Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Midterm election thoughts.....

Voting for whom ?
incumbents I guess...
The Midterm elections for both "parties" are in the worrisome stage right now. I recently picked up my weekend WSJ reading Peggy Noonan's Declarations opinion for September 27th . In her article piece she made for me what going down as a summing up . It's titled  "Republicans Need a Direction" . She said as in the first "The Democratic president is unpopular" . Second she reasoned as well " But Republicans aren't achieving lift-off ".  I can't imagine what Americans will be voting for . If the Democrats lose seats in the house , as it looks like it . The “real” Democrat direction that we all know of and which they’d never be honest about. I mean the Democrat “direction” that seems to be common knowledge among the masses, as nobody in the media ever bothers to ask what the Democrat “direction” is. You can see that President Obama's fundraising did not pay off as well. GOP’s  big brand problem. Everyone knows about it and is tired to saying it; the Democrats continue exploiting it because it’s almost all they have. The GOP over the last 8 years has been so outta touch with the average American that they are no better as the Democrats . Both Parties are incredibly weak. So I am paying attention how the midterms will be like. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas , Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, for example both spoke this Friday to the Values Voter Summit, an annual gathering of social conservatives that has been an important ticket punch for Republican presidential candidates. The "faith and Values" thing that mixes church and state politics , but the gathering of these "conservatives" is far behind what the younger Americans are looking for . I call them the "religious right" for short, they have been playing this same game in America,  "hoping" for a faith-values turnaround for the last two decades . I am assuming that the average American is leaning for a more "liberalizing" approach that has nothing to do with values preached from a pulpit. Ted Cruz for instant "preached" that “These are dangerous, radical times,” Cruz said at the conservative conference, where he received multiple standing ovations during a 30-minute speech that touched on everything from gun rights, Obamacare and abortion to the persecution of Christians around the globe & accused Democrats Friday of being an “extreme, radical party” intent on taking away the rights of Americans. I find that Cruz speech  just as "extreme" , if the Dem's are the bad guys , just how extreme will the GOP be if they take over ? My thoughts on this is I don't trust either party , they are both bought by the "rich special interests" . Taking a look at the Obama fundraising recently ,*** I saw a vast number of Millionaires contributing just as much as the GOP fundraisers ! Here the reality sets in as based on the number of Polls While the Republican Party is poised to make major gains in red states in the battle for the U.S. Senate, the situation is flipped in governors’ races, where Republicans are facing a tough time defending chief executives who won office in blue states in the Obama backlash of 2010.The toughest races for Republicans are in Maine and Pennsylvania, followed by Wisconsin, Florida and Michigan, where incumbents who won in the tea party wave four years ago are struggling.It’s the opposite case for the Senate, where Democrats who rode to victory on President Obama’s coattails in 2008 are facing growing fatigue with his agenda. I would like to comment more on this subject , may be  later . I though find that curious  that  Holder’s resignation came close to the midterm elections . What’s forced Holder into early retirement? Perhaps it’s that the Ferguson, Missouri case may not go the way the DOJ wants and public fall-out will be too messy. His exit could also be part of a larger deal cut between the opposition and the White House involving a scandal threatening to explode.  As it seems right now there are HARD CHOICES for the voters in November .

***  Gary Younge wrote this in thegaurdian recently summarizing the American mind set:   First, people will be looking over his shoulder at candidates for 2016. With more than a year to go before primaries, the media class is already obsessed by who’s eating steak in Iowa, breaking bread in New Hampshire or throwing rubber chicken fundraisers in South Carolina (three key early-voting states). Moreover, those Democratic candidates will have to both distinguish and, arguably, distance themselves from the unpopular incumbent. Hillary Clinton has already started. Last month she berated the administration for failing to back the Syrian rebels earlier in the civil war, which, she argued, facilitated the rise of Islamic State: “The failure to do that left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” she said.

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