Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FLIGHT 370 MYSTERY part 2.

The search in the South  Indian Ocean
was a waste of time.
 The  SEARCH for the Missing airliner MH370 seems to be turning into a wild goose chase , which now is the longest official disappearance of a modern jet in aviation history - . Now the searching has shifted north . This whole thing is bizarre. ( EXACTLY WHERE THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOOKING!Seems like we get a new theory every few hours. Lots of wise folks on the tube speculating. I suppose you can't get a paying slot on TV if you came on and said we have not tracking information, no reliable positioning information and just don't know where the thing is. Just think about this , 7 hours and 31 minutes after takeoff flying confirmed by the `ping` signal from the engines detected by the satellites ; it means Boeing 777 MH370 ` used all available jet fuel to the end ` and also it flew estimated total of whopping 3500 to 3750 miles , the plane took of at 12.41 am since it changed the course deliberately to the westerly direction after the last transponder signal 01.07 am in other words roughly 45 minutes after take of changed the course to west it means roughly `6 hrs and 45 minutes of flight westward direction` with presumed average speed of 500 miles/hour and it is roughly 3375 miles travel distance from the last detected transponder signal coordinates . In my last blog post on this I suspected it was hijacked , so the plane was issuing telemetry messages for 4 hours after it vanished off the screen. That implies the plane was flying for at least 3 hours after the alarms should have gone off (OK, perhaps waiting an hour after a 200 tonne airliner "goes missing" before calling for help is excessive, but let's err on the side of caution). Here is the best speculation I have read . Here it goes : Previous reports indicated that the plane flew towards Checkpoint Gival, south of the Thai island of Phuket, and was last plotted heading northwest towards another checkpoint, Igrex, used for route P628 that would take it over the Andaman Islands and which carriers use to fly towards Europe. Still, the Maldives news is of particular note since earlier today, Haaveru Online, quoted locals who said they had seen a "low flying jet" whose description is approximate to what flight MH370 looked like. After all I heard lately , I’d be wary of any single data point, or news nugget. Stay skeptical. Today’s breakthrough revelation could be retracted tomorrow. My 'theory' is much shared by the internet community , with specialty some conspiracy groups that it was possibly  hijacked and somehow flown to another location with equal distance as it's intended flight  ( Beijing , China ), so you can link this as the possiable distance the MH 370 could have flown west. *** How do you hide a large aircraft from radar ? Obviously disabling the transponder would be the first thing , with out it radar can't locate the air craft , second every airliner has computer software that sends a kind of signal to air ports that identifies it as who , or what airliner , plane it is. If you change the software by masking the signal of the airliner and replacing it with another . The airliner assumes another identity . example MH370 becomes PKS 677 . It could fly just anywhere . REMEMBER it's only my speculation as I said before . That still doesn’t mean that a clever and determined pilot couldn’t get through. One possibility might be to fly “nap of the earth,” close enough to the surface of the earth to elude the sweeps of a radar beam. (“Nap” stands for “near as possible.”) This would require a much higher fuel burn and result in a lower speed, but neither of those facts would necessarily undermine the plausibility of this scenario since the flight didn’t get very far in the six hours between 2:15 a.m. and 8:11 a.m.; either he went high and fast on a circuitous route (like the earlier zigzag performed just before disappearing from the military radio data) or low and slow. Going low would have forced him to go a lot slower, but this doesn’t pose a problem to the theory if he had a full six hours to travel to travel the relatively short distance of 2,200 miles. BIG question is . Just where ?

***deliberate action was taken to turn off communications systemsand steer the aircraft far off course. "Pings" sent from the plane to a commercial satellite hours after MH370 disappeared suggest either a northern or southern route of flight, creating a search area that stretches from Kazakhstan into western China or from Indonesia into the southern Indian Ocean. Turning the transponder off will NOT make the plane invisible to radar. It will still be visible, but anonymous. The transponder sends back a message on the return radar signal which put its information on the radar screen. Further, the plane has to be within range of the primary radar and there are places where these are not all that prolific. There are a number of other things that have not been explained.

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