Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crap on TV these days............

 People are often worried about the "decline of morals" on the TV . I worry mostly about quality programing on educational television .
Back in the 80s, everyone knew that Cable TV meant we'd have 500 channels of programming and everyone presumed the way forward was boutique programming channels like the Food Network and the Golf Network and SF and History and Science and whatever. Reality TV has invaded and corroded what most Cable Network are. I am writing here to blow some steam , not on as much politics as my blog is about,  but more about television . Politics and the Media are an odd mix for the social fellows . Here is my gripe . Please follow me here. Example The History Channel . History is my favorite  subject . What does Chucking a pumpkin have to do with History ? The History Channel shows things that have nothing to do with history these days . Like shows named Pawn Stars . I like watching history documentaries. I don't understand what ice truckers and swamp men, etc. has to do with history. Theravada so many interesting time periods and spectacular things that have happened in the past. Everyone could benefit from learning from the past. I hope this channel doesn't abandon all it principles just for profits! The worst offenders on my list of what the F is this doing on this Channel . Look at the National Geographic Channel  lately they are showing marathons of Wicked Tuna & Shark Men. Show me the geographical  importance of these shows?  I thought Nat Geo would show programs about exploration and not exploitation.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, since it’s something I just now began to really notice. But it makes me wonder if the “reality-based”/pseudo-documentary TV trend has gone too far. At least during the talk show TV trend days, you couldn’t modify them into any other kind of genre to show on other TV stations.Initially the Discovery Channel was about science. In the beginning they filled in some time slots with programs about UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster and lots of old science and speculative TV specials from previous decades; however, now things have changed a lot. Junkyard Wars and even MythBusters can at least be considered slightly scientific, but shows like Cash Cab, Dirty Jobs, American Chopper, Monster Garage and a few other are more mainstream. They eventually made another channel called Discovery Science which eventually became the Science Channel. However this trend is , it mostly immolating like with the rest of Hollywood these days with "remakes of remakes" and "prequels" .   Quality programming is virtually non-existant, it seems people enjoy getting dumbed down by Jersy Shore instead of actually learning something.

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