Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mrs. Clinton's tell all book.

Mrs. Clinton's tell all book might reveal her
inner frustrations.
The-as-yet untitled book is skedded for publication June 2014. Mrs. Clinton  has a deal for a memoir and policy book about her years in the Obama administration, Simon & Schuster told The Associated Press. The book has yet to be titled and is tentatively scheduled for June 2014. National Enquirer calls it a "reveling book" about the Obama administration . The GLOBE reports : In a world exclusive, has learned that President Barack Obama has issued a dire warning to Hillary Clinton NOT to write her planned memoir that would rip the lid off the ugly secrets in his presidency and in his marriage to Michelle. Find out what Obama said and why a bitter Hillary is ready to air the dirty laundry. Well if it is true , it show how much turmoil President Obama has on his plate . Most political "autobiographies" are a way in which a guilt ridden politician confesses , tries to paint a better picture of one self to the world . The President is worried the tome will rip the lid off the ugly secrets in his presidency and in his marriage to Michelle.“Hillary is bitter and ready to air the dirty laundry,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.Reports last month claimed Hillary is penning a $20 million tell-all book that will rip the lid off the First Family’s dirty secrets — as payback for the insults and humiliations they heaped on her and her dying hubby Bill.“The President and First Lady cruelly back stabbed the Clintons even as they loyally battled to keep the Obama's in the White House,” a source said. Author Ed Klein  Klein made some pretty shocking allegations about the White House response to the attacks, including that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered more security at the embassy only to have her request denied. He also said that her husband, Bill Clinton, encouraged her to resign rather than to take the full blame for the attacks on the embassy.Now the question is Hillary Clinton knew as well. The question that the press should be asking today is who gave the order to not go in and save these guys? Who made the decision, “Do not launch a plane, do not send a Marine?” Who made the decision “Let them die”? Hillary Clinton stepped up and she said she takes full responsibility. However, Ed Klein was on with Andrew Wilkow last night and he says that the Obama administration knew and Hillary requested extra security, she requested things, she was overridden, and Bill Clinton stepped in. Many people were surprised that Clinton would grant an exit interview to Fox News, and it looks as though people are even more surprised by her honesty and criticism of the Obama administration.CLINTON: But you have to I think take a step back and look at the fact that the people now in power have never been in government, never had a chance to really learn how to run agencies. You do get the impression that he and the team around him are trying to deal with the economy that is in very bad shape. And some of what he’s done we have approved of and supported and some of what he’s done, like abrogating a lot of power unto himself, personally reinstating emergency law provisions, are troubling. And, you know…I think Obama used Hillary to take the blame that he is totally guilty of.  Don't you realize that Obama NEVER exposes his faults?  never is anything but RIGHT?  He always puts the blame on others.  Hillary was TOLD to take the blame or he would ruin her.  I think she was ether tossed out on her ear, or else she ran out as fast as she could to save herself.  Yes before 2016. 

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