Friday, August 16, 2013

EGYPT, America's headache .

Three times the United States meddled in Egypt , and
its creating chaos .
Why is Egypt becoming such a headache for the United States? I was sniffing through my history files , and I noted a parallel that shocked me . First our nation has meddled in the affairs of other nations way too long as if (America ) is some 'Colonial Power' . America treats other nations , like Egypt as if they were American colonies . We send "billions" to them and call the allies. In 1979 America was doing the same thing , it was sending "billions" to the Shah of Iran . It supported a "corrupt regime" , and it lavished the Shah who was an absolute ruler . It did not last long , then came the revolution , the Shah was kicked out . It left Iran in the hands of fundamentalists . The history lesson is here , our government and it's intervention in other nations has led to chaos , and has made other nations . Particularly the Arab to  hate us . Mubarak was a dictator by standards , but he was benevolent , he was receiving billions in American aide . Unlike Saddam Hussian of Iraq , Mubarak held Egypt in a secular way which kept at bay the "extremist" elements from the Islamic faith away from power . As you know the Egyptian people grew tired of the "dictator" , which the Obama Administration in a confusing way led to Mubarak's ouster . Pres. Obama thought he had the Trump card here . Mrs. Hillary R Clinton I remember,  her flamboyant speeches directing Mubarak to step down . This you know sounded like a political double-speak . As the Obama Administration rule book , likely from Jimmy Carter era  . The strange twist for Democracy in Egypt was a flip-flop. Some how and "mysteriously" the Egyptian people "elected" The Muslim Brotherhood ( a semi- terrorist group with strong ties to Iran) into power. Suddenly there were stories of persecutions of Jews, and Coptic Christians in Egypt who a minority there. Washington D.C. was playing it's cards wrong . It started to get cozy with  Mohammed Morsi who promised elections , and more "freedoms" for women ( ah ha) , well nothing happened . The Egyptian parliament was in chaos trying to draft a constitution woven with Shira law . Women started to become scared when  the "clerics" with their long beards and Qurans were beating up women and girls because they were not wearing the traditional  head covering ( if not the entire body ) the Hajib .  So what happened ............? The Egyptian young people had a wake up call , SLOWLY they started the "see" what was happening to their country , and some how they took upon themselves for a second uprising . The Egyptian Army quickly took the helm , and arrested Mohammed Morsi . In office only a year as the first so called democratically elected leader of Egypt, was rousted from power by the military Wednesday as a euphoric crowd in Tahrir Square cheered his exit.The former leader was placed under house arrest at the Republican Guard Club, a senior adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party and spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood said. Most members of the presidential team have also been placed under house arrest. Egyptian security forces also arrested the head of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party and another of the movement's top leaders.The commanding general of the armed forces, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said on Egyptian television that the military was suspending the constitution, which Morsi pushed through and which many Egyptians saw as slanted toward Islamists. The rioting now in the Streets of Cairo was unleashed by the Muslim Brotherhood , and unquestionably our American poorly orchestrated foreign  policy  which right now can't recognize Egypt being left to tethers , perhaps a bloody outcome . I for one thank The Egyptian Army for ousting Morsi , if the Egyptian people , the young people want a non - Islamic republic it's their choice not America's or the Muslim Brotherhood. 

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