Saturday, June 16, 2012

On the backs of the Poor......

The governor calls the Democratic proposal presented in the Senate and Assembly fiscally irresponsible. He seeks more cuts in welfare spending.

Legislative Democrats are poised to send Gov. Jerry Brown a budget that avoids deep new cuts in safety-net programs while reducing state worker pay and taking funds from courts and counties. To help bridge a $15.7 billion deficit, the Democratic governor has asked his own party's lawmakers to overhaul welfare-to-work, slash in-home care and require low-income students to earn higher grades .But Democrats plan to reject more than $1 billion of those cuts, saying the state has already balanced enough prior budgets on the backs of poor Californians. They lack a deal with Brown, but lawmakers face a Friday constitutional deadline to send him a budget or lose their pay.Legislative leaders released a proposal Wednesday that instead would nearly halve the size of Brown's $1 billion reserve, recalculate education funding formulas to save $330 million and take $250 million in funds that counties expected to receive. This sounds a bit of an odd ball way to push paper on the budget just to avoid any cuts in the education budget . Which is the 'sacred cow' of the Democrats . Anyhow it proves that Gov. Jerry Brown is mo worse than the any governor save a ** Republican Governor like Scott Walker . He can't keep any promises to the budget , sure enough he is going after all options soon as the deficit grows.Why does Jerry Brown never say anything about the billion in taxes we've spent on illegal foreign nationals?  Why isn't he suggesting cuts to all the freebies they get?  Why are we paying for free schooling, free school breakfasts and lunches, free admission the the AfterSchool Program from 2:30 to 6:00 pm every school day including more free food and free field trips, in state tuition rates given to illegal aliens who violated federal Laws by stealing into CA, and complete free health care ( MediCal) which any illegal alien who walks into a hospital will be signed up for so long as he claims no income?  Why is Moonbeam Brown not suggesting cuts in these free giveaways?  And yet he has the audacity to ask the citizens and legal residents who get nothing from all these giveaways to criminals, to vote themselves higher taxes in November? In all, Brown and legislative Democrats appear to be $300 million apart in cuts: Brown wants $8.3 billion in cuts, Democrats want $8 billion. The core difference is over $1.3 billion in cuts Brown has proposed to CalWORKs, the state's welfare-to-work program, and child care. A big chunk of Brown's savings -- $880 million -- comes by limiting parents to two years of welfare grants and child care instead of four if they can't find work or don't enter job training programs. \ Democrats say Brown's approach of requiring parents to look for work is costly and fruitless with so few jobs available in a down economy.


** The Republicans of California long ago gave up. They turned to politics of power and protecting themselves rather than putting California ahead of their party. That's the precise reason Democrats are fully in power here. It's the voters' decision. If Republicans want back in the game, they've got to more than empty, debunked ideas and get creatively involved.

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