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The Democratic Party is in trouble . (1)>>It's at its own weakest since 1972 . (1.2)>>If the "party" don't get its act together by 2020 , America is heading toward a one party state .  And Trump will solidify his power by changing the Constitution on the two term Presidency . Democrats have to appeal to the people if they want to balance the political system that is already in a alt -right "radical" takeover. If the Democrats wish to come back they will need to start thinking strategy now. They also need to recognize that their fixation on social justice as the center of all things is placing them in an electoral college and congressional minority. (2)>>The two party system in this country has now sorted itself mainly into urban and rural constituencies. The urban side has received by far the largest benefit of economic recovery after the financial collapse while the rural economies have languished or declined. Some of the dog whistles employed by Trump in this campaign reflect the desperation of the rural areas. They rail against the issues that they see as taking up all the oxygen on the Democratic side. Economic parity in America is the key issue that the Democrats need to take up. The popularity of Sanders and Warren point to this as new and ascendent issue and it will cut across the political divide. That some of Trump's supporters hold highly sociopathic views is not suprising but we should not assume everyone who voted for him shares such views. Avoid prejudice of all sorts. There are places for the Democrats to rebuild a majority of electoral votes but the House should be the real focus and it will take some work and new thinking.  Mr. Biden called on Democrats to deliver an optimistic message aimed at the needs of struggling Americans and to emphasize issues like health care and education, which he described as largely sidelined in the last election. “I’m absolutely positive they want to be with us,” he said of people in economic distress. “We have to prove, again, we understand that hopelessness.”Mr. Biden said he was prepared to storm the country to help revive the party, and boasted of his comfort in wooing areas that voted for Mr. Trump. “Wherever you want, just let me know, because it’s important,” he said. The former vice president spoke Sunday night at an annual dinner hosted by the New Hampshire Democratic Party in a state that the 74-year-old has come to know well through two unsuccessful presidential campaigns of his own and two more as a running mate.Biden, who advisers say is currently nowhere near making a decision on 2020, addressed the question head on. "Guys, I'm not running!" he said with a smile, as the audience in the hotel ballroom booed in response. A vast array of Democratic leaders, divided by generations but uniformly emboldened by President Donald Trump’s perceived vulnerability, have begun taking palpable steps toward seeking the White House in an election that is still 3 1/2 years away. In a largely leaderless party, two distinct groups are emerging.On one side are three potential candidates approaching celebrity status who would all be older than 70 on Election Day: Former Vice President Joe Biden, and Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont.All three are fiery speakers inclined toward economic populism, and they have urged the Democratic Party to shift in that direction since its defeat in November.
Misogyny and Hillary Clinton .

Bill Maher if he agreed with Clinton’s claim she was winning the ’16 election until FBI director James Comey’s letter and (3)>>Russian Wikileaks dumps scared away some voters. Maher said she was not wrong, but added, provocatively, “I don’t know why she need to be coming back; she had her turn and it didn’t work out.”  Maher also agreed with Clinton’s contention misogyny played a role in her electoral college defeat. “I think we learned a lot about this country – and we’re learning more as we watch what goes on with Fox News every day,” he said. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, 52 percent of white men hold a “very unfavorable” view of Clinton. That’s a whopping 20 points higher than the percentage who viewed Barack Obama very unfavorably in 2012, 32 points higher than the percentage who viewed Obama very unfavorably in 2008, and 28 points higher than the percentage who viewed John Kerry very unfavorably in 2004.At the Republican National Convention, this fervent hostility was hard to miss. Inside the hall, delegates repeatedly broke into chants of (4)>>“Lock her up.” Outside the hall, vendors sold campaign paraphernalia.  But what lingers is misogyny—the kind of hate- and fear-filled objectification of women that flourishes in corners of the Internet, and in the rhetoric of Trump and some of his supporters. It turns out that what some of them seemed to have meant when they said they were tired of being politically correct was that they were tired of addressing others with a modicum of respect. Trump encourages people at his rallies to chant “Lock her up!”—in the second debate, he vowed to do just that if elected. Such rhetoric, in its vulgarity and its rawness, is a radical break from conservative norms.The Russian-interference claim is easy to dismiss. Clinton began her campaign in 2015 with a favorable rating of 50 percent. By that summer, though, her favorable rating had dropped to the mid-40s, and it plummeted further to a mere 41 percent by Labor Day. Despite a further year-and-a-half of campaigning, she never rose above the 45 percent mark for the remainder of the race.It’s easy to know why this happened: Her email scandal surfaced. The first news broke March 2, 2015, in the New York Times. By that summer, the FBI had announced an investigation into whether classified documents had been compromised.This timeline easily disproves the claim that Russian-government interference determined the election. The initial Times story was based on leaks from the State Department. Later stories also relied on State Department or administration leaks, not emails or info hacked by the Russian government. By the time any now-suspected Russian efforts began to hurt Clinton, she was already mortally wounded.

 Taking back the Republican Controlled Congress .
Taking it BACK would be a far cry for the Democrats to win in 2020 . The current Republican congress is going to do more damage before it's gone or too late!  . FIRST the Democrats have to purge the party of incumbents.  The best idea is to think, vote and Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians. Names like Pelosi , Boxer to name a few . This idea is not aligned with the right wing or the left wing, with Democrats or Republicans.  For years the two party system has been bankrupt. Even on the Republican platform dumping McCain, Addison Mitchell "Mitch" McConnell Jr's of that party . The Democrat's have sunk to the level of inability right now  . I know that there are young Democratic politicians , they have to (5)>>REFORM the PARTY first .  They are two sides of the same coin.  What have Democrats done or plan to do in any kind of self-examination after 2017? The answer has seemed to be: nothing. Come the next big round of national elections, it seems unlikely that there are going to be major changes to the Democratic party platform, and they still may sweep into Congress anyway.  Democrats will likely need to do little more than pure opposition to Trump in order to win back big parts of power at the federal level. The Democrats' first task is to win back seats in Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. But behind the scenes, would-be Democratic presidential candidates are already jockeying for position to lead the ticket in 2020. In a two-party system of the sort that the United States is stuck with, what we just witnessed is the political equivalent of a baseball shutout. And because the Democratic Party has, since the days of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, assumed a growing measure of responsibility for defending America’s tired, its poor, its huddled masses yearning to breathe free—however miserably particular Democrats may have met that responsibility at critical junctures in our history—the Democratic establishment’s failure in the 2016 election has left tens of millions of our most vulnerable fellow citizens at the mercy of Republican plutocrats. So  if we want to send a signal to the rest of the country that we want a  new party that will lead America in a new direction, then Pelosi and Schumer have to go. Its OBVIOUS as to why the Democrats lost in 2016 . The ONLY HOPE is that the Republican's do so much damage that the people who voted Trump { the hard right "conservatives" } in , those on the Liberal base Democrats revolt . Either go to the polls , or an anarchistic fashion protest all over the nation in the likes of (6.1)>>Chomsky , or pick up a few lines from (6.2)Alinsky's book . Or start reforming the Party .
(1)>>It's at its own weakest since 1972 .  To understand how the Democrats have talked themselves into such a state of optimistic fatalism, or, if you prefer, buoyant pessimism, it is necessary to grasp the central role that the experience of the 1968 and 1972 conventions has had for party leaders and active Democratic workers.Those conventions looked one way to the television audience and another way to the participants. To many television viewers, they were stupefyingly boring and endless pseudo-spectaculars, in which the Democrats finally made the predicted decisions (nominating Humphrey in 1968 and McGovern four years later) after hours of needless confusion. They were bad shows, to be forgotten as quickly as possible.  In 1972, President Richard Nixon shellacked his Democratic opponent, George McGovern, by a 23-point margin in the popular vote. Following McGovern’s defeat, Democrats began running towards the center and haven’t looked back, even though that center seems to have moved further and further to the right with each passing election.For the past 40 years, whenever a Democratic presidential hopeful has given off the slightest whiff of leftish anti-establishmentarianism, party leaders and mainstream pundits have invoked McGovern’s name. In 2004, Howard Dean was the new McGovern. In 2008, Barack Obama became the new McGovern. This year, it’s Bernie Sander’s turn. But the Democrats’ fear of McGovernism is misplaced. McGovern didn’t lose because he was too far to the left. He lost because he was facing a popular incumbent presiding over a booming economy. Moreover, the Democrats’ belief that they need to steer clear of McGovernism, assuming it was ever correct, now looks increasingly misguided. With each passing decade, the types of voters drawn to McGovern’s 1972 campaign have become a larger and larger share of the American electorate, while the issues championed by McGovern have become more and more salient. (1)>>If the "party" don't get its act together by 2020. President Trump released his first reelection campaign ad on Monday to highlight what his administration has accomplished in its first 100 days, but he is not the only person looking ahead to 2020.Up to a quarter of the Senate's 48-member Democratic caucus are mulling 2020 presidential bids, along with several other prominent Democrats in various public office positions, the New York Times reported Sunday. It's INTERESTING that Mr. Trump is already projecting to run in 2020 . A bit of speculation here on me . Is it possible that Trump , knows about "rigging" , perhaps his looking ahead way before knowing his odds are in his favor ??? (2)>>The two party system in this country has now sorted itself mainly into urban and rural constituencies.  The two-party system has produced politicians who govern to the extremes of their political parties and there is a silent middle that is left with nowhere to go. Both parties are beholden to large corporations and can no longer be trusted to serve the public interest. The Electoral College makes it nearly impossible for a third-party candidate to win the presidency. However, the whole thrust of "The Centrist Manifesto" is that the Senate is different. Senate candidates could easily win in many swing states if they were running as Centrists because you don't need a majority to win as a Senate candidate. All that a Centrist candidate has to do is hold 34 percent of the vote to win. Then, imagine a Senate that's 47 Democrats, 6 Centrists and 47 Republicans. At that point, the Centrists are the swing votes and the ideological center of the Senate. And that's a very powerful place to be. (3)>>Russian Wikileaks dumps scared away some voters.  This has to be the "GREATEST CONSPIRACY " ever  If the Russian's helped Trump , there has to be a long chain of conspirators . Perhaps the entire  , or a few in the Republican Party knew ? .    It's unclear whether WikiLeaks was actually in cahoots with the Russian government or {Trump} . But Reuters reported this week that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating "a campaign they believe is backed by the Russian government to undermine the credibility of the U.S. presidential election." Hillary no dought MAY have been a victim of the system she thought was working for her ! The  "leaks" revealed that the DNC was already in favor of Hillary over Bernie . You have to REALLY pay attention how "deep" the rigging really was . If the idea that  I present is true that the election last year was completely illegitimate on both sides . Both Parties that ran the election were corrupt. (4)>>“Lock her up.”  The political commentator Tucker Carlson said of Clinton, “Something about her feels castrating.” Rush Limbaugh asked his listeners, “Will this country want to actually watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis?” Bumper stickers appeared bearing slogans such as “KFC Hillary Meal Deal: Two Fat Thighs, Two Small Breasts and a Bunch of Left Wings” and “Even Bill Doesn’t Want Me.” The terms “bitch” and “witch,” and the associations they stir up, are slurs that Clinton’s detractors have resorted to freely. (5)>>REFORM the PARTY first .  So how do we go about reforming the Democratic party so it becomes much more progressive without letting the anarchists hijack the party? The answer should be obvious: There is no point to the continued existence of this Democratic Party. It must change, or be replaced. And since no major party has been replaced since Henry Clay’s Whigs, it is time to recognize the need for a reformation of the Democratic Party—(6.1)>>Chomsky. Ever since Hillary Clinton suffered a stunning loss in the November election the Democrat Party has been on a witch hunt to create a Russian election conspiracy without  evidence. Not even considering any Republican involvement in Hillary's defeat . You know an inside job . Chomsky said that America is a world laughingstock when our leaders defer blame on a foreign power for "interfering " ,but completely disregarding internal corruption within our nations government  . The majority of Democrats have shifted to the right so far that the two-party system is almost unrecognizable, according to Noam Chomsky.“There used to be a quip that the United States was a one-party state with a business party that had two factions: the Democrats and Republicans—and that used to be pretty accurate, but it’s not anymore. The U.S. is still a two-party state, but there’s only one faction, and it’s not Democrats, it’s moderate Republicans. Today’s Democrats have shifted to the right,” Chomsky told RT America’s Anissa Naouai. (6.2)Alinsky's book . To this day Alinsky is adored by the left, and he counts as his disciples both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Alinsky's Rules for Radicals should be no surprise. Considering the chaos in our American politics . The Trump follows the book exactly. That's  how the alt-Right took over in 2016 is being marginalized by the Republicans more that the Liberal left. There's a frustrating game that the left plays with conservatives. It's an Alinksy tactic called, "Make them live up to their values." Now, living up to one's values isn't a bad thing, but setting high standards ultimately means that you'll sometimes fall short.

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