Sunday, April 15, 2012

The 'War on Women' Myth.

The War won Women is silly , but just whose war  ? The Media Myth makers , and the reality of Poverty of Women.
There is a great debate lately on assumption that Obama is at war with women ? I gaggle at the debate, and since that whole perspective was based on sole idea of making available contraceptives for Women in religious institutions . Overall , I can't accuse the President of contributing to this new hype .Speaking to women as though they were a single body ignores reality — and insults them. The recent flap over Hilary Rosen’s foolish swipe at Ann Romney illustrates the desperation of the Democrats’ rhetoric and quest. Remember It was Rush Limbaugh insulted a woman . Rush called her a "slut" for arguing for birth control ... That was not Obama's fault. Obama as usual can't keep his mouth shut , and raised more controversy.focus-grouped rhetoric about a Republican “war on women.” It may raise money and hackles among their base. But it does little to solve the real challenges facing American women — and men — created or made worse by the Obama administration.Democrats are now buoyed by recent stats showing that the likely GOP nominee, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, is running behind the president in support from women. Obama has strong lead among women, 57 percent to 38 percent, in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll — though the Rosen flap may change those numbers. But the president has a gender gap of his own — trailing Romney among men by eight points, 52 percent to 44 percent .The White House has wasted little time capitalizing on Mr. Romney's perceived weakness among women
Mr. Romney's unsurprising response was to go on defense. The campaign rolled out a bevy of female supporters to express outrage and to claim that White House economic policies are hurting women. True enough, but it's only the start of a better response. Mr. Romney's advantage lies in explaining to women why fat-boy government in general disproportionately hurts them, and how better policies are the path to genuine liberation.
Rarely noted in the "women's" debate is that most of this country's major institutions and laws were developed at a time of one-earner households. In 1950, only 12% of mothers with children under the age of six were in the labor force. That number is today more than 60%. Yet many women who now work are penalized by outdated policies that haven't kept pace with these big shifts in American society.


Government creates myriad roadblocks for women's economic progress, but Republicans largely have failed to make that case. They've instead let themselves be dragged into the tired debate over "equal pay" and "women's rights" and "gender equality." Democrats love competing on these terms because it allows them to argue that the remedy always lies with more government, no matter the adverse consequences. It's no accident that the first piece of legislation Mr. Obama signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Act. Purporting to snuff out wage discrimination, this is mostly a litigation bonanza for trial lawyersthe "womens rights" straw man is melting away the longer the matter is open. More and more people are paying attention and the President is suffering for the unconstitutional madate and will continue to do so as long as he shreds the Consitution. Ever heard of the "silent majority", they are hard to awaken but rest assured they are wide awake now. Despite spin and histrionocs, his mandate, erroneously spun into a womens issue, has backfired on the left. It could now help sway the coming electiion, and that too was a mistake.
Women's Issues at Glance, mixed laws . Forget Roe V Wade :
1. Violence Against Women Act (1925) is still stalled in the Senate.
2. US House of Representatives passes the "Let Women Die Bill" HR 358:
3. SB 5 Personhood (life at conception)
4 SB12/HB418 Requires ultrasound (Right to Know/See). Story about Alabama bill:
5 SB6/ SB96/ SB223 Physician guidelines regarding abortion or abortion-inducing drugs
6 SB10/HB112 Prohibit reg health ins coverage for abortion from health exchange plan
7 SB20 Prohibit reg private health ins coverage for abortion
8 SB335/HB112 Prohibits reg health ins coverage for abortion from FUTURE "Obamacare" ACA health insurance exchange
9 SB31 Adds unborn child to felony if exposed to drugs while pregnant
10 SB105/HB375 Health care providers can deny service based on their conscience (State equiv of Fed Blunt Amendment)
11 HB43 Removes Alabama from authority of Federal Affordable Care Act
12 The Alabama Supreme Court ruled doctors can be sued for the death of an unborn, pre-viable child.
13 Arizona Legislature is considering bills to de-fund Planned Parenthood, allow doctors to withhold information from patients to prevent abortions, and to allow employers to opt out of contraception coverage for religious reasons. The contraception bill also would allow employers to demand women provide reasons for why they are using birth control and allow for firing if it is for non-medical reasons. Republican Rep. Terri Proud wants to make a law that would force women to witness an abortion before having an abortion.
14 The Arizona state Senate passed a bill that would allow doctors to conceal information about disabilities or deformities affecting a fetus in order to prevent abortions.
15 Proposed Arizona prenatal nondiscrimination act allows men to block abortions.

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