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(***)>The  NEW Reign of the WITCHES -2017 AD.
 President Donald Trump: “I Have A Running War With The Media.” During a visit to CIA headquarters, President Donald Trump said he has “a running war with the media” and called reporters “among the most dishonest human beings on earth.” 
 If Trump is unwilling to stop himself and his staff from lying, members of Congress, especially Republicans, must pressure the president and the new administration to stop this dangerous and embarrassing practice.These aren’t gaffes and misspeak we’re talking about here. We’re not concerned with the typical, squishy political rhetoric that snares presidents or staff who declare, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it,” or, “Mission accomplished,” or even, “I’m in charge here.”---YEA , there are "witches" in th politics of Washington D.C. .Trump described his administration as “a fine-tuned machine,” and in particular praised its implementation of his anti-terrorism executive order, which has been largely blocked by the courts.“The rollout was perfect,” Trump said. BEWARE We have new royalty :  (1)>>The Trumps {When the U.S. Senate considered titles for the President, this man favored "His Highness The President of The United States and Protector of the Rights of the Same."}   .  (1.2)>>Royalty is Un-American , but 200 years ago in 1789 , there was a paper published by a  (2)>>Benjamin Bache,  {The Aurora, edited first  grandson of Benjamin Franklin, and then by William Duane, led the fight for greater freedoms. Competitor papers, The Porcupine's Gazette and Gazette of the United States, advocated greater government powers. The arguments between the different factions, including editors and politicians, were heated, vituperative, and sometimes physical.}  who if he lived today he would have had a field day writing about our modern corrupt system . Lying by government officials is nothing new . Since 1789 we been told one story { the media} and another { Trump's twitter} . What is that exactly ,  NEWS-SPEAK coined the word "fake news" & " alternative FACTS".Trump said he thought the media had (3)>>“a lower approval rate than Congress.” No — the publics approval of Congress is lower than its trust in the media. Best example is the  president’s spokesman, Sean Spicer, who also speaks at times for the United States, was caught in a web of lies on Day One about, of all things, the size of the crowd attending or watching Trump’s inauguration ceremony. He not only lied during a press conference in which he berated reporters for their accurate portrayal of the event, but he then doubled down to say that he didn’t mean what he said when he said it, lying instead about an inflated television audience.
The Media Witches .
The New York Times noted that Trump “unleash[ed] a remarkably bitter attack on the news media, falsely accusing journalists of both inventing a rift between him and intelligence agencies and deliberately understating the size of his inauguration crowd.” Trump accused the media of lying and claimed, “I think they’re going to pay a big price.”Now, in the wake of Trump's election to the presidency, many lawyers who represent journalists and media organizations are worried. (4)>>While many reporters think their First Amendment rights guarantee a broad swath of freedom to operate professionally, many interactions between government and the press are lightly regulated and not specifically protected by the Constitution. They have persisted more out of tradition and potentially reversible regulations than through statutes. In other words, press protections as most have understood them over the past half century depend to a large degree on observance of longstanding political tradition.To say that Trump has certainly shown a willingness to disregard tradition when it comes to the media would be an understatement.President Trump has kept his distance from the press since accusing former President Obama, without evidence, of wiretapping Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign.  Trump has left it to Vice President Pence and his top aides to answer questions about the explosive allegation. And the president has mostly remained out of pubic view, even as he has taken a flurry of meetings with members of Congress and representatives from leading industry groups, conservative organizations and labor unions. Since winning the election, the incoming administration has broken from the practices of past incoming presidents in ways that could impact how the press reports on and the public learns about its activities. For example, Trump broke from “decades of tradition” by not traveling with a press pool during his campaign and continued to do so even after the election. This meant that the public often learned about Trump’s conversations with leaders of foreign countriesfrom the countries themselves, rather than the press. And Trump’s incoming Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, implied in an interview last week that the new administration may do away with daily press briefings in the White House.

All the conversation about "mainstream media" being corrupt...meantime, these wing nuts (and their "fearless leader") will swallow the most outrageous, completely fabricated crap espoused by rightwing rags and "news" programs.

The media is the new modern
witch . Freedom of the Press
she represents .
(***)>The  NEW Reign of the WITCHES -2017 AD.  The year 1798, for example, was a crisis year for democracy and those who, like Thomas Jefferson, believed the United States of America was a shining light of liberty, a principled republic in a world of cynical kingdoms, feudal fiefdoms, and theocracies.That year President John Adams pushed through Congress -- by a single vote -- the Alien and Sedition Acts, and was aggressively putting into jail newspaper editors who disagreed with him and supported Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin Bache -- Ben Franklin's grandson -- had been one of the first, as he had just published an editorial referring to the President as, "old, querulous, Bald, blind, crippled, Toothless Adams."Then-Vice President Jefferson was wretched. He'd left town the day Adams signed the acts, as a symbolic act. He would have nothing to do with their implementation. The abuses were startling, and, as I documented in an earlier article, "How An Earlier Patriot Act Brought Down A President," Adams was moving America quickly into the direction of an authoritarian, single-party rule. Over Jefferson's angry objections, Adams had even imprisoned a member of the U.S. House of Representatives -- Matthew Lyon of Vermont -- for speaking out against Adams's Federalists' favoritism of the rich over working people.Two weeks before the Alien and Sedition Acts were passed, June 1, 1798, as Adams was already rounding up newspaper editors and dissidents in anticipation of his coming legal authority, Jefferson sat down at his desk and, heart heavy but hopeful, put quill pen to paper to share his thoughts with his old friend John Taylor, one of his fellow Democratic Republicans and a man also in Adams cross-hairs. (Two decades later, Taylor would write down his thoughts on the issue of government in a widely-distributed book, "Construction Construed, and Constitutions Vindicated," noting that: "A government is substantially good or bad, in the degree that it produces the happiness or misery of a nation...")(1)>>The Trumps. Donald Trump by nature is an aristocrat. A showman . He's a puppet , not exactly of the Russians . The likelihood the GOP pulled the greatest con on the American political system but granting the throne of the presidency to the least experience man to the highest office of the nation. I guess Americans like drama . I think if the antics of the Kardashians & reality TV glues the audience with voyeuristic tastes , then the simple answer is then obvious as why he won the election  . Donald Trump has a funny fixation on a particular title of nobility: baron. “John Baron,” you’ll remember, was one of the imaginary friends Trump invented to say nice things about him to the press, whose good opinion Trump has always (conservatives beware) coveted above all things. That wasn’t a random choice — he’d later name his youngest son “Barron.” Southerners may have a few Dukes and Earles in their family trees.  (1.2)>>Royalty is Un-American.   But nationalist alt-right nut jobs just swallow whatever their 'daddy Trump' feeds them, and then call everyone else 'un-american' since they don't want to put up with this pathetic pseudo-McCarthyism scare tactics. Disgusting sycophants is what they've become, eating up all the crap they're fed while Exxon Executives and Goldman Sachs associates are put into political appointments. A good American Man? Please, don't make me laugh. He's the same old breed of politician, just like Hillary, just like Obama, just like Bush, just like Clinton.
The Honorable Benjamin
Bache  1789 .
 (2)>>Benjamin Bache. Trump's war against the media mirrors America's first attempt to censor the FREE PRESS .   Bache was an American journalist, printer and publisher. He founded the Philadelphia Aurora, a newspaper that supported Jeffersonian philosophy. He frequently attacked the Federalist political leaders, including Presidents George Washington and John Adams, and historian Gordon S. Wood wrote that "no editor did more to politicize the press in the 1790s. His paper's heated attacks are thought to have contributed to Congress's passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts.The grandson of Benjamin Franklin, Bache was often referred to as "Lightning Rod Junior" after his famous grandfather's experiment. The son of Sarah Franklin and Richard Bache, he died at 29 in the yellow-feverepidemic of 1798.ll Philadelphia newspapers report the affairs of Congress, although the Aurora's publisher, Benjamin Bache, was barred, as of three weeks ago, from taking notes on the floor of the House of Representatives.The banishment of Benjamin Bache arose from a bizarre incident which occurred in the House chamber on the last and very icy Tuesday of January, the 30th. Several members were warming themselves by the great stoves which heat the House chamber when, in idle conversation, a Republican congressman from Vermont (an Irish newspaper publisher) posed the possibility of starting an opposition newspaper in Federalist Connecticut. (President John Adams' Federalist party controls each of the New England states and holds a commanding majority in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.) The Report of the House Committee on Privileges reads as follows:Mr. Lyon [the Vermont Republican] was ... holding a conversation with the Speaker [Mr. Jonathan Dayton] ... loud enough to be heard ... On Mr. Lyon's observing that, if he should go into Connecticut and manage a press there six months ... he could effect a revolution and turn out the present [Federalist] Representatives--Mr. Griswold [a Federalist representative from Connecticut] replied ... "you had better wear your wooden sword" or words to that effect, alluding to Mr. Lyon's having been cashiered in the army ... Mr. Lyon spat in his face.Personal insults! Spitting! At a time when political etiquette and the hardship of overland travel force politicians to wait at home for the call to office rather than travel some campaign trail in pursuit of it, the newspaper is a mighty force in the political life of America. As this bizarre event suggests, even the threat of an "opposition press" can lead to violence.(3)>>“a lower approval rate than Congress.”  The latest numbers come from Gallup, which has been asking people how much confidence they have in various institutions since 1973. As of June 2016, 40 percent of the public had a negative opinion of television news, but 55 percent weighed in on the negative side for Congress. Newspapers did a hair better in the mistrust department. About a third of the people surveyed said they had very little or no trust in the printed press.Trump gave himself some wiggle room on the accuracy of that, but he still made the point. To set the record straight: The press does rank low in the trust department, but Congress ranks even lower. (4)>>While many reporters think their First Amendment rights guarantee a broad swath of freedom .  Trump's inner circle has shown enthusiasm for using the justice system to crack down on journalists. Earlier this month, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said that New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet “should be in jail” because the paper published Trump's tax returns. There's zero chance Baquet will be prosecuted for publishing the tax returns—it's not even clear what federal criminal statute Lewandowski thinks Baquet violated—but that and other statements from prominent Trump surrogates suggest that Trump's administration will be unapologetic about pushing past the limits established by White House tradition.

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