Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jay Leno and the President .

Jay Leno . The  NEW Press Secretary of the United States.
He asked bold questions.
I have a little gripe with Pres. Obama . **First of all I have to respect that he is our first African American President . I don't want to get into Obama bashing . I have noted though , and perhaps many others that our Commander -in-chief can't stay in Washington D.C. he is out and about campaigning , and giving speeches , and sermonizing .  My case here is , what is our President doing on a late night TV show ? Where is the President? That's been the question since it was announced late last week 19 U.S. embassies across the world would be closed. ( Remember I told you in my last blog that the Terror Alerts were phony )  Last Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney bailed on his daily briefing and Obama didn't bother to hold a press conference to explain the "most serious threat since 9/11/01" currently facing the United States around the world. Instead, Obama decided to explain serious terrorist threats from al Qaeda on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The overwhelming sentiment coming out of President Obama’s interview with “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno can be summed up like this: “Wow, Jay really asked serious questions.” Mr. Obama chose what he chose for the reason that Jay is NBC late-night entertainment, not substance. His Presidency is looking more and more like a "put-up" job, even to the many of us . Mr. Obama is acting more like a celebrity rather than a top executive of the nation. Another appearance on a late-night comedy show is part of the Obama administration’s “effort to expand the presidency’s media outreach more widely than ever.” Because it’s not as if a president can just snap his fingers and speak in prime-time on every network whenever he wants. Hold on there . While other presidents limited themselves to more traditional approaches such as speeches, news conferences and interviews with the mainstream media, Obama has moved deep into new areas as he tries to communicate most effectively with the country. We are going to get 3 more years of what I call celebrity hoping rather than a "professional" journalistic interview from Mr. Obama . Mr. Obama has not held  a solo press conference since  April. It's like he's been  running around in circles .In the long run pressure has finally caught up with Pres. Obama , last Friday Caught between domestic gridlock and foreign policy crises, President Barack Obama did  hold a news conference Friday before jetting off on his August vacation. The afternoon question-and-answer session with reporters will likely mark Obama's first comments on his decision to cancel a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in retribution for Moscow's decision to grant asylum to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. The president may also face questions about the terror threat that has led to an extraordinary global travel warning for Americans, as well as the political chaos in Egypt. Obama has found his domestic agenda stymied by Republican opposition. That's left the second-term president without a significant legislative achievement this year. Just more proof all this guy can do is run his mouth. He hasn't stopped campaigning since he took the Oath of Office (both of them) His rhetoric never matches his deeds. The only thing we can believe is that he IS going on vacation..after spending millions jetting around the country bumping his gums when he should have been in Washington addressing OOO I don't know--maybe the closure of dozens of Consulates and Embassiess, or the daily meltdown of his Obamacare, or the serious economic decline of America, or the scandals with the IRS,FEC,NSA-the list of priorities is practically unstable.


**Being Critical of President Obama does not make you or me  racist  ,  I was proud that our nation over came the black and white facade that kept a African -American from reaching the highest office in our nation, but it's looking to me like the same old politics . ON THE NSA spying . I am not HOLDING OBAMA responsible for that . That lay with the Patriot Act that President BUSH II passed as part of expanding "greater powers" of surveillance . We as Americans should have known back then . Edward Snowden just made the Nation look stupid , like it got caught with it's hand in the cookie jar . The President namely Obama made this issue so flip-floppy and incoherent that he became the escape goat and took the blame.

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