Monday, February 25, 2013

sequestration & " lies"

Don't worry . Don't hit the button on the sequestration. My previous posting on my blog I said that hypocrisy  runs deep.Put another way, the sequestration scares are lies, pure and simple. Not just bunk, not just distortions or mis-statements, but lies. And every professional politician – Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Independent – in this town knows it. If Republicans Did Not Want the Sequestration,Listen to them whine in Washington about the potential “cuts” from sequestration. President Barack Obama is acting just like a local school board, threatening to cut sports and busing whenever citizens will not pass a levy. It’s a well-orchestrated drama meant to intimidate taxpayers Why Did 218 of Them Vote for It? Both Parties want the sequestration to happen anyway . President Obama want it to go full speed , because it will give him the "revenue" he needs . The Republicans want the sequestration because they will get 85 billion in cuts , that a mere scratch on the 17 trillion deficit.Scare tactic propaganda by Obama Democrats on how the sequestration will affect all 50 states is part of a White House campaign to pressure congressional Republicans. A very small slice of the spending pie at only 2 cents on every dollar or $85 billion in automatic budget cuts will:  A slowdown of Superstorm Sandy cleanup in New Jersey, teacher layoffs in Ohio, reduced ship maintenance in Virginia, fewer vaccinations in Georgia, military base cutbacks in Texas and California, and similar reductions in states across the country. The reports list numerous cutbacks in federal programs (2% across-the-board) that have big constituencies or political popularity, including Head Start, military readiness, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and Clean Air and Clean Water programs. The federal “bloat” in these programs should be reduced by 10%. All of them are high cost and low impact on Americans.   ....that it's everybody's fault, including Mr. Obama, including Republicans, including Democrats. They play the game. The American public should be up in arms that their government is so dysfunctional .For the historical record, all sides bear responsibility for this turn of events. What President Obama now calls a “really bad idea” was generated by his own economic policy team. What Speaker John Boehner now refers to as a “meat ax” passed the House at his urging with 174 Republican votes. Sequester was a terrible idea in the first place, I think we can all agree on that. I don't, however, understand why Democrats suggest that the blame is all on the Republicans. Obama introduced the idea to Reid and both the House and Senate approved it, there should be enough blame to go around. Additionally, it seems that Obama made a deal so that the sequester cuts would not take place until after the election and new revenues would not be part of the replacement to those spending cuts. So it seems to me that Obama mostly responsible for this current impasse because he is not willing to do anything now without more revenue. It also seems to me that responsible cuts could replace these arbitrary cuts, but Democrats smell blood in the water and so if any cuts are going to happen they want to make it painful. As March 1st looms closer and closer and the dreaded automatic government spending cuts (Sequestration) begin to kick in, the fear mongering, the deception and the out an out lies smothering the American people like swamp swill are beginning to reach a crescendo. Remember it's all LIES , the fact that 80% of the American people’s eyes gloss over at the mention of of big numbers. And others will not take the time to try and do some basic math. No wonder this country is in such a dire predicament.

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