Monday, September 9, 2013

2013. Post 9-11 reemergence.

Post 9-11 rant . No war with Syria.
Which line did you say I crossed?
September 11th is this week, and our nation ( United States of America )  is drumming up the war drums again . Not that a "terror" attack just happened , but the issue of "intervening" on behalf of a rebel group in Syria is a bit over bearing . Just poised to fire missiles at Syria in response to chemical attacks on Syrian civilians. But the assault will also pit the U.S. against one side of the civil war and aid the other side, which includes Al Qaeda. That falls just days before the anniversary of Al Qaeda attacks against both the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. President Obama plans to address the nation tom morrow at 6 PST.  Obama's goal is to win support of the American people. Sorry to say ZZZ. Obama using the eve of 9-11 to peddle his war on Syria to the American public disgusts me.  We are not even getting the truth from the news media . Broadcast news outlets are clearly aware of the Islamic terror group’s role in Syria, but rarely report it. Nearly 94 percent of all Syria stories since the gas attacks have made no mention of Al Qaeda whatsoever.In the CBS interview, Assad said his forces were not in the area of the chemical weapons attack Aug. 21, saying "our soldiers in another area were attacked chemically. ... But in the area where they said the government used chemical weapons, we only had video and we only have pictures and allegations. We're not there." Kerry said that Assad's denial is "contradicted by fact." The facts are the United States is being "drawn" into the war in Syria by a cleverly orchestrated attack .When it comes to diplomacy, Russia is playing chess, Syria is playing checkers and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is playing tiddlywinks.  On Monday, Kerry said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could avoid having his country bombed into oblivion by turning over “every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week.”  Of course Kerry just assumed that Assad would never do such a thing, but the Russians immediately pounced on his statement.  Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov quickly announced that Russia would encourage Syria to turn over their chemical weapons to international control in exchange for a guarantee that the U.S. will not attack, and subsequently Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem stated that his government was prepared for “full cooperation with Russia to remove any pretext for aggression.”  Later on Monday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon indicated that he is thinking about asking the UN Security Council to support such a deal. If you think it's sinister in nature , yes it is. Something or some one wants America in another war. I don't believe ( may be I am wrong) that Assad ( Bashar Assad ) is responsible for the chemical attack . I have often wondered since 9-11 , and if you look at the world map carefully . It shows America in Iraq , Afghanistan and parts of Yemen and Saudi Arabia lined up with air bases . America also has navel aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf armed with possible nukes patrolling near Iran .  It seems like the biblical "King of the North" swarming in at all sides in the middle -east  ( Bible Daniel 11 " `And the king of the north hath turned back, and hath caused a multitude to stand, greater than the first, and at the end of the times a second time he doth certainly come in with a great force, and with much substance;- Youngs Literal Bible ) The biblical "king of the north" was described by many to be the anti-Christ , some religious groups said it is Russia . It's beginning to sound like America.  For me the United States seems to be an "occupying power" in the whole middle -east at the expense of tax payers. The Arab world hates America , I am vary belittled about it . The middle -east , Egypt , Saudi Arabia , Syria, Libya and Israel . Each of those nations were a bygone product of colonialism , none of those nations existed outside of some "empire" in the last 2,000 years . Even so independent in the last 100 years from the British Empire.   The President has not learned to be a leader. When he made his red line statement (which should have never been made), he should have taken ownership of the statement instead of putting it off on the United Nations (who voted for the ban on chemical and biological weapons) and the Congress (for ratifying the chemical and biological weapon ban). He should have stood up and took military action immediately, without warning, (which again I oppose). Why? BECAUSE HE DREW THE LINE. Once he took that action he needed to follow through. Now Russia, China, Iran and every two bit despot knows the President of the United States is a man of empty promises. And THAT threatens the security of our country more than dropping bombs on Syria. With all the talk of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s transgressions against his people, perhaps it’s time we consider what our own government is doing right here in America. And while we don’t support the dictatorial means by which Assad controls his country, isn’t it hypocritical to accuse him of crimes against humanity when our very own government engages in similar activities against its people? In the following insightful article Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple explores the arguments set forth by the Obama administration, and turns them inwards. President Obama could potentially launch the opening salvos of *** World War III within the next week, and we’re doing so by claiming Bashar Al-Assad’s regime is violating the human and civil rights of his people. What about our government? Isn’t it behaving in much the same way? And thus, would China or Russia be able to make similar claims in the future should they choose to turn their military power on us in the future?


*** We were all fooled , the latest developments are :WASHINGTON --: Obama wants to delay a vote on authorizing force in Syria until a diplomatic solution has a chance to play out. A White House official says President Barack Obama has agreed to discussions at the United Nations Security Council on a proposal from Russia to secure Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles. The official says Obama discussed the proposal Tuesday with French President Francois Hollande (frahn-SWAH' oh-LAWND') and British Prime Minister David Cameron. France's foreign minister says France will float a resolution in the U.N. Security Council aimed at forcing Syria to make public its chemical weapons program, place it under international control and dismantle it.

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