Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama, Racism , and weakness.

Racism is a dirty word . Has America outgrown it's past with the election of Barak Obama? The recent article in a New York city newspaper sparked controversy by publishing apiece criticizing allegedly racism-driven anti-Obama bias among conservative voters headlined ‘The n****r in the White House’. Without the asterisks.Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died so blacks would no longer be viewed as inferior but rather enjoy the same inherent rights given to whites in America.Yet in 2014, 50 years since the passage of the Civil Rights Act,(1) *** they West View News thinks it's appropriate to publish a story about our first black president, WestView News also ran an op-ed by Alvin Hall, an African-American columnist, on the same page with the headline "The Headline Offends Me.""The decision to use the headline feels misguided to me," Hall wrote. "I don't see how its use benefits anyone, but I do feel all too clearly how it deeply offends me."  The use of the N word embarrasses me when ever it pops up , but no escaping it's use toward the President is risky journalism . The can of worms opens. I have to comment that I believe vary much the Mr. Obama was subject to a form of racism from the start , (2).  but it makes him no perfect politician . @ Obama is weak , ( the weakness comes only by observation of the last 5 years )   he has been  wide open to attack from his first day in office. For the Political Right Obama is big  business. The Anti- Obama books have sold billions since 2008 , and FOX news is hooked on daily rantings on Obama. Obama haters have so poisoned politics and national issues with their obvious (and always denied) racism where the President is concerned that it threatens the very existence of this "great experiment" called the United States of America. Here we thought we were so wise and had changed our ways and all it took was electing a black president with a funny sounding name and the hidden hate started oozing out for all the world to see. The Name Obama is African , and also it is a Muslim name , for this part I can see the average white screaming afoul.  It shows a lot about American politics that the general public is willing to take "risks" on whom they chose as their leaders regardless of color and gender . It's shows that that status -quo has been crumbling . From the start I have been worried about Obama , he made too many political enemies ,and he seemed not having a grip on Washington while trying to change ( challenge )  the political landscape , promising too much . The polls don't lie , I am vary skeptic  that there would be a turn around for Obama. According to Gallup, a mere 41 percent of Americans think Barack Obama is respected in the world by his fellow leaders. This, a dramatic decline from 2009, when fresh off of his campaign tour through Europe and perplexing receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize, some 67 percent of Americans thought Obama was respected around the globe. It isn’t Republicans driving this decline. The proportion of Democrats who think that the world does not respect Obama has doubled in just the last year, and nearly six out of ten independents concur.  This also comes a few months after Gallup first found voters saying they no longer view Obama as a “strong and decisive leader.”

 (1) ***It is never okay to use the n-word in a headline. It doesn’t matter if the article is pro or anti-Obama. It is disrespectful to the President Of The United States as a man and disrespectful to the office that he has been elected twice to hold. It was not in any way an appropriate headline. In fact, it is headlines such as this that give the people who hate Obama because of the color of his skin something to point to when they get called out for their bigotry. (2). Least qualified President ever? No. He is not even in the top 10. (Nor is Dubya, liberal wing.) Warren Harding, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant -- the list goes on. Let's face it - we have had some questionable Presidents with very little education over the course of the years while we await the great ones. @ SAYING Obama is weak comes from the fact is that he can't get anything done any more , the GOP has gridlocked the Congress . Jimmy Carter was in the same state before Reagan came into office , but Mr. Obama can't muster peace in the Middle-east , as Jimmy Carter did with  Egypt and Israel .

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