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" Caught" Red Handed . Donald Trump Jr , other Musings ...

When you really drill down to it, the existential dread overhanging all of this anxiety about the "theory " that the  Russians  had been interfering in our elections, though all this talk that Putin had our election boxes stuffed with propaganda that somehow curtailed the vote that colluded to elect Donald J Trump is the most preposterous story of the 21st American Century .  I have written considerably on this in the past , My own theory is we have a vary corrupt system in place . I rather focus on that rather than to go in an investigate any evidence of Russian cohesion in influencing the outcome of the election result .I firmly believe that Hillary won the { popular vote } ,  that she may have "won" more votes than were counted , but she lost to the Republican controlled Electoral Collage . It's simple as that . (1)>>Trump won because of an American coup { I believe } led by a GOP controlled Congress . To that the ringleaders did not want a woman President at all . Most of all they did not want Hillary . If the Russians did help to change the outcome , if we go and believe that Putin helped Trump in some way . We must also believe that they helped the Republican party .  If those dotted lines are factual . The truth if its the truth as it is as I am exposing here . The Democratic process was flushed down the toilet . The whole election really was invalid . (2)>>Who knows maybe Hillary Clinton was part of it ? Maybe the debates for the nomination of the Presidency we all saw on television were a farce Legally speaking, there are definitely both criminal and counterintelligence investigations probing into potential contacts between members of the Trump campaign and Russian government outlets and affiliates. Hell, the President of the United States has confirmed the existence of the criminal investigation. Remember Trump has had past business dealings in Russia . 
 Donald Trump Jr .
A bombshell report in the New York Times revealed the junior Trump's enthusiastic response to "obviously very high level and sensitive" morsels supposedly collected by the Kremlin--a report so accurate that the young Trump shared the proof himself on Twitter rather than try the #FakeNews dodge. Then the President's eldest son paid a visit to Fox News host Sean Hannity's show. So far At the beginning of the year, both U.S. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence maintained that no one from Trump’s campaign had any contact with Russians or Russian officials.(3)>>Yet on Sunday Trump Jr., who campaigned for his father, put out a statement that a meeting last June with Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was attended by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and the Trump campaign’s chairman Paul Manafort.Trump Jr. said he was told Veselnitskaya would have “information helpful to the campaign.” When they met at Trump Tower last June, Veselnitskaya said “she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Ms. Clinton,” Trump Jr. said.It is unclear whether the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, actually produced the promised compromising information about Mrs. Clinton. But the people interviewed by The Times about the meeting said the expectation was that she would do so.When he was first asked about the meeting on Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. said that it was primarily about adoptions and mentioned nothing about Mrs. Clinton. Veselnitskaya, who started her career as a Russian government prosecutor in Moscow, has a long track record lobbying on behalf of Russia to kill the Magnitsky Act—a 2012 anti-corruption bill in Congress that sanctioned Russians. Russian President Vladimir Putin retaliated against the bill with his own law blocking Americans from adopting Russian babies. Although she provided no information on Clinton, Veselnitskaya pressed Trump Jr. on reversing the sanctions. Donald Trump Jr. also has denied any wrongdoing occurred in the meeting, which also included then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior aide. "The information they suggested they had about Hillary Clinton I thought was Political Opposition Research," Trump Jr. said in the Tuesday statement. "I first wanted to just have a phone call but when they didn’t work out, they said the woman would be in New York and asked if I would meet. I decided to take the meeting...As Rob Goldstone said just today in the press, the entire meeting was 'the most insane nonsense I ever heard. And I was actually agitated by it.'" President Donald Trump broke his silence Tuesday afternoon, praising his embattled eldest son for his "transparency" after going three days without a single comment on the deepening scandal about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer during the height of the campaign.“My son is a high-quality person, and I applaud his transparency,” Trump said, according to deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who read the statement to reporters at Tuesday's off-camera press briefing.Until then, Trump had been conspicuously silent about the growing firestorm involving Trump Jr., who is facing more revelations about a meeting he held in June 2016 with a Russian lawyer promising damaging information about Hillary Clinton. (4)>>The presidents own silence had deepened the mystery around the latest twist in the long-running Russia scandal, which has proved to be, at the least, a major distraction for the Trump White House and could pose a significant threat to his close allies and overall presidency.

OK, if Russia did it . Just what did they want to get out of it ?
The Democratic Left is dreaming for the smoking "gun" to get Trump impeached . So far = Trump Jr's meeting with Russian counterparts  on digging up dirt back in 2016 . Coincides with Donald Trump asking " Russia to hack into Hillary's emails " is so self incriminating  is beyond damage control . My next question is , OK what if Russia did it , how and why pick Trump ? I guess set up a theory here . What was the motive behind such a meddling in our elections ? (5)>>The Answer is that the Obama administration was a complete failure in regards to our nations relations with Russia . President Obama , Hillary Clinton , John Kerry crafted a dangerous path over Ukrainian- Crimea  situation . The Russians were alarmed how relations between the two countries sunk . Former Russian President Gorbachev was warning about the new  "cold war" , the situation was far worse , what was cold was getting hot . NATO was conducting military exercises  along Russia's boarders . It was a show of force to Putin . Perhaps was a attempt by the Obama administration to set up a missile defense system in Europe to counter Iran's nuclear program . While the American news media was transmitting false information to the American audiences of escalating situations  which were created by our government in Syria . The American -Obama factions spread "fake news" by trying to convince Americans that the Russians were the bad guys . The Russians picked up on this , began to wonder what was going on with the American government under Obama .  What we Americans hardly knew was that while all the negative propaganda against Russia was being spewed  from the Obama White House a plan was being hatched by a inner circle of Republicans to end the cold war , stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President .  Enter Donald J Trump . During his campaign , various interviews Trump spoke about "getting along with Russia " , "working together to end the Syrian conflict" . This new philosophy was  was just the opposite of what the Media , the Press & Obama had fueled . The Syrian conflict was created by the Hillary -Kerry secretary of the state duo  pushing regime change in the middle -east , the overthrow of Assad government by crafting a civil war , sending arms to terrorists whom guised as Democratic freedom fighters . This conflict sent Putin in a tail spin . Assad is a Russian ally. The middle east in flames . Donald Trump's "peaceful" jesters brought as hoped by Putin a way out of the Obama sanctions , hoped for a new road to end the new cold war , return to normalization . Russia is vary much connected to the United States . Russia owns much of our nation debt . Every thing is so closely linked by global standards that a war with either  China or Russia would not make any sense . President Obama , Hillary, Kerry should have known that , but to the end by expelling Russian diplomats in December 2016 was just plain stupid . Putin otherwise did just the opposite he kept the American diplomats in Russia, kept a cool head , while Obama boiled .  Trump's win in my view was not about what the Russians did . Donald J Trump the billionaire  business man was a least a good choice by the GOP after winning the nomination . Trump is damaged goods with a long history of business dealings with Russia . Beauty pageants , sex ,   drugs , mafia . The first Lady herself posed nude as model in several magazines in Europe . Its rife with the scandalous . For the Media dirt diggers its a feast . They can pick out so much out Mr. Trump its never GOING TO END. Russian motives what ever they really are as I explained above . Its all about world peace . If the Russians had to meddle in our election system , hack into our voting machines , just to get Trump elected , pretty much it shows how desperate a foreign power is to resume normal relations with our government . Ending the new cold war Obama started . It shows how not so perfect our government really is . Russian meddling reveals the vary flaws in our own Democracy .  Yes, we need to fix our two party system.  FIN.


(1)>>Trump won because of an American coup { I believe } led by a GOP controlled Congress . This probe is a window into our own corruption. Donald Trump's campaign managers and presidential advisers are not some secret society operating in the shadows, but are a known entity who have been around for decades. THE BIG QUESTION IS . WHO IN THE D.C. REPUBLICAN CONGRESS KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON ? Per NBC NewsThe FBI, with the help of the Treasury Department, the CIA and other agencies, is examining evidence of possible contacts, money transfers and business relationships between a variety of Trump associates and Russian officials, the sources say. The investigation goes well beyond Flynn, Manafort and a possible American connection, to include how Russian intelligence services carried out the campaign of fake news and leaking hacked emails that intelligence officials say was meant to hurt Hillary Clinton and benefit Donald Trump. Someone had to have known .  (2)>>Who knows maybe Hillary Clinton was part of it ?  Hillary ran twice for President in 2008  & 2016 . Each case a  alternative candidate won . First Obama , Trump . Was She was a "jinx" in our election system?   I think you could make a good case from the combination of the GOP's Gerrymandering, voter suppression efforts and Supreme Court stacking, that Republicans are essentially trying to establish minority rule in the U.S. Republicans ...were not concerned about Russia’s attempt to rig a US election. , the only answer I can come up with is that they figured it was somehow helping Mr. Trump (Or perhaps more importantly, hurting HRC) so why mess with a good thing. ... consider that investigators had reason to believe there was involvement in a Russian plan to alter the election by not just Russian/Putin operatives but: a) Trump campaign and people, b) Trump administration and people, and c) GOP leadership.No question in my mind that  Mitch McConnell knew that there was a plan in place to swing the election in favor of Republicans. He may or may not have known it would be with Russian help but he did know.  (3)>>Yet on Sunday Trump Jr.,   Trump has kept a light schedule since returning from the G-20 summit in Germany on Saturday, making no public appearances. He had been active on Twitter, but his messages ranged from railing against Democrats to bringing the Olympics to Los Angeles to defending his daughter Ivanka’s role at the G-20. There have been no tweets about Trump Jr. Trump Jr. has no more political experience than his dad and the Russians knew this.  They played him like a violin to see if he would take the bait of a promise of dirt on his opponent.  He got nothing except possibly a felony violation and a pile of egg on his face.  (4)>>The presidents own silence had deepened the mystery.  President Trump launched a Twitter attack against Senate Democrats Tuesday morning for failing to confirm his nominees — but stayed silent on the mounting controversy over a meeting between his son and a Russian lawyer.  Also, why would republicans be defending Trump unless they, themselves, have something to hide. It seems, if most republican members of congress were clean, their best outcome would be to appear unbaised, interested in the truth, have Trump impeached and blame the Democrats.  (5)>>The Answer is that the Obama administration was a complete failure in regards to our nations relations with Russia   That Putin intervened in the 2016 American presidential election in ways that helped put President Trump in the White House, and that Trump’s “associates,” perhaps the president himself, “colluded” with the Kremlin in this “hijacking of American democracy.” Cohen points out there is as yet no forensic evidence that the Kremlin stole and disseminated Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, no reason to assume that American voters were zombie-like citizens animated by Russian “propaganda,” and no grounds to conclude that Trump associates who had business dealings with Russians—as did thousands of Americans—colluded with them in any subversive ways. Nonetheless, this narrative, which declares “Putin’s intervention” to have been an “act of war,” has generated a McCarthyite warfare atmosphere in Washington that makes any conflict-resolution diplomacy exceedingly difficult, not to mention the US-Russian détente promised by Trump during the presidential campaign

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