Thursday, July 6, 2017

The North Korean MONSTER IS COMING !

North Korea's GODZILLA .
" Pulgasari "
Before Kim Jong Un  was (1.2)>>Kim Jong Il, he was a major movie fanatic. While his father, Kim Il Sung, was in rule, Kim Jong Il reportedly amassed a library of more than 15,000 titles and grew to admire the likes of James Bond and Rambo. He even established an underground circuit of bootleg films, as North Koreans weren’t allowed to watch most international releases. North Korea's obsession to build the BOMB , launch an ICBM are rooted in a Godzilla rip off the that one of the North Korean leaders vowed to make the film .  For the latest in unknown, cult, and cutting-edge hip cinema. (2)>>Pulgasari the film—about poverty-stricken farmers joining forces with a giant beast to fight a tyrannical Emperor—isn’t even as insane as the story of how it came to exist. It's HOW REAL ITS GOING TO BECOME . 
While we Americans were busy enjoying the July Fourth holiday, news broke that North Korea had crossed another military milestone: its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. This missile, the kind that could theoretically be tipped with a nuclear warhead, could travel far enough to hit Alaska. That’s pretty worrying in and of itself. But the North Korean crisis is even scarier than you think. (3)>>You can pretty much blame our American foreign policy of kicking the can down the ally way . President Trump is right to blame Mr. Obama to a certain degree , but North Korea is grown as a "threat" since September 11th , 2001 . While our "policies" have

targeted Iran as part of the Bushy "Axis of evil". North Korea has gotten a free ride to develop technology that has overtaken Iran's attempt . The Origins of the North Korean Monster is rooted way back in 1953 .  To set the stage for the birth of the evil empire the world still faces and which we at one time had reduced to a virtual shadow on the map.  The United States  actually occupied Pyongyang their capital city at one time while controlling the air space over the entire region. It blew my mind how different it would have been there if carving up the Korean peninsula after World War Two . Almost from the beginning of our war against Japan in the Pacific, President Roosevelt was of the mind that only with the help of Russia could we ever hope to win a surrender from the Empire of Japan at an acceptable cost in American lives. He still believed this when the Big Three met for the Yalta Conference in the Soviet Crimea in February, 1945. The critically-ill and foundering FDR (he would be dead in sixty days) met secretly with Joe Stalin with whom the American President believed he had developed the kind of private friendship and trust he could rely on. The deal which was hammered out would give Russia a free hand in Manchuria (always at the heart of the Soviets’ long-range planning) and – by the way – the occupation of the northern part of the Korean Peninsula and a similar portion of Indo China; Viet Nam! An unprepared Truman Administration honored the Yalta agreement, including the Communist takeover of North Korea.  
President Donald Trump recently { tweeted}  replied: “Well, if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will. That is all I am telling you.” Quite how this would be done, the president declined to divulge how. That isn’t because the country’s supreme leader, 33-year-old Kim Jong Un, is totally irrational — a “crazy fat kid,” as Sen. John McCain once termed him. Instead, it’s that the impoverished North Korean regime is deeply insecure, so worried about its own survival that it is willing to go to dangerously provocative lengths to scare the United States and South Korea out of any potential attack.When you combine this insecurity with the opaque nature of the North Korean regime, you have a situation that could easily spiral into outright conflict in the event that one of North Korea’s frequent military provocations (like the missile test) goes awry. Given North Korea’s massive conventional military and unknown number of nuclear weapons, conflict on the Korean Peninsula would cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives

(1.2)>>Kim Jong Il. The 2nd leader Kim Jong Il was inspired by many great movie
makers from Japan, the western countries and his neighbor in the south, he was involved with everything that produced including tv series like "Unsung Heroes" that casted four American defector stooges.  He LOVED Every thing American has been hushed up for years including alcoholic beverages . His son and successor  The high-living dictator, known for his love of French cheeses, fine wine and whiskey, blew $133,000 buying spirits from the US last year.He might be on a collision course with the US President Donald Trump over his nuclear weapon pro-gramme.But it seems he does not mind a drop of the hard stuff brewed in the nation of his arch-enemy.Import data reveals that in the previous four years, officials in Pyongyang did not purchase any alcohol at all from the US, famous for Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s.But he spent tens of thousands last year. He also blew $127,000 on German booze, $107,000 on spirits from Denmark and $38,000 on alcoholic beverages from the Russian Federation.With millions of his subjects on the bread line, Kim’s Government imported $74,000 worth of German wines, $18,000 of Italian brands, with $10,000 spent on Spanish drinks.Luxury beverages are reserved for Kim and his elite in the capital Pyongyang. (2)>>Pulgasari. is a 1985 North Korean fantasy-action monster film directed by Shin Sang-ok and Chong Gon Jo. Kim Jong-Il likes Godzilla movies. A lot. So one of the films that he had Shin make was a riff on Japan's kaiju cinema; Pulgasari is the tale of a small doll that magically comes to life when it touches blood. The doll grows into a giant, metal-eating monster who first helps the local peasants overthrow their feudal lord but whose demand for metal overwhelms the farming communities, who must feed the beast their tools to satisfy it. The monster that helped them turns on them, and must be destroyed - a story of capitalism (with its endless demand for resources) run amok.  (3)>>You can pretty much blame our American foreign policy of kicking the can down the ally way The litany of futile diplomatic overtures to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions reads like a history of failure. In 1994, President Bill Clinton promised aid to North Korea in exchange for a promise to freeze its nuclear program. In 2002, it became clear that the North Koreans had reneged on the deal. The thing is that Kim will not give up his nuclear arsenal, for it is all he has got. Without the bomb, North Korea would be no more than a small, impoverished dictatorship. With nuclear missiles, it can behave as a major power, or more importantly, hold other major powers at bay.Clinton also once considered bombing North Korean nuclear installations, but, in the end, considered the risk too high. It would be even higher now. Not only are such installations now more dispersed throughout the country, making a clean hit very difficult, but the “collateral damage” inflicted by a cornered Northern regime would be horrendous: Seoul is a mere 35 miles from the North Korean border.

Empty threats from Washington are not just ineffectual; they play into the Korean dictator’s hands.

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