spent just $402,000 this year.The spending included about $36,000 in returned contributions between July 1 and Sept. 30. Brown spokesman Dan Newman did not immediately return a call seeking details about the returned money. Will Brown has twice the spending money of Kash-karyi , there has been vary little political propaganda from either candidate that I have seen , mail flyers have not gone out as I know in my neighborhood . (2) > Republicans get rich then run for office  democrats run for office then get rich. (3)> The California GOP is a party that could use some help. Just 28 percent of the state’s registered voters identify as Republican. Democrats dominate the state Senate and Assembly. And there are no Republicans in statewide elected office. (4)> Kashkari who is so desperate to win the governorship of California has  done a number of demonstrations how far he would go to get to the "average joe's '' attention , here is some examples.Without the resources to get his message out, Kashkari has relied on attention from the press through a variety of stunts.He lived as a homeless man for a week in Fresno to bring attention to issues related to poverty.When the governor was considering the state's ban on plastic bags, Kashkari sent him boxes of paper bags and urged him to veto the ban. (Instead, the governor's dog Sutter sent a message to Kashkari via Twitter.)On a recent afternoon, at a gas station in Burbank, Kashkari reminded voters of his opposition to high-speed rail by handing out gas cards and asking supporters to smash plastic toy trains.  The stunt drew a few television cameras and supporters, like John King of Westwood. "He has great interpersonal skills. Definitely has the gift of gab. Bright guy and has a lot of great ideas," King said. # 
I strongly "recommend" contrary to my Union to vote for Kashkari . I am just not willing to see  Gov. Jerry Brown's "speed train" that will cost 97 billion dollars. It's unjustifiable,  spending it would become California's  second most expensive expenditure  after education spending and take years to finish .

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