Tuesday, March 18, 2014

America . Let go of Crimea .

There is no reason for hostilities with
I was just  curious about Crimea , just thumbing looking at  'Hammond Atlas of World History'  I found  looking up on the history of Crimea and the Ukraine . To my shock and astonishment both Crimea and Ukraine have been in Russian hands for nearly 1000 years . Between 1492-1610 Crimea was under the control of the Mongols , it seems odd that only in the 1000 year history the city of  ## Kiev was Russian. I have now to question , with all this is are we getting all the information , just to assume the Ukraine was always some independent state? Sarcasm is sometimes hard to see in print. As Americans we are used to see our  political propaganda waved down to us from our government much like any authoritarian system in disguise as "democratic". The U.S. is being confrontational with Russia for no reason. This is between Crimea and the Ukraine. If the U.S./EU are funding the unelected Ukraine govt. why shouldn't Russia support the Russians in Crimea? They wanted protection from the Ukrainian thugs, that's all that Putin has done. There are international monitors at the polling places in Crimea. The votes are more honest than in the U.S. since the U.S. wont allow monitors. I am glad Putin decided to be aggressive politically instead of being cooperative with Kerry. I don't think the U.S. expected Russia to stand up for itself and its views. Most of the problem was not really Russia's OWN FAULT , you have throw the blame on the Ukrainian people who revolted in the first place  . So far you have to draw the line Crimea had been part of Russia since the 18th century until Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev transferred it to Ukraine in 1954, a mere formality until the 1991 Soviet breakup left the region part of Ukraine. Putin noted that both Russians and Crimea's majority ethnic Russian population see annexation as correcting a historic insult. So my take is for America is let Crimea go.....


The people of Crimea has spoken. They want what they want! Right or wrong who are we to judge What is the benefit to any of us if Crimea ,that many Americans don't have an idea where it is, to be With Russia or Ukraine.Leave the people alone start fighting poverty racism, unemployment, and dis pare in the USA and I can assure you that the people of Ukraine will find the way out without our help! Why is this action of any concern to the USA? We can topple governments, overthrow regimes and it is ok. But if anyone else does it.... Oh No!!! We need to fix the USA and its problems and let the world deal with their problems. Our foreign policy really really sucks. ## KIEV was one of the first Russian Capitals in the 9th Century AD founded by Vikings called Rus , although over the 1,400 year period Kiev remained semi independent from the emerging Kingdom's of Poland and Lithuania until   1667, the Truce of Andrusovo was concluded, in which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ceded Smolensk, Severia and Chernigov, and, on paper only for a period of two years, the city of Kiev to the Tsardom of Russia. Finally, the Eternal Peace of 1686 acknowledged the status quo, and put Kiev under the control of Russia for the centuries to come with the territory, slowly losing the autonomy which was finally abolished in 1775 by the Empress Catherine the Great. None of the Polish-Russian treaties concerning Kiev have ever been ratified.[22]

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