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The "Great" Hacking Mystery.

Addressing reporters at the White House for the year-end press conference, Obama took questions about Syria, China and president-elect Donald Trump's transition team. Mostly, however, he spoke about Russia and the allegations by US intelligence agencies that Moscow had hacked the US election. His administration allowed the public "to make an assessment" by letting people know that "the Russians were responsible for hacking" the Democratic National Committee earlier this year, Obama said, adding that the intelligence community did its job "without political influence."  I am best "cynical" to believe that Russia somehow got Donald Trump elected by influencing our election "somehow"[ repeating myself, Russian media hypnotized the American voters they voted for Mr. Trump. Beware the Russians contol the supernatural.  ]  . I am not convinced , even with the (1)>>"  evidence ". There arises a number of questions  about the Republican parties own role in electron fraud  . While the no one would say a inside job . The idea of a foreign  power putting their man in as a trademark is not Russian . The finger points directly either a FBI or CIA source leaking the evidence in Hillary's e-mails (1.2)>>{ why I believe that?} So now we enter into the boarderling of consperacies . If Russsia helped Trump  if we assume that it is true , we MUST ALSO SPECULATE that the REPUBLICAN PARTY was in on it . Plain and simple .  Three months ago The Daily Beast repoted that During an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday, director Oliver Stone accused the Democratic National Committee of hacking itself. Asked by the host what he makes of the reports that Russian hackers breached the DNC's email server and fed information to WikiLeaks in an attempt to influence the U.S. presidential election, Stone called that idea a "great fiction." Oliver Stone hit the mark , but only slightly . While the DNC may have been negligent in regards to e-mail ,  Democratic National Committee criticized and mocked Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont during the primary campaign, even though the organization publicly insisted that it was neutral in the race. Yet the DNC's own disregard Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, and other officials favored Hillary Clinton over Mr. Sanders —gave a hint that the DNC was "rigged" for Hillary . The question about the GOP's own "rigging" of their choice Trump could be obviously explained as if the whole elction on both sides was a farce from the vary start . But let's not forget that Trump has already vanquished 16 other Republicans during the debates . Not one of the 16 Republican candidates was able to beat the "outsider" , when you look back at it . It was not that Trump was meant {destiny}  to win the nomination of his party ,but the inner workings of the "secret government' may have provided Trump an easy win . IN FACT I think Trump knew that he was going to win as if he he had inside knowledge of his win , perhaps when he asked "Russia to hack Hillary's e-mails " It vary much may have given away that the hacking was already done during the Benghazi committee  hearings that exposed Hillary's personal server to public scrutiny when the  (2)>>FBI was involved . Trump claimed the GOP primaries were rigged -- until he started winning them all. Someone ought to point this out .Mr Assange had previously said WikiLeaks did not get e-mails related to Mrs Clinton’s campaign from a “state actor”. Concluding that It's nothing new that the U.S,Clintons and United States rich elites always blaming Russia for everything. Twenty years ago, TIME Magazine exclusively reported on the feats of American political consultants who’d managed — much to the joy of the United States government — to ensure Boris Yeltsin won re-election to the Russian presidency. Titled Rescuing Boris, TIME’s article bore a subtitle eerily similar to accusations flooding headlines two decades later — for altogether different but parallel reasons — “THE SECRET STORY OF HOW FOUR U.S. ADVISERS USED POLLS, FOCUS GROUPS, NEGATIVE ADS AND ALL THE OTHER TECHNIQUES OF AMERICAN CAMPAIGNING TO HELP BORIS YELTSIN WIN.”  It's like a comic -Karmic reaction to what is going on now . I summed it up that perhaps this election for all it was worth may have always been a "inside job".

Why Blame Russia ?
I think the Russian's view  our own American government is out of bounds with reality when it goes with the hacking accustion . Who benefits? There is obviosly no benefit in Russia interfering in the US elections, and a great deal of risk! However, the Democrats and the Obama Administration have a great deal to benefit in accusing the Russians, thus casting doubts on the election of President Trump! The CIA and FBI et al benefit by creating domestic chaos; giving them more cover up time and time for their war criminals to scatter and hide. It will take years, if not decades for an investigation to get to the bottom of the matter if ever!  President Barack Obama on Thursday vowed retaliatory action against Russia for its meddling in the US presidential election.That threat came in an interview with National Public Radio to be broadcast Friday morning. And he said the response may not be obvious. "Some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be," he said.The remarks were the strongest language yet from Obama since the intelligence community concluded in October that the hacking of email accounts belonging to the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign officials was authorized by (3)>>"Russia's senior-most officials.""I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing," Obama told NPR Describing potential countermeasures by the US, the President said "some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be."
Holding up Russia as a scapegoat won’t account for the very serious problems that brought us to this point. It's our own political system .
But dig deeper, and you found a remarkable piece of Orwellian news-crafting--one that, in true intelligence community-style, makes the claim that there is a massive cyber-espionage scheme, while simultaneously denying the very assertion that such a thing actually exists. The talk of a so-called "new Cold War" developing between the U.S. and Russia
, reports of Russian meddling in American politics are beginning to echo the kind of paranoid rhetoric of the original Cold War era, when anti-communists like Sen. Joe McCarthy railed against agents of the Kremlin who were said to have infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. political system.They cannot show anyone a single vote that was cast on Trump's behalf by the phantom Russians, nor can they show a single incident of these phantom Russians manipulating the vote counting. IOW, they have no proof that the Russians hacked anything.


(1)>>"  evidence ". There’s a lot of evidence that a attack had breached the DNC , on the table, mostly detailing how the hack was perpetrated, and possibly the language of the perpetrators. It certainly remains plausible that Russians hacked the DNC, and remains possible that Russia itself ordered it ? There is a lot of "manufactured" evidence .Two days before the Presidential debate, the US government officially accused Russia of hacking, and interfering in the U.S. election. However, much like the Bush administration when accusing Iraq of having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) — which did not exist, the Obama administration has provided zero evidence for these accusations. They are trying to use their authority to convince the American people that Russia has something to do with Wikileaks, and the Trump campaign with no evidence.The timing of the announcement was made the same day Wikileaks released the first set of e-mails from Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta. The ONLY American government agencies who had the "e-mails" in hand could only have been either the FBI or the CIA . Someone one from one of those agencies my have provided Wikileaks with the information .  (1.2)>>{ why I believe that?} Contrary to claims made by Democrats about Russian interference helping President-elect Donald J. Trump, there is no definitive proof that the Kremlin ordered such cyber attacks. It’s all based on circumstantial evidence, innuendo, and anonymous sources that are bound by an apparent inter-agency feud between the CIA and the FBI. On December 10, The Washington Post reported that both agencies were not on the same page, which seemed to have angered Democrats.  . (2)>>FBI was involved . F.B.I. Director Emily Litella. Nine days after James Comey upended the presidential race by notifying Congress about the discovery of a cache of emails that might or might not have come from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, he returned on Sunday to echo Gilda Radner’s classic SNL character with a resounding “Never mind!” Comey followed up his bombshell of Oct. 28 with another plainly worded, non-explanatory letter to the same Republican congressional committee he heads. This latest letter
stated that a review of the new emails, which were found on a laptop belonging to former congressman Anthony Weiner, had “not changed our conclusions” from last July that criminal charges against Clinton for mishandling classified materials were unwarranted In between the release of the two letters, the public was treated to enough leaks, whispers and peeks behind the curtain to grant the writers of “Quantico” several seasons’ worth of material.Current and former FBI officials, none of whom were willing or cleared to speak on the record, have described a chaotic internal climate that resulted from outrage over director James Comey’s July decision not to recommend an indictment over Clinton’s maintenance of a private email server on which classified information transited. (3)>>"Russia's senior-most officials."  The propaganda like the "fake news" one has now gone  down to this  The Washington Post claimed Brennan wrote in a message to employees that he has met earlier this week with FBI Director James Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, "and there is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature and intent of Russian interference in our presidential election." Outgoing President Barack Obama suggested during his last news conference also on Friday that the cyber attacks were likely initiated "at the highest levels of the Russian government."

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