Monday, June 18, 2012

Amnesty for “Kids” . Some thoughts!

These illegal alien “kids” are already getting college scholarships, etc., and living freely here without fear of any consequences. So, this is really, again, just a formality. The only difference is that these aliens will now have legal status to work. Will they be required to register for the draft? Don’t count on it. Only American citizens will have to do that. 

Your standing in a long line , and you have been faithful to the latter on getting into a Movie theater . All of a sudden a couple shows card , the couple is led out of the long line right into the theater and seated . You and other have to stand in line waiting .  This allegory  illustrates what is wrong with amnesty that Pres. Obama just "granted" to children of illegals   . I don't think it's fair to the average Collage student who had to pay their way towards higher education . Obama said that these illegal aliens are Americans in their hearts and minds and in every way except on paper.  I know that there are sincere "children" of illegals who want to get an education here in America  , but with all the Federal freebie's given to these Children ahead of the Citizen , and his children . Sure Obama is a risk taker . In his own mind he seems to have taken issues like Gay marriage and now amnesty for illegals as "civil rights issues" . Pres. Obama has now created for most "reverse racism" which most African Americans are being pushed out of the job market and displaced by Hispanics . . Fast food places and restaurants used to be great starting points for young Blacks seeking their first jobs while in high school. Also, companies like McDonald’s actually sought out the most talented crew people for management tracks. A Black teen could find himself an assistant store manager or even manager in five years. If one of these recruits stuck it out, general management and franchise opportunities were available as well. That situation has changed. Now, a typical McDonald’s restaurant, if there is any significant Hispanic population at all, has an almost entirely Hispanic staff with a bilingual manager. Pres. Obama missed another point when he announced this kind of amnesty. He has short changed all Blacks  in the nation , who deserve to have their children go to collage with the same "rights" as the illegals . This insidious coalition hurts the poor by lowering the cost of labor by flooding the market with unskilled and semi-skilled labor. Poor Whites, Blacks, and other minorities who are not Hispanic are left out in the cold by such policies. Illegal alien parents are subject to deportation at any time. Amnesty to the hundreds of thousands of 30 year old “children” of illegal aliens is wrong because it is morally wrong to separate families. Deporting the parents of “children” that have been given amnesty will be impossible.


UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS under the Obama . The economic disaster: 14 million Americans are unemployed and over 50% of young Blacks have no job and many more have given up looking in the last 2 years. This summer 7 in 10 teenagers will not find the jobs they need to get back to school with book and tuition money. Obama’s amnesty hands out residency permits and work permits to illegal aliens putting more Americans out of work and at risk of losing their homes and life savings.
Let’s be clear, every indication is that the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens will register and vote Democrat regardless what POTUS or Political Party gives them the Amnesty and eventually the vote. Obama’s Amnesty has no constitutional or legislative justification and it is in fact a new law by FIAT, like any common dictator would execute. This is happening while Congress is asleep.

Second, Article II, Sec. III of the Constitution calls for the president to faithfully enforce the laws. Securing our borders is the president’s responsibility under Article IV, Section 4.  The penalty for violations of immigration laws is DEPORTATION, anything less is amnesty. Failure by the POTUS to enforce the existing laws is contrary to Constitutional obligation and intention. What other law violations and the criminals that commit them is Obama going to give a pass to?

Obama said :  "people younger than 30 who came to the United States before the age of 16, pose no criminal or security threat, and were successful students or served in the military can get a two-year deferral from deportation...

It also will allow those meeting the requirements to apply for work permits, Napolitano said, adding that participants must be in the United States now and be able to prove they have been living in the country continuously for at least five years."

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