Thursday, September 19, 2013

A few "little" bits today.

I love to write and give my opinions on things . Right now there are many issues, here are a few that deserve some thought , so I would like to say a few words on them . Although late.

Her father must be
vary Proud of Miley.
There has been much rancor over Miley Cyrus. What that has to do with politics ? I am going say that she is just a perfect example how too much liberalism shapes a clean cut girl into a whorish young women who paraded her self  in a dance that simulated sex  on live TV. It was not even close to entertaining . Almost laughable , however Miley also made a music video where she is naked and crying on a bell. We all saw this girl grow up from Hanna Montana image that it now seems she is trying to shed so desperately to get acceptance in the entertainment world of the Lady Gaga image . Remember she is a grown woman now, she is 20 years old . She is asserting he independence in a modern way.   Just "imagine" if it was Shirley Temple Black  doing this in her day , you would not think it , yes times have changed .  Social commentary from the liberals also boasted some criticism :
On MSNBC, "Morning Joe" co-anchor Mika Brzezinski was not amused by the performance at all. After showing a clip of the performance coming out of a commercial, Joe Scarborough and the other panelists were joking about it, but not Brzezinski, who called it "really, really disturbing.""Real Time" host Bill Maher took to Twitter to comment: "Haven't been in a strip club in awhile, but good to see nothing has changed."On NBC's "Today" show, guest co-anchor Brooke Shields, who played Miley's mom on "Hannah Montana," called the performance "desperate." "Today" show co-anchor Willie Geist characterized it as "a big Disney over-correction," citing Britney Spears as another example of a sweet kid actor who felt the need to oversexualize herself to show that she's no longer a child. I am sure that her  Daddy is vary *** "proud" of his girl .

*** Billy Ray Cyrus actually said , not misquoting him :  " Billy admitted that she is "either a love or hate" kind of artist, but puts this down to "passion". ''Miley's smart enough to know that to come out of the shadows of 'Hannah Montana,' it really takes something extremely drastic, which when you go to that level, it creates passion, and passion is either love or hate. But there's no middle of the road for passion," he said.''She has risen to a whole new level. I thought I had seen it all - until these last couple of weeks.'' Even with her naked Wrecking Ball music video, Billy Ray insists that he's proud of his daughter, as she is "real", and says that she's still his little girl.

What drove this man to murder ? He got
his guns "legally".
Well it's happened again . America had had another mass shooting . A heavily armed shooter entered the Navy Yard in Washington on Monday and opened fire, killing at least 18 people before being shot to death by authorities. The killings brought the horror of mass shootings back into the national spotlight, as President Barack Obama condemned the "cowardly act" and honored the victims during an address. Monday's violence marked the sixth mass shooting since the one in Newtown, Conn., in December, according to some counts. It was also the first publicly recognized by Obama since the elementary school massacre, which claimed the lives of 27, including 20 children. There have been six mass shootings over the past nine months -- and at least 20 during Obama's presidency. That may be disturbing. But some would argue even that startling figure grossly under-reports the number of shooting sprees. My question now turns to the press it's self. I am finding that maybe there is a lot in common with American society at large which glorifies violence as entertainment , but secondly how guns are so available in the first REGARDLESS of all the background checks . Third how our government , yes Mr. Obama is powerless to do-anything about it. Also a note : 268 gun deaths in Chicago thus far in 2013. If the "mass shootings" which have resulted in about 80 deaths over the last 15 months are a bigger problem than the 268 gun deaths in nine months in Chicago you have to ask yourself if we are being misled by the press. Wouldn't the Chicago situation be much more newsworthy? Or maybe it's all just politically driven skewed reporting.


He could be our NEXT President after Obama , you
just wait and see....
My NEXT and Last BRAIN pick is John Kerry ( Secretary of the State) .John Kerry's case for intervention was so weak it even put Obama back on the fence. Hearing his "speeches" condemning the attack on Syria  just made me think. Sen. Kerry’s weaknesses are not as self-evident as those of UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who misled the nation about Benghazi and had a long record of other failures. Yet Sen. Kerry has been on the wrong side of nearly every foreign policy issue for the past 40 years. His “experience” is much like that of supposed foreign policy guru, Vice President Joe Biden: a long track record of grievous mistakes. The Syria "crisis" although it is SAD that innocent people were killed by saran gas . John Kerry is obviously a hypocrite , first of all he is an anti-war Vietnam vet, and he was one of the foremost critics of Bush's invasion of Iraq . Kerry's warmongering speeches don't give any credence for the United States to attack Syria . Meanwhile Pres. Obama sends the nation into a tail spin, and sending oil prices souring . During this feigned war mongering, Obama has routinely claimed that U.S. credibility is at stake. In reality, though, the only credibility on the line is his own. Of course Obama doesn't want to invade Syria. It makes no sense for him. It's wildly unpopular with the public (to the tune of a48% to 29% margin), politically disastrous within his own party, and garnering support from the sort of people the president wants nothing to do with (we're looking at you, Sen. Lindsey Graham). But he couldn't back off his previous stance, and he couldn't appear weak. If there's one thing Obama hates, it's looking weak. He has to thank Kerry for looking so weak.  So what does the president do when he wants to save face? First, he does some macho posturing, using phrases like "a danger to [U.S.] national security" and making it clear he's not afraid to go it alone. He calls out the UN Security Council for being, essentially, useless. He sends Secretary of State John Kerry out to present the evidence of a chemical attack and lay down the number of casualties and death toll. He makes everyone really, truly believe the U.S. is set for a strike on Syria. -----------well hum.Former President Bill Clinton, for example, before a supposedly private audience, recently complained that the president risks appearing like “a total wuss” over his inaction in Syria. The president frequently adds familiar emphatic s like “make no mistake about it,” “in point of fact,” and “let me be perfectly clear” that in paradoxical fashion serve as tip-offs that consequences will not follow his tough rhetoric. The last word to this was given by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,  in an interview Monday with the French newspaper Le Figaro. “For us, a strong man prevents rather than starts a war…Obama is weak because he is facing pressure from within the United States,” al-Assad said.

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