Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bit's and Pieces of criticism for Time magazine.

Mr. O'Reilly is right .
Time Magazine just recently put out it most influential 100 , on the cover Beyonce  as Time's top most influential person after making the list for 2014. Time magazine bestowed the honor on the 32-year old Grammy Award winning singer who was among other A-list celebrities.  Now I  am in agreement with  Bill O'Reilly -- that Beyonce doesn't deserve to be on the cover of TIME's 100 most influential people issue ... who says her raunchy music videos are proof she's a HORRIBLE INFLUENCE! Yes, Beyonce is nothing more than a African-American Milly Cyrus , pushing a hyper-sexualized image to young girls . In this day an age Time magazine is running out of top 100's , so it picks who it wants on it's cover . Beyonce did vary little to influence me , or improve my life , yes I have seen her video's. The one's where her booty shakes , juggles.  Beyonce is looked upon  by modern feminists as empowering women , yes  women that's  what they are saying  . Beyonce's last video went to the extreme  as it became viral called “Partition,” The steamy track, which features a striptease on a piano, pole dancing and oral sex in a limo, is streaming out to Beyonce fans everywhere. That's the image of the  () 'new feminism'  that all the young girls are getting ,  I am sure the over testosterone males have been  yelping . There are many "artists" who have no talent and resort to working dirty. It requires one have no character or self-respect but only a desire to be an exhibitionist and get paid millions for doing it. Being dirty is cheap and easy. Beyoncé's success would seem to offer many reasons for *** feminists to cheer. The performer has enjoyed record-breaking career success and has taken control of a multimillion-dollar empire in a male-run industry, while being frank about gender inequities and the sacrifices required of women. She employs an all-woman band of ace musicians—the Sugar Mamas—that she formed to give girls more musical role models. And she speaks passionately about the power of female relationships.But some pundits are hesitant to award the singer feminist laurels. For instance, Anne Helen Petersen, writer for the blog Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style (and Bitch contributor), says, "What bothers me—what causes such profound ambivalence—is the way in which [Beyoncé has] been held up as an exemplar of female powerand, by extension, become a de facto feminist icon….Beyoncé is powerful. F*cking powerful. And that, in truth, is what concerns me."  The vary thought  here  how is  'empowering women '  ## with the image of steamy sex in a limo? Time magazine  choice this year was "cheesy" at best . The underwear with the open legs showing the thigh gap is really unclassy for Time magazine. The poses make her look just plain unattractive. Bey looks better in her home and vacation pictures. Total fail on Time’s part. Her standing there in underwear completely undercuts her successes, especially in comparison with all of the other people on the other covers. It just wont end there with the sleaze factor , The Obamas love her too. The First Couple have not only held her up as a fine role model for their girls, back in 2011  ^^ Mrs. Obama hired the barely literate, sexed-up singer to shake her stuff in front of middle school children as part of the $10 billion Let’s Move campaign.


*** January 2013 Guardian article titled "Beyoncé: Being Photographed in Your Underwear Doesn't Help Feminism," writer Hadley Freeman blasts the singer for posing in the February issue of GQ "nearly naked in seven photos, including one on the cover in which she is wearing a pair of tiny knickers and a man's shirt so cropped that her breasts are visible."  ##  “Beyoncé in a back of a limo having sex and referencing Monica Lewinsky...(Read Full Post) ^^ American culture is an STD. When you compare the pop culture from the days of Loretta Young, John Wayne, and Nat King Cole to what we have today, it's obvious the US has a very warped future. () Modern 21st Century "feminists" have come a long way , once they were fighting for women to have the same equal rights as men , but today they are fighting for women to "sexualize " themselves . A great throw back for the women who were suffragettes of the last century. The New feminism is dominated by male images of how women should be , not how women want to be. Beyonce is the case in point .

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