Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Russians will never adopt American Children.

As BAD as Putin is . He did the Right thing on adoptions .
Believe this is going to make most Americans blow. ** I am in kinda ways glad the President Putin signed the bill that prohibited Americans from adopting Russian Children . I will argue here that NO Russian should  adopt American Children either .The law takes effect Jan. 1, the Kremlin said. Children's rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said 52 children who were in the pipeline for U.S. adoption would remain in Russia.The ban is in response to a measure signed into law by President Barack Obama this month that calls for sanctions against Russians assessed to be human rights violators. Seriously, there's a tinge of racism to the story. A lot of yuppie couples are flocking to Russia to get their hands on a blond, blue-eyed kid to match their dyed blond hair. Meanwhile, not-so-blonde but equally adorable American kids sit by waiting for a loving family to take them home. Why won't American's adopt American Children , why is it that we ( Americans  ) have to jump overseas on a "rescue " mission to a foreign nation  ? There are orphanages  here made in the USA  that need loving couples to adopt . Let's change American laws so that  Better adoption laws would see more American children being adopted here rather than couples going to Russia for children. Russians should adopt their own children. Of course the reasons for Putins action was not based on the best for Russian children, a political move to respond to the USA charge on human rights. Mr. Putin is being demonized  for this action , but it is his right  therefore . Mr. Putin should put in order his papers in Russia that the Russian government would do a better job of taking care  of it's orphans . BELIEVE  me it's no insult  on American childless couples who have adopted Russian Children . Yes, that for them is a miracle . Politically and morally it's not our nation's citizens business to adopt children from other countries . Same for any other foreign  power to adopt American orphans either .  So are YOU  getting my  drift here ? 


** Putin said U.S. authorities routinely let Americans suspected of violence toward Russian adoptees go unpunished — a clear reference to Dima Yakovlev, a Russian toddler for whom the bill is named. The child was adopted by Americans and then died in 2008 after his father left him in a car in broiling heat for hours. The father was found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter . Russian officials, however, have pointed to the cases of 19 Russian adopted children who have been killed in the United States as evidence of broader mistreatment of Russian children by their adopted parents.  The bill also slaps sanctions on Americans accused of abusing Russian children and judges deemed to have provided them with lenient sentences. There is another  one unavoidable downside of adoption. Potential parents get to pick their child like a pet, often employing superficial criteria that has little to do with the child's soul or needs. Every child deserves to be lovedInterestingly, most media is talking about this adoption ban, but forget to even mention that the ban is part of much larger bill that includes sanctions on US human rights abusers, those who violate rights of Russian citizens, and bans all political so called ngos funded by US government and ‘privately’ (Soros and the like). This is a major bill designed to rid Russia of foreign political meddling.

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