Sunday, July 27, 2014

"The truth always offends".

"The truth always offends".  Do my political opinions offend you?  OK, I know my blog post are offending, You don't have to agree with them , but honestly the last decade in  America we have had a political divide .Politicians don't seem to care about solving problems, they only want to know whether a particular idea is liberal or conservative, and then, presto, they are for/against it. Practical freedom of speech, graduate-level freedom of speech, is not a black-and-white issue, not just a matter of misquoting. The country needs a reboot in the worst way. Supposedly there are so many people so worried about offending someone else, they end up offending more people than if they'd done nothing at all! SO if my blog postings offend you I am a bit sorry . Once people adopt a political philosophy that has all of the answers, they stop thinking and start rationalizing. . SORRY there is NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (here) ! I don't guarantee that I will always be right on what I say , but I warn you to challenge your mind , OPEN your EYE's to the TRUTH.
If there's one single point which is key political beliefs, it is an emphatic belief in free speech. Freedom of speech (and writing, and art) is critical to the free exchange of ideas, and any society that does not allow the free exchange of ideas will slide into totalitarianism. Practically (and boringly). If political issues are merely very difficult, then we should expect most people to hold at most tentative opinions, or to suspend judgement altogether. This is what happens with other issues that are intrinsically difficult. If we have just worked out a very complicated mathematical problem, we tend to hold at most tentative belief in the answer arrived at. If another, intelligent person reports having worked out the same problem and obtained a different answer, this shakes our confidence in our answer; we take this as strong evidence that we may be in error. But in political matters, people tend to hold their beliefs with great confidence, and to regard them as not very difficult to verify, that is, as obvious. Nor does the mere presence of another person with an opposing political belief typically shake our confidence. The Ignorance Theory fares slightly better, since if people were ignorant, not only of the facts pertaining to the political issue, but also of their own level of ignorance, their confidence in their political beliefs would be understandable. However, it remains puzzling why people would be ignorant of their own level of ignorance—this itself calls for a further explanation. Moreover, the Ignorance Theory has difficulty explaining the following feature of political disputes.

Trust me  I am not trying to shove my political views on you . I am just trying to "comment" on what is going on on the news , some times my views conflict with yours on issues :

Israeli - Palestine war . We saw the developments . Gaza is now  a pile of rubble , but should you know by  now,  that our Nation America is going to send humanitarian aid to Gaza?we have to REGARDLESS because American tax dollars are already  going to Israel as  one of our allies   Some one has to rebuild Gaza , most likely it will be America .

Ukrainian , Russia and MH-17 .  The whole issue with Crimea is REALLY  is not our American business, the nation has poked it's nose in Russian affairs in the WRONG WAY. We have handled it in a way that all the gains we made with Russia ending the cold war are coming undone .  Russia should be our American Allies .  First in dealing with the so called Ukrainian crisis , why is the Obama administration dealing with the government in Kiev ? Pledging billions and sending , and supporting with weapons ?  It's crazy , I'd say Mr. Obama call Mr. Putin and start dialog .

Crisis at the boarder .  It's sad that all these illegal children came thousands of miles just to get a better life in America .  Imagine for a while , what kind of parent so desperate would send their own children to be smuggled by cartels across the US southern boarders ? It's a bit crazy . What did these seekers of better life gain in coming here? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

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