Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fight 370 MYSTERY .

Like the in Twilight Zone  a whole airliner
vanishes !
Conspiracy theory time. Just what happened to  Malaysia Airlines flight 370 ? I have read several on the internet . I hope and presume ( though not much encouragement ) that any of the flights passengers are alive . The media is abuzz with theories including UFO's . There is a suspicious thing about the flight just disappearing  off the radar that is uncanny . Still no wreckage . As of now and what I write might be "proven" wrong so I put this as my disclaimer , that is that the airliner was "hijacked" and flown to some location . I want that to be true to the latter , that would mean that many of the passengers are still alive , and being held some place . The other is more likely that the airliner had a fuselage issue and exploded over the water in mid air like  ***TWA 800 of a decade ago. So far nothing pins out , for me I believe it may have been hijacked . I am sure that Home-Land security is trying to pin the airliner , and the American government's interest is  to find Malaysia 370. There have been many conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 coming from all corners of the globe, but which one can accurately explain the planes disappearance?Speculation that the Malaysia Airlines plane disintegrated in mid-flight was one of the first to come on the scene after reports filtered in that the plane had mysteriously vanished. “The fact that we are unable to find any debris so far appears to indicate that the aircraft is likely to have disintegrated at around 35,000 feet (10,600 metres),” said a source involved in the investigations in Malaysia, reports the Sydney Morning HeraldHowever, one aviation expert told the South China Morning Post that it was mysterious that even if the plane had disintegrated into thin air, there were still no signs of the derbies detected on radar. What we now know is that Boeing 777 jetliner headed to Beijing changed course and made it to the Malacca Strait, hundreds of miles away from the last location reported by civilian authorities. It seems almost unbelievable that in this day and age a large passenger jet can disappear without a trace. Surely the satellite systems have some information? Perhaps there is much more to this than the authorities (and governments?) are letting on. It was announced on Mar. 10 that five passengers checked in for Flight MH370 but did not get on the plane. Their luggage was removed just before the plane took off, according to Mail Online. As of now, it has not been revealed why the people decided not to get on the flight, it was reported that the 2 stolen passports were used with 2 tickets which were purchased by an Iranian man who: a) bought the tickets at the last-minute, b) paid cash, and c) only purchased one-way tickets. All three are signs of potential terrorism and therefore, although early, Low-flying planes can sometimes avoid radar detection. There is no set height they must be under, but the farther away they are from a radar station, the higher they can be because of the angle of the radar antenna and the curvature of the Earth. Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Bakar, who has been ordered to look at possible criminal aspects in the disappearance of Flight MH370, said hijacking, sabotage and issues related to the pilots' psychological health were all being considered. Over the past few days, search teams have been scouring tens of thousands of square miles of ocean off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula, in the Strait of Malacca, and north into the Andaman Sea.The search also encompasses the land in between the two areas of sea.But it could be days, weeks or even months before the searchers find anything that begins to explain what happened to the plane. Until then the "theory" stays till something turns up for the clueless.
There is NOW a new 'Theory" that Flight MH370 was flown to Pakistan , Lieutenant General Tom McInerney was among the very first to say ON FOX's HANNITY  that the Malaysian airliners jetliner could have been hijacked and it could have landed in Pakistan. If so is being retrofied to house a weapon of mass destruction? A nuke?  I can see the urgency and wake up call to find this aircraft before it flies into our skies.
Update 2.
It seems that "debris" was found In what officials called the "best lead" of the nearly two-week-old aviation mystery, a satellite detected two objects floating about 1,000 miles off the coast of Australia and halfway to the desolate islands of the Antarctic. One of the objects on the satellite image was 24 meters (almost 80 feet) long and the other was 5 meters (15 feet). There could be other objects in the area, a four-hour flight from southwestern Australia, said John Young, manager of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's emergency response division.

Any how not  to be any disrespectful to all the families who have may have lost love ones , it is clear that something went wrong . The Malaysian government can't get a straight answer , because they don't exactly understand the seriousness of the tragedy .


***NTSB revealed in a 400-page report that the crash was likely caused by a short circuit that ignited fuel vapors in the center wing tank, which delivers excess heat from air conditioning units out of the plane. The explosion, which occurred 11 minutes into the flight, separated the nose of the plane from the cabin, lifting it into the air before bursting into flames and nose-diving into the ocean.

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