Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Quick Review of things.

It's all true , no caption needed.
President Obama this week laid out his plan to side step Congress , so far his plan can only work to a certain degree . Barack Obama had in mind after winning his historic election five years ago. But it is the one he believes he has left. For the first time since taking office, Obama spoke to Congress on Tuesday evening from a clear position of confrontation, threatening to veto new Iran sanctions, warning against further moves against his health-care law and demanding action on a series of previously proposed economic measures. In his fifth State of the Union address, Obama set that aside. By declaring his intention to ignore Congress when necessary as lawmakers looked on, the president framed an election-year debate about which party is more determined to solve the nation’s enduring economic problems. Frustrated as Obama has become Many of Obama’s big policy goals have ended up stranded in limbo between the Democratic-controlled Senate trying to advance his agenda and the Republican-led House bent on stopping him. And, heading into a midterm election year, he faces lame-duck status unless his party can regain control of the House this November. Of course we have a lame duck Congress. Pres. Obama has got work a curve ball on many items , but here are two sticklers.
Job's growth .U.S. payrolls rose a seasonally adjusted 113,000 in January after December's lackluster gain of 75,000 jobs, marking the weakest two-month stretch of job creation in three years, the Labor Department said Friday. Yet the unemployment rate ticked down to <> 6.6%—the lowest level since late 2008. The decline came because more people found jobs last month as opposed to last year when it fell in part because of unemployed Americans abandoning their job hunts and dropping out of the labor force. Remember,for months prior to January 20, 2009, America had been losing over 750,000 jobs per month because of policies these same elected Republican lawmakers had enacted and their goal, their goal that night, was to plot ways to sabotage and undermine any and all legislation that would pull American families up and out of the economic calamity they [lawmakers] had helped create. The report could also give the Federal Reserve second thoughts about continuing to pull back on its stimulus program aimed at holding down long-term interest ratesEmployers added a net 113,000 new jobs in January, far below many analysts’ expectations that hiring had bounced up to 180,000 or more after the surprisingly weak performance in December.Job growth averaged 194,000 a month last year and 186,000 in 2012, according to revised figures released Friday.Economists had largely dismissed the poor December jobs report, chalking it up to unusually cold weather, and some were expecting the Labor Department on Friday to revise higher the initial December tally of just 74,000 new jobs. But that figure was adjusted upward by only 1,000. November's job growth was revised up by 33,000, to 274,000.
Immigration .At his weekly press conference Thursday, John Boehner threw cold water on the idea of immigration reform happening this year. "There's widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws," Boehner said. "And it's going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes."That frank assessment came roughly a week after House Republicans put out a series of principles on immigration reform that included a pathway to legal status, an announcement that made the possibility of genuine immigration reform seem more likely than it had previously been. Immigration has dominated the American pulpit of debate for the last decade , in several postings on this blog I pointed out my belief that NO BODY in congress wants to fix the problems with immigration just as much as they don't want to deal with out shoring American jobs. Both of them are hand in hand as to what is wrong with the American economic system . Take the example of "Cheap labor" it's two fold , most lone shark type employer's would rather hire a illegal in America because they will do jobs that no average white , or black American would . This is the most common lie that has infected the American capitalist brain for the last decade .  ***The poor Mexican immigrant who sneaks across the boarder "dreams" of wealth in the American system , yes maybe the "free" stuff no white , black American would get , but the poor Mexican has been exploited because he is a hard worker , and the American exploitative system is glad to have them working  dirt cheap doing 3 jobs at below wages being paid under the table . The Next issue is sending jobs to India , China or some other nation just because you can make shoes for 99 cents a day , paying Indian children  the lowest  pay , using the most dangerous methods rather paying a American 10 dollars an hour to do the job . What are Americans saying about immigration? Only 3 percent think it is a top priority. They are far more concerned about the economy, health care, debt, spending, and government corruption.When asked about immigration, they say they want to see the border secured and our current laws enforced. Yet only 5 percent think it is very likely that a new immigration law will actually seal the border. Here is a catch -22 with the American system it's buyer beware ,so if the outsourcing model is applied and companies like Coke, Pepsi, UPS, Lowes, Home Depot, Fed Ex., Giant, Safeway, etc. decide lay off Americans making $15+/hour and replace them with newly legalized aliens making the now minimum wage of $7.25/hour, these companies have cut their labor costs by 50%. And Garmin, Magellan, Tom Tom GPS can navigate in Spanish. Corporate America loves to reduce their labor rates so it could happen. It is why outsourcing and automation is so successful. Ever notice that Home Depot and most grocery store have many self checkouts manned by one employee? One English/Spanish employee can supervise a dozen employees. Been to a fast food restaurant lately? Other than the cashiers at the front counter and drive through window, anyone else speak English? 
***I am not trying to insult Mexicans are calling them poor , or illegals .The underlining truth is their labor force has been exploitative for the wrong ends , the low wages , non -union work they do has always been tied up  with the issue of jobs in America , and why no one wants to increase the minimum wage. Mexican's do work hard , but don't deserve slave wages .

<> 6% national unemployment looks good on paper, it's been the lowest since President Obama took office. What's  wrong is that states like California have 8% unemployed . Sates are not doing enough to "really" bring the numbers down and get people back to work.

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