Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Equal Pay , and Minimum WAGE.

Obama  To  help narrow the gender pay gap, while pressing Republican lawmakers to get behind the proposed Paycheck Fairness Act. Seems to be setting up a storm again in Washington D.C. I have to sometimes question the crudity of some political actions . Mr. Obama again threaten to use his executive power over Congress . On TV there is a lot of "bitching" from GOP lawmakers calling it a desperate election stunt from the Oval office . FOR Me I am assuming that women have already exceeded men in pay since the 1960's . *** I believe with so many women CEO's and CBO's now in the 21st Century  that the gender gap in America has narrowed for the "reverse" . It's men who are making Less money in the so called professional world  right now . $ Yes there is a still a winding "gap" between the 99 % and the 1 % ( The Rich and the Poor )  . Another problem that Mr. Obama has not tackled in his second term is the run away inflation that is driving up market prices for goods , services , and housing .  “Instead of focusing on jobs, [Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid] launched into another confusing attack on the left’s latest bizarre obsession,” McConnell said on the Senate floor on Tuesday. “Just think about that. The percentage of Americans in the workforce is at an almost four-decade low, and Democrats chose to ignore serious job-creation ideas so they could blow a few kisses to their powerful pals on the left.” I think it looks like a political stunt from the White House . Pres. Obama is looking for ways to get the vote for his own party  . Perhaps it's out of desperation , or its the hard facts in politics . If you remember Obama's support for same sex "marriages" just right before the presidential election ? It seems like a gimmick , He's had 5 YEARS to fix the pay issue but NOW  - obviously is  important enough for him - oh, but it's election season - now he becomes an advocate for equal pay - what a piece of work . 

The Minimum Wage   Has Never caught up with inflation , and as things go in this country , even if we raise it to 10 dollars an hour it won't make any difference.   If the minimum wage worker is getting the same pay for less skill and effort then the employer will have to take the $10 worker to $12. This will continue all the way up the hourly worker pay schedule and drive the cost of goods and services even higher! When the dust settles the minimum wage worker will still be a minimum wage worker and inflation will have gobbled up the additional pay! Interestingly enough , raising wont help much unless you can get full time . The current national minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. This is a low wage, and thankfully most Americans don’t earn the minimum wage.  There is one demographic group that is more likely to earn the minimum wage than any other: teenagers.  This is logical, as those who are new to the job market don’t usually have the skills necessary to command higher salaries. Minimum wage increases at the federal level only take effect if the federal minimum is above that passed in states. So if every state already had a statewide minimum wage of at least $9, then Obama's proposal would do nothing. But as Brad pointed out last night,only Washington has a minimum wage above $9 at the moment, although Oregon's $8.95 minimum isn't that much lower. From ThinkProgress: While the average McDonalds employee in the United States makes just above the $7.25 minimum wage, that story is different in other countries. As Jordan Weissmann reports at The Atlantic, the minimum wage for full-time adult workers in Australia is $14.50 and McDonalds employees just negotiated a 15 percent raise by 2016. Yet the company has about 900 locations in the country. Meanwhile, its profit margins at company-owned restaurants are higher in Europe than in the U.S. despite many countries there having a higher minimum wage. France’s minimum is about $12 an hour, and yet there are more than 1,200 locations there. Residents of other countries pay more for their Big Macs, in part at least to make up for those extra costs, but the increase in prices is not drastic. Australians paid an average of $4.62 in U.S. dollars for a Big Mac in July and it cost $4.66 in the eurozone, while Americans paid $4.56. That’s a difference of about 6 to 10 extra cents, which would mean raising Big Mac prices a little over 2 percent in the U.S. to come equal with those in Europe.


***Didn't we have this conversation in the 70's? And didn't the companies merely create different titles for men and women for the same work in order to avoid difference in pay between men and women?  and didn't Reagan sign a law that made it illegal for men to be paid more than women for the same job with the same qualifications? $ Professional fact checkers at Factcheck.org (“exaggeration”), Politifact (“Mostly False”) and The Washington Post (“one Pinocchio”) have all found problems with the claim. The American Association of University Women released a report that concluded the pay gap was closer to 7% than 23%.

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