Monday, July 22, 2013

Remembering Antonio West.

Little Antonio West Killed by Two
African- American youth's
were are the protesters here?
Remembering Antonio West. For this blog posting  I wanted to briefly write about a "case" that was swept under the "rug" . You might just call it "reverse racism" . Reverse racism is a taboo word , it's nasty , and  it goes on because our nation is too focused with with this "white on black killing"  (Zimmerman case ) .  America ignores all the "black on black" shootings in the poor neighborhoods of America . Remember  what I said before "racism is full of hypocrisy." Double standards exist in our society.   If Justice was blind in the case of George Zimmerman . Little Antonio West will hardly get any justice . ?I remember certain posters on other blogs  claiming that this story could not be true and we should wait for all the facts to come out. Could you imagine the outrage if the races were reversed! Apparently there is a little more to the story than that, something the national media obviously did not consider particularly newsworthy. According to several reports (not headline news, of course) which lasted about two days, the following emerges:Antonio (Santiago) West, a 13 month old, was sitting in his stroller when De’Marquis (17) and Dominique Lang (15) accosted his mother, Sherry, and demanded money. According to Sherry, “A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money, and I told him I didn’t have any money, and he said, ‘Give me your money or I’m going to kill you and I’m going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,’ and I said, I don’t have any money and don’t kill my baby!”The boy tried to grab her purse and then opened fire, grazing her head, when she said she tried to tell him she had no money. She said the boy then shot her in the leg. She continued, “And then, all of a sudden, he walked over and he shot my baby in the face.” The tragic truth is most of us are not aware of this story because since it involved blacks killing whites, the national media paid it little attention. Can you imagine the furor had Antonio been black and De’Marquise white? Oh, you’re right, we don’t have to imagine the outrage, furor and demands for the U.S. government to become involved. We have the Martin-Zimmerman case. Can you even imagine President George Bush saying “Antonio West could have been me X number of years ago”? ** Where's Mr. Sharpton or Mr. Jessie Jackson to scream outrage about this? They want nothing to do with it. It's about time this story made the news ! Whatever the real story is in either case the media has and will continue to fuel the stories not because they are dem. or rep. or racist but because of greed! Selling ad space and keeping the public agitated is their goal. And story after story, year after year we continue to make them wealthy. Sensationalism sells.
Left - Dominique Lang, Right - De’ Marquise Elkins
Accused Child killers.

This  Story Was under a "facts watch" by Snopes .com , the site accuses any rumor as being false equivalency  , by comparing the public's ignorance with it and the media sensation of the Trayvon Martian case. The Trial is set to go August 13, 2013. This too might be a trigger story , we have to see  how the media is going to NOT cover it since it involves two  "black youths" . Question is this, is this a case of  "reverse media bias and racism ?" . ** Mr. Sharpton ,and Mr. Jackson could benefit the African American youth  by empowering  them by educating them against the  reckless culture conditioning . The Movie staring Al Pachino for example Scarface, became the gospel of the thugs of 21 century America . Here is a quote from a web site on cultural influences on Black youth .  To the people in the hood it was a way to get on. Nino was working Scarface in New Jack City. It made a false impression that lawlessness is the better  want to get money. It’s the classic hustler movie. They went crazy with Scarface,”  “None of us thought we could be Scarface, but we could have that mentality of taking over wherever we went. He gave us that mentality.” Scarface made selling drugs seem cool and lucrative. It romanticized the dope game while glamorizing it and led a whole generation of youth astray. In reality that movie corrupted the black community. It made dudes want to be hustlers and get money by any means necessary. Supreme was one of those who took the Scarface mentality to heart.

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