Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's an obvious fact we have "stooges" in government .

Obama makes it tough over Syria .
It's an obvious fact we have "stooges" in government , who can't do nothing at all.I find it extremely had to believe anything that is spoken out of Washington, D.C. The doublespeak that oozes from their mouths is shameful. *** None of those idiots tell the truth about anything. They cannot be trusted to run our country nor should they. I wish we could send them all packing --after being tarred and feathered and sent home on a rail. What a bunch of idiots! My last Post was on Syria. I was putting down the cause that attacking Syria is tricky at most , we still don't the facts about the Chemical attack on innocent civilians . If Assad is guilty , the United States still has no right under international law to retaliate under the banner of just cause. America must mobilize the United Nations Security council . America is not obligated to get involved ,  America is not the 'worlds police man' wagging the big stick. John Kerry called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – stuff like “moral obscenity” and “a thug and a murderer.” Obama said Syria would be crossing a “red line” if it used chemical weapons. The President certainly made a mistake with the red line comment. For all his faults . Had Obama adhered to that philosophy he would have said something along the lines of we will assess the situation as it develops. Of course, he would have been lambasted by his enemies as being weak. actually within minutes of the announced decision to involve Congress: This is nothing short of a dodge for Obama,  and a perfect one at that.  He was getting destroyed in the public debate over the issue of this "red line."  He no more wants to actually attack Syria than he wants to work at his job of being president   . . . . . .   two years of doing nothing but watch as hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been murdered in Syria,  is proof of that.  So he decided to involve Congress in his misery,  and Congress has no choice,  of course,  but to act on his request.   Syria crossed that “red line” FOURTEEN TIMES and pretty much assured Iran that Obama would do NOTHING as they raced toward having nuclear weapons.  But what’s American credibility worth these days?  Pretty much nothing under the president who pissed away our friends while he emboldened all our enemies.n Democrats shrilly screeched that Bush had somehow undermined America’s prestige.  But consider that Bush had the “prestige” to lead 48 nations to put BOOTS ON THE GROUND against Iraq.  And Obama has so completely forfeited any and all trust from our allies that he can’t even get ONE ally to help us shoot some missiles from a ship far out to sea. Roughly 30 minutes following his Syria announcement, two of the three stooges, Obama and Biden (just missing Kerry for a turkey) head to the golf course. WND reports: (ABC News) Roughly half an hour after announcing his administration would seek congressional approval for military intervention in Syria’s civil war, President Obama left the White House for the golf course. Accompanied by Vice President Biden and trip director Marvin Nicholson, a frequent golfing partner, Obama embarked for the course at nearby Fort Belvoir in Virginia. Nicholson’s brother was also in attendance.


*** At the same time, the Obama administration did not welcome the fall of the regime in Damascus. As the State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said back in January, even as the U.S. supports the Syrian opposition on the margins, it is of utmost importance to “maintain the functions of the state,” so as to avoid a power vacuum that the al-Qaeda-linked jihadists that make up the majority of the rebels could take advantage of. As Phil Giraldi, former CIA intelligence officer and Antiwar.com columnist, told me back in March, “Obama has come around to the view that regime change is more fraught with dangers than letting Assad remain.”

Instead of moving initially to directly arm the rebels, the Obama administration stalled for two years and made policy moves like designating the al-Qaeda in Iraq offshoot in Syria a terrorist organization and pressuring Saudi Arabia not to send heavier arms like anti-aircraft weapons. Back in March, the White House directed the CIA to increase its cooperation and backing of Iraqi state militias to fight al-Qaeda affiliates there and cut off the flow of fighters pouring into Syria. As The Nation‘s Robert Dreyfuss put it, “We’re backing the same guys in Syria that we’re fighting in Iraq.” Then in May it was revealed that U.S. operatives in Jordan advised small groups of moderate rebels with the explicit requirement that their trainees fight the al-Qaeda-linked rebels.

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