Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not Your Average Teacher.

 This is not your average Teacher , more Teacher Sex Scandals are at the core of Many Problems with Public Education.

Here is what a News Story that Ran on the TV , graced on Nancy Grace show , made it on Saturday Morning 's Good Morning America.
A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and former high school teacher has been indicted for allegedly having sex with a teenage student, and her mother, a principal at another school, is accused of tampering with evidence in the case.
According to indictments filed in Kenton County, Kentucky, on Thursday, 26-year-old Sarah Jones is charged with first-degree sexual assault and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual activities. She and her mother, 55-year-old Cheryl Jones, have been released on bond.
I Read this with a bit of distraught , and pondering  how this should be addressed . The Nation had for the last decade and a half been filled with sensational stories of over than average looking young female teachers who crossed the line with their students . And Justice of course uses a double standard when treating offenders who male . If a Male teacher had sex with his female student , sure enough he would subjected to to a life sentence in a federal prison . Take one of these lovely s who make it to the classroom  does same thing . There is a almost celebrity status given to the former teacher . I don't believe that there is some kind of mass hysteria with the Public Education system trying to explain the recent surges in this pathetic practice that scandalizes the education system . This hurts all the good Teachers , yes . There are good teachers who deserve public praise , and honor . Yet who get's to be on TV is the BAD TEACHER .


The Public Educational System in America is practically now dominated by Women . A few decades ago way back in the 1960's through the 1980's there were more males who took roles as teachers and there where many more who were practically school administrators  . This sounds a bit sexist to compare then and now , and sure that back in the 1960's we had that gender bias that gave us the movement of woman's liberation over the years . Women had found their place in the political system which now they dominate . What puzzles me about women who take charge into running things . How they act , they can be vicious, and try to get their own way.The educational system needs a rollback to a time that more males take up the roll of being  a teacher . What's at the core is that women have placed an illusion of infallibility to public education . Female teachers are not always better than males , nor males better than females . I have noted that Women School Administrators like Sarah Jones Mother a school Principal are both manipulative , and cunning to cover up any error . Mrs. Jones a school principal had to cover her daughter's shortcomings . This question for and for you brings as to what else is being covered up in the educational system.

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