Monday, February 11, 2013

2013. State of the Union?

2013 .With Tuesday's State of the Union  President Obama  . More or less my political opinion of it is in just these simple terms . Mr. Obama is up against the wall . His first term in office was occupied with his  push for Health Care , saving the Banks with stimulus money . Frankly ignoring the rest of the 99 %.  The President will as usual present that all is well. All because Wall Street DOW average hit 14,000 , or that 100,000 new jobs were added .President Obama has to get to work and end "gridlock" .He’ll pay lip service to bipartisanship, but don’t expect anything like the call for peaceful collaboration that defined his first address to a joint session of Congress in 2009 .Reviving his populist re-election message, President Barack Obama will press a politically-divided Congress to approve more tax increases and fewer spending cuts during a State of the Union address focused on stabilizing the middle class and repairing the still-wobbly economy.White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama would outline "his plan to create jobs and grow the middle class" as the nation struggles with persistently high unemployment.He declined to get into specifics, but said the speech will focus on "proposals that are necessary to help the middle class grow and to help the economy grow." I have to ask . Is the President's plan going to lift the poor out of poverty towards a path that will enable them to join the middle class? ## You all should know that anyone making over 100,000 a year is considered "middle class" in the American capitalist system .Some of Obama's job ideas will be repackaged versions of proposals he made during his first term, though aides say there will be some new initiatives, too. All of the economic proposals are expected to echo themes from Obama's re-election campaign, which focused on using increased spending to generate jobs, protecting programs to help the middle class, and bringing down the deficit in part by culling more tax revenue from the wealthiest Americans. Obama previewed his priorities in the Inaugural Address given January 21, 2013. He presented a vision repeating the Declaration of Independence phrase, "We, the People." He outlined seven areas which will probably be fleshed out in the SOTU. First, Obama will continue to press for infrastructure repair, which also is a good tool for job creationAlthough he only mentioned it briefly in the Address, immigration law reform is a second top priority. Obama said he will present legislation in 2013. This will probably be easier to pass politically than in the past. Why? The 2012 Presidential Election showed Republicans the growing power of Hispanic voters. But the deficit and the economy are unavoidable centerpieces for any Obama speech. Despite a seemingly slow-and-steady recovery in jobs, in the stock market and other indicators, the unemployment rate ticked back up again last month. And a Commerce Department report showed the economy shrank by .1 percent in the last quarter of 2012. Meanwhile, Obama and Congress are scrambling to find a way to avoid automatic spending cuts poised to hit March 1 unless a deal is reached to replace them. Obama, to the chagrin of Republicans, wants to replace those cuts with a blend of tax hikes and separate cuts. Republicans, citing the tax-hike concessions they gave during the fiscal crisis talks, are averse to more tax increases - even if this time, those increases do not come in the form of rate hikes. Meanwhile, the White House said Sunday the president is due for more campaign-type activities, starting with a Wednesday kickoff on a public relations push on “strengthening the economy for the middle class and those striving to get there,” The Daily Caller reports.How in the hell could he possibly squeeze in any more campaigning? That's all he's done for the last 4 years. He probably forgot what his job REALLY is or maybe he knows and he's just in it for the perks and the applause from all the low information, low intelligence people that support him. He's got to love flying around in his own private jet at taxpayer's expense of $182,000/hour. 


Mr. Obama will insist that only “a thriving middle class” can stimulate long-term growth and that Americans must be given the tools to succeed, according to the officials, who discussed the speech on the condition of anonymity. His call for new government investments—many of which Republicans successfully blocked in his first term—is an effort to shift the emphasis away from simply reducing the deficit. . ."

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