Monday, May 26, 2014

America's Violence daily.

Elliot Rodger , spoiled rich kid got
the wrong message about
women .
It was obvious here in America that another mass shooting was going to happen . It's always has been "some rich white kid " - literally . Thinking back to the Sandy-hook shooting , it was also some rich boy with some kind of psychological problem who had access to guns , was technically well off in American society . It was not a  poor minority who went on a killing spree. Elliot Rodger, 22, the son of a Hollywood director. Elliot was no poor man son , he was  and just by looking at his (2) . Facebook postings  that He was living a high life , but his (1) . manifesto and published YouTube postings on "getting revenge" on women who rejected him , for one I don't feel sorry for him , because he was just another dumb delusional young man who could have gotten sex from any girl at anytime . Elliot ended his life after killing innocent people for no reason from a self inflected gunshot in the head . This  "act" speaks for American society at large , it show's  that gun control no matter how many laws are put out there won't stop a collage student from getting a gun . It speaks poorly of American society , sure that Elliot was seeing a psychologist , but I wonder if the feelings of loneliness were exasperated by the psychological system that was sent to monitor his behavior ? . You can brain wash anyone if you know how . What kind of drugs was he using just prior to the shooting? We may never know . Our society is manifesting some kind of insanity , as if (5). ( speaking as mind control ) were being used on some of the mass shooters . SIGNS of problems are also showing up with our law enforcement they are also shooting people down without any restraint The central (3) . California city of Salinas is being rocked with unrest and violence after protesters accused police of racism and brutality in the fatal shootings of three Latino men since March, including one captured on grainy video this week. Its vary hard apparently to  conceal what the suspect did , by all accounts Arming themselves with shears and gardening tools...... exposing themselves... using pellet guns as weapons....chasing people with knives... Not saying the shootings weren't justified - they definitely were not  -, but something sounds way  off. Are these people even in their right state of mind?  Between the suspect and police  I say that they did not know how to handle the situation, a good police officer would have shot the suspect in the leg , and not "emptying" multiple rounds into his body . We have a sick society that even those that have a badge on could be just as dangerous as Elliot Rodger the mass shooter , both the Salinas police , Rodger both are suffering from the same mental condition .
Police use excessive force , and kill .
 (4). The guy was trying to walk away and they were getting bored or tired of walking after him. Bb, of course he should have done what he was told – because they had badges and guns. It doesn’t mean they can legally shoot him if he’s not threatening their safety. How is it that these officers were able to conduct a psychological examination to determine the competency of these folks before they shot them? Because anyone repeatedly ignoring an order probably has some other problems that don't deserve a death sentence. BOTH CASES SHOW that our society is crumbling . WE have mass shooters , we also have delinquent cops who don't much except using the gun for choice . America's violence daily is just the OLD WILD WILD WEST.


(1). he lives on in digital form due to online postings and videos, including a YouTube video titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” in which he explains that he is wreaking vengeance on the hot girls of Santa Barbara because women had rejected him for 8 years, since he hit puberty. (2). Rodger’s Facebook page is full of selfies and photos of his rich but lonely life. There are photos of him, by himself, flying first class and attending a private Katy Perry concert, and with his parents, at the Hunger Games premiere in 2012; his father was an assistant director of the film. Friends are generally absent from the photos and make few comments; he likes many of his own photos, and is usually the only one to do so. He was obsessed with himself and with putting his opulent lifestyle on display, and Facebook was the perfect outlet for it. (3). Salinas had 26 Homicides in 2013, no one batted an eye... Business as usual. Cops kills man breaking into home attempting to hurt others city is in uproar... (4). More from RT news:“Witnesses disagreed with this version of events, though. Video of the event surfaced as well, with the female college student behind the camera saying the man looked like he was trying to back away from the officers the entire time.“In the wake of the shooting, police also stated the suspected robber was drinking heavily beforehand. They said the previous two shootings also involved individuals who were intoxicated at the time.“This detail did not seem to change the minds of many protesters on Wednesday, one of whom told local KSBW that alcohol use should not justify excessive and lethal police force.“So basically if you’re drunk here in Salinas you run the risk of getting shot by police and it just shows the lack of training … that they have to resort to lethal force all the time and kill civilians,” protester Ralph Garcia said. “That’s not right, we’re not going to allow this.”A second shooting death resulted when a protest occurred the following day: (5). A progressively more graphic depiction of violence in movies, television and music desensitizes people, especially young people, to real-life violence; and increases tension, anxiety and fear among older people who are encouraged to demand that government do something. By causing emotional stress and mental confusion, judgment is impaired and suggestibility increased. Under these conditions, people allow their rights to be diminished for the promise of security. There can be no doubt about the causal relationship between media violence and what is happening in cities and towns across the nation.

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