Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Let's talk about Gun Control.

Christopher Harper-Mercer had a arsenal of weapons,
certainly government agencies should
have seen a red flag . 
The 26-year-old man who walked into a writing class last Thursday armed with six guns, spare ammunition magazines and body armor to carry out the latest American mass shooting, had even more weaponry stockpiled in the home. He had over 14 weapons . In total, law enforcement officials confiscated 14 guns belonging to Christopher Harper-Mercer or his mother, Laurel Harper.Officials said the guns were all traced back to a federal firearms dealer and seven of the weapons had been purchased legally by Harper-Mercer or other family members over the last three years.According to multiple reports, the shooter’s mother boasted online about her arsenal and feared that gun ownership would soon be restricted. It's reminiscent of the Sandy Hook shooting .Media reports indicate the 26-year-old man who walked into his Umpqua Community College writing class on Thursday and killed nine was withdrawn and isolated — a profile similar to the 20-year-old gunman who shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. The SAD but TRUE connection to these shooting is that we are told to believe that it's by another (1)>> " mentally ill person" . What's not being discussed  is that both these shooters had access to a horde(s) of weapons. (3)>>They are always white and "rich" kids .  That no investigative government agency noted to say that it's a red flag warning when somebody ( any American citizen ) otherwise buys weapons in mass quantities that something is not exactly "normal" . Who would guess? Now the aftermath come the ongoing "philosophical politicizing " on Capital Hill. In 1,299 words, at a press conference at the White House, the president never condemned the killings in Oregon. Before he spoke, officials confirmed that the shooter targeted his victims based on their religion. In 1,299 words, the president never called for religious tolerance.Before we knew who the gunman was or what his motive was, the president of the United States rushed to the podium to make the case for gun control. (2)>>  He even admitted he was politicizing it and that the shooting should be politicized.In his speech, the president said, “We talked about [gun control] after Columbine and Blacksburg, after Tucson, after Newtown, after Aurora, after Charleston.” Here again for the 15th time (?) another mass shooting , and a vary frustrated President Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton's Plan ..

Less than one week after the deadly shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., Hillary Clinton on  (4)>> Monday unveiled a series of gun control measures she would enact as president, including renewed calls for universal background checks and a crackdown on the sale of guns on the Internet. I agree with her ( to a certain point)  , that there needs to be some changes to how "how American's obtain weapons". I don't advocate "suspending 2nd Amendment rights" . Since that is such a subject that can't so much be changed since it affects other amendments to our Constitution , but enough is enough . Mrs. Clinton is right here when she said . On Monday, Clinton said her plan was filled with what she calls “common sense proposals” to combat what she described as an (5)>>  "epidemic of gun violence.”“People are quick to say that they offer their thoughts and prayers. That’s not enough,” Clinton said to the roughly 500 people in attendance. "How many people have to die before we actually act? Before we come together as a nation." In terms of interventions, neither tighter gun control nor arming our schools are likely to reduce mass shootings. Even expanded efforts at profiling would-be mass murderers or enhancing mental health services might be futile. Needless to say, these conclusions aren’t very encouraging and the authors end by suggesting that we ought to continue ineffective responses in any case because ‘doing something is better than nothing’ Do we have police officers that catch people doing illegal things? Do we have police officers who catch gang members buying and selling drugs, or buying and selling guns?  Simple mental health background checks could have prevent many shooters from buying guns legally. I think these two socially awkward shooters would have had a tough time buying guns illegally from "gang members" and other illegal dealers. Gun's in America in reality have put criminals above the law. Mrs. Clinton vowed : “I’m going to try in every way,” Clinton said Monday. “I am going to get those guns out of people’s hands.”Clinton last week also used the recent campus shootings to slam Republican lawmakers, whom she says "refuse to do anything" about mass shootings."We need to make every politician who sides with [the NRA] to look in the eyes of parents whose kids have been murdered," Clinton said. "The GOP counts on a dedicated group that scares politicians and says 'We will vote against you' ... So we will take them on. We took them on in the '90s; we're gonna take them on again."

Is there a possible solution ?

Our Nation has had problems with gun's since it's  vary foundation . The Second Amendment was not just about rights for citizens to bare arms . It's was also about the nation having  to regulate a citizens militia in case of a foreign  invasion . And the 2nd amendment is also not gun-specific. It grants the right to bear arms. Times have changed , but not the words. For 200 years the vary United States has been a nation under the gun barrel . The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof offered some "data points" about the gun violence in the United States. One of them was: "More Americans have died from guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history." We always have to turn the TV on , hear stories of shootings , Police shootings that permeate the news . Yes guns are out of control as much as certain people. Background checks are in every state already. No background check will keep some suicidal person from getting a weapon . I think the only solution is not to ban guns . I think we should have steps to ensure public safety with a new kind of regulation that requires a complete overhaul of every gun law ever written . There are first too many gun laws , and they differ from state to state . All the gun laws are failing . There should only be one federal law on gun control . Personally I believe that citizens should be allowed to have certain guns , that amount has to be limited to a point . I would consider that citizens should only own one fire arm . I agree with back ground checks . Owing any weapon comes with some responsibility , regulation and licencing . Most of all gun shops have to be regulated. This means that the The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF, also known as BATFE) has to DO IT'S JOB .Register any and all purchases. Document every round purchased and keep track of volume (because NO ONE needs 600 rounds from the internet unless their planning a thing). Liability insurance. Jail time for failure to secure. Standardized regulation across state lines, ending the net importer status for IN and other similarly unrestricted states. 

NOT ONE of these mass murderers is mentally ill, NOT ONE. When caught and put on trial, they act and are found COMPETENT to stand trial or take the cowards way out by demonstrating their personal knowledge of what they have done by killing themselves. THEY KNOW FULL WELL WHAT THEY ARE DOING. This, "its a mental health issue" bs is the NRA whitewash for protecting their bosses.The main difference between Nancy Lanza and Laurel Harper, besides the obvious racial one, is that Harper is still ALIVE to offer condolences to the families of the victims of her son's murderous spree.  Something she has still NOT done.  Perhaps because of her own culpability, she has left that dirty work to her ex-husband, who claims to have no knowledge of the 14 gun arsenal that mama and her baby boy had acquired in the two years since he last saw them.  Ian Mercer, on the other hand, would rather blame the guns than his son, the user of them. I wonder if Mr. Obama will visit with the perpetrator's mommy when he goes to grandstand in Roseburg, where, according to some news reports, he apparently will not get the welcome extended to him in Charleston. (2)>> 
But the president did not politicize the shooting in Virginia when it was a black, gay man who killed the reporters.The president did not politicize the shooting in Chattanooga when it was a Muslim radical who did the shooting.The president did not politicize the shooting of the Muslim family in North Carolina when it turned out the shooter was a gay-rights supporting atheist Obama voter. No, he and the political left ran from those stories as quickly as possible. “Look over there!!!” the media demanded. “Look at this story,” they declared as soon as the shooter did not mean the demographics that allowed them to press for gun control or talk about racism. (3)>> Rich White Kids. Mass shooters are almost exclusively white and male, but aside from that there is no one profile of the group. According to a Mother Jones timeline of mass shootings from the 1980s to the present, the majority of American mass murderers have been white males.  The most infamous young killers—the Columbine High shooters, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, and now Adam Lanza—share a common cultural theme and national narrative. “Deranged” loners who came from lower to upper middle class nuclear families, their murder sprees forever shattered white suburbia’s veneer of normalcy.  Over the past decade, the post-mass murder mantra has been grindingly familiar—“this couldn’t/shouldn’t/wouldn’t happen HERE, in our idyllic (white) suburban community.”  Catastrophic violence is implicitly marked as the province of the other, the inner city, the cesspit jungle where poor children (of color), according to GOP sage Newt Gingrich, have no work ethic and thus no “habit of I do this and you give me cash, unless it is illegal.”What is troubling is also the immediate vague reference to the shooter having had some kind of a ‘developmental’ disorder without any real kind of evidence! (4)>> Clinton’s plan also calls for laws to prevent gun sales from going through without completed background checks (something currently dubbed a "Charleston Loophole”); legislation that prohibits domestic abusers and stalkers from buying and possessing guns; the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act so that dealers and manufacturers are held accountable for negligence when crimes are committed with products they’ve sold. (5)>>There are over 300,000,00 guns in this country, in large part the result of the thuggish tactics of the NRA. I think we should impose the most draconian restrictions on gun ownership we can think of until we reduce that number to 20,000,000 or so. And don't talk about the Constitution to me- there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that says Americans have the right to own guns. the 2nd amendment. it's been grossly misinterpreted. America has shown it's to not worthy of that right. If one life is saved by new restrictions it's worth it. This stupid gun fetish is out of control. 

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