Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Up in Smoke " - Legalization Issues.

Recent trends in  Legalization only shows how our American Laws conflict  with
each other 
It's  finally  happening . There are signs that America's "war on drugs" is falling apart.  Least for now . Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in the prohibition era on Tuesday, dealing a major blow to the war on drugs. Medical marijuana was also legalized in Massachusetts, underlining long-running trends in public opinion toward more permissive attitudes on drugs. Pro-pot groups cheered passage of referendums legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington state as the "light at the end of the tunnel" in their 50-year campaign to make the drug legal nationwide. The votes marked a significant shift from decades of tough-on-crime policies that burned through $1 trillion in tax dollars over 40 years, led to the arrest of 850,000 Americans for marijuana law violations in 2010 alone, and fueled the rise of deadly drug cartels abroad. But even as pot reformers celebrated their long-sought victories, the threat of a confrontation with the federal government loomed.It's very interesting to see that only two states have passed the laws to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Though, I believe this is short-lived since it is the federal government that makes marijuana illegal -- Hence a federal law that is boaster by the pharmaceutical companies not to mention the billions that could be freed up in the "War on Drugs" machine Before someone says something totally stupid, I am against the  legalization of  of marijuana.  On grounds that as a society we have enough "intoxicants " , we have also been flooded recently with legal designer drugs .  We could see how well prohibition has worked on Alcohol only making people and organizations in crime richer -- Not to mention making ordinary people criminals when they took a drink. Many people, too many, though it seems doesn't understand the United States Government -- The Government here is a corporate government Meaning; It is controlled by the corporations, those goons of the 1% and marijuana is the loss of the pharmaceuticals controls of these medical companies. Hundreds of millions of dollars in Colorado and Washington now are being lost in spite of whatever state taxes may be implied. Obama administration considering ways to overturn marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado. Here is what the Whitehouse is considering from it's web sit @ gov.  " Recently, there have been increasing efforts to legalize marijuana. The Obama Administration has consistently reiterated its firm opposition to any form of drug legalization. Together with Federal partners and state and local officials, the Office of National Drug Control Policy is working to reduce the use of marijuana and other illicit drugs through development of strategies that fully integrate the principles of prevention, treatment, recovery, and effective supply reduction efforts. Proposals such as legalization that would promote marijuana use are inconsistent with this public health and safety approach."  Meanwhile Pat Robertson of Christian Coalition has another view that not so conservative . He said , and I quote : 
We're locking up people that take a couple of puffs of marijuana and the next thing you know they've got 10 years -- they've got mandatory sentences and these judges, they throw up their hand and say "What can we do? It's mandatory sentences." We've got to take a look at what we're considering crimes, and that's one of 'em. I mean, I'm not exactly for the use of drugs, don't get me wrong. But I just believe criminalizing marijuana, criminalizing the possession of just a few ounces of pot, and that kind of thing, I mean it's costing us a fortune, and it's ruining young people. The young people go into prisons, they go in as youths, and they come out as hardened criminals, and it's not a good thing.

The comments naturally drew lots of attention and so quickly drew a response from CBN spokesman Chris Roslan, who insisted that Robertson did not call for the decriminalization of marijuana but rather "was advocating that our government revisit the severity of the existing laws because mandatory drug sentences do harm to many young people who go to prison and come out as hardened criminals. He was also pointing out that these mandatory sentences needlessly cost our government millions of dollars when there are better approaches available."


We have have heard all sides to the Legalization issues . I for one  am concerned that once the 'herb' is legal, and available . Certain people will mix it with alcohol . Yes it's going to be a "chronic" for the country. Maybe perhaps that is why we will have Obama-care in effect to treat all the recreational pot smokers who mixed it up with booze .  The POLLS show a trend to the nation its' self . The YouGov survey, conducted for The Huffington Post on Dec. 5 and 6, found that 51 percent of the 1,000 adults interviewed said the federal government should “exempt adults who follow state law from enforcement.” Thirty percent said the federal government should “enforce its drug laws the same way it does in other states,” the poll found.Support for legalizing marijuana use — and not simply for medical purposes — has been rising steadily since the early 1990s. The most recent polls have shown a public divided. A CBS News poll from mid-November found an even split, with 47 percent supporting legalization and 47 percent opposed. A more recent Quinnipiac University poll found a bare majority supporting legalization, 51 percent to 44 percent.

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