Saturday, May 10, 2014

California 's king : Jerry Brown .

Who is going to dethrone King Brown ?
Can it be true , that California will re-reelect Jerry Brown for a 4th term? On May 4th the  San Jose Mercury News ran a front page article on Brown . " His Game , His throne" awkwardly portrait of Brown wearing a king's crown . ALL else Gov. Jerry Brown may have broken the law on the  (2)statute of limitations on how many times the same governor can be sent back to Sacramento . Jerry Brown already is California’s oldest-ever sitting governor. There is another on going problem in California besides having Brown in the seat , for off he is a throw back from the 1960's , The State's GOP in in tatters since Schwarzenegger left in 2010 . ( 1)  The party in California and elsewhere is torn between supporters who want to steadfastly hold to conservative principles and those who want to take a more moderate, pragmatic approach that could resonate with a broader cross section of voters. There is a secondary problem that Jerry Brown has not addressed , that is that manufacturing / businesses are moving out of state  ( into sates like Texas ) *** Long-term, having really high-ish taxes coupled with an even higher cost of living, worthless levels of infrastructure, farking NIMBY's and environmentalists blocking any attempt to fix the infrastructure, some long-term pension issues driving poorer cities into repeated bankruptcy, a giant farking list of semi-useless bureaucracies, and 34% of this country's welfare recipients is a bad idea because the weather is only so nice.  And that's only partially balanced out by Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the ports. ## They're possibly farked in the next recession, because 1%-ers take bigger hits to their income than everyone else (especially since SF seems to be trying to pop Silicon Valley).  Mind you, I like progressive taxes, you just have to keep that in mind.  I could totally see a scenario where a recession wipes out the budget, they raise taxes (again) to keep up with it, track spending to the "new normal" during the recovery, repeat indefinitely or until Reagan rises from the grave and restores sanity (and at that point, they would truly be insane).  But Jerry seems to be trying to actually use Keynesian Economics by hanging on to that surplus, so they've got that going for them. I really can't see Jerry Brown being defeated by a GOP contender , for myself I would wish that he was , but the polls show that 59 percent approval rating among registered voters is nearly identical to the 57 percent of likely voters who would vote for him in June. His closest competitor, Republican Tim Donnelly, trails Brown by 40 percentage points, according to the poll. Yes , Gov . Jerry Brown's approval rating is higher than Gov. Chris Christie , or even President Obama's . While the Republicans struggle to make an impression on voters, Brown has been on their ballots for decades. and if he wins re-election he will be the only California governor ever elected to four terms.


***California Budget Surges to Record High .The governor's budget proposal for the 2014-15 fiscal year dedicates $11 billion to paying down debts and liabilities, including $6 billion in payments that had been deferred to schools and nearly $4 billion to pay down the so-called economic recovery bonds left over from the administration of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.  ##. The  one-party Democratic rule does not have to mean freewheeling spending. Brown is tightfisted; always has been. Democrats own this state. And if, through Brown, they can raise taxes and curb public-employee excess — as Brown is attempting to do — they present a serious rethinking of the D brand. (1) .But there’s a difference: Jerry Brown.  Governor Moonbeam, the Zenmeister, Linda Ronstadt’s arm candy, yes, yes, we know.   But in fact Brown may be the most astute Democratic politician currently holding office.  Not only did he handily defeat the smarmy billionairess and maid-abuser Meg Whitman with a low-budget low-tech campaign, he has completely turned public opinion against the core conservative memes.  Over the past couple years, Californians had happy feet for the Tea Party babalu of slashing budgets and not raising taxes on the rich.  (2). The California government limits their governors to no more than two four-year terms. This "raises" the question that if Brown has a forth term , is it possible for Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for a 3rd term?

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