Saturday, March 22, 2014


 Scotland wants to be free of England . I say
not so fast.
As the saying goes of the UK goes so does the world. I stand here for SAVING the United Kingdom of England . While the west is soaking in Russia's issues with Ukraine and Crimea . No media has barked about the Scotland's referendum of independence . It sound's good and dandy that SCOTLAND seeks independence from ENGLAND , but I hearken just where will be the term UNITED KINGDOM? Exactly six months from now, Scots will go to the polls to vote on the future of their country. On September 18, voters will be presented with a simple yes/no question: Should Scotland be an independent country?The Scottish government, led by the Scottish National Party, says this is a "once in a generation opportunity" for Scotland's people to take control of the decisions that affect them most. A "yes" vote means that "Scotland's future will be in Scotland's hands," it says, and that life will be better and fairer for its people. British Prime Minister David Cameron wants Scotland to remain part of an undivided United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He says that it is a decision solely for the Scottish people -- but that remaining part of the United Kingdom will give them security and strength. "There will be no going back," he warns.Can I ask the Scots just who they think they are gaining "independence" from? Westminster, maybe? Do they think of Scotland as a "country"? The truth is that Scotland is a "region" of the EU, and has been since 1988 when the EU drafted Regulation 2052/88 which led to the splitting of the UK into 12 "regions", and our traditional counties and divisions disappeared. Of course it suits the (mis)leaders to maintain the myth and thus divide us even more. It is not Westminster running Scotland, but Brussels. Of course for me it's -un conceivable that a United Kingdom would remain ruled symbolically by a ** queen if this happens . As debate over Scotland's independence referendum heats up, an opinion poll showed a rising number of English and Welsh want Scotland to stay in the 307-year group forged by the Treaty of the Union that created the United Kingdom of Great Britain. A YouGov poll found 54 percent want voters north of the border to reject independence at a referendum on Sept. 18. Scottish independence might have a destabilizing effect on the whole UK. The British government warned Scotland  that if it votes to leave the United Kingdom, it would not be able to keep the British currency, the venerable pound sterling.Scotland would certainly be accepted by the EU and adopt the Euro. If Scotland leaves, there is no UK obligation to allow Scotland's continued use of the pound. Indeed, imprudent Scottish economic decisions could be a detriment to the pound just as Irish, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese economic policies have injured the euro. well for the record i do not want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom. but i fully understand that if on September 18th the Scottish vote YES to leave then that is their democratic right. make no mistake about it, it will be a sad day in our History. So as the rest of the UK contemplates the possibility of Scotland leaving we have to continue with the business of what's best for our future and National interests. Which raises the real question at the heart of the independence debate: would it actually be worth it? All I say to this here . I want to keep the United Kingdom united , it makes more sense in the word , it would make England almost non-existent .

** The Queen is also Queen of Scotland by right.  Her private property (e.g. Balmoral) will remain her own private property and the state property (e.g. Hollyrood House and the Scottish crown jewels) would transfer to Scotland from the UK

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