Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where's the TEA PARTY?

Just where is the Tea Party in times like this?

With all the ruckus regarding the Occupy Wall Street people . Just where is the counter Tea Party rallies ? Let me clue you all in my Talking points . The Tea Party merged with the Occupy Wall Street group .But the biggest difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall street... Where was Occupy Wall Street when the bailouts were being handed out? . Why do I say that? Here is my break down of the two most influential groups . Here is how similar they are, and some differences ? You and me are my guess . The Tea Party mania may have evolved into the Occupier movement . I like what Dick Morris said : "similarities between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. Disliking the bigness of Wall Street or its combination's with big government to hurt small business is not a left or a right issue. It’s a concern of both! "

  • Both are frustrated with a government and institutions who are seen as overstepping their bounds, driven by self-interest and no longer serving the "American people."
  • Both have leveraged the energy into large gatherings of people in order to be  a visible and passionate expression of that frustration.
  • Both are claiming to speak on behalf of a large sector of the United States who share their frustration.
  • Both have been targets of media and political sensationalism and labeled, "anarchist" "fringe" or "radical" and have had "bad apples" used as sources for broad sweeping characterizations.
  • Both have individuals -- the aforementioned "bad apples" -- who act in ways that do not represent the core values of the movement.
  • Both have had politicians, entertainers, organizations and religious leaders pledge their support.
  • Both illicit strong emotional responses from those who see themselves as part of the ideological opposition.


The descriptions on Occupy Wall Street broke down into several, sometimes somewhat conflicting categories:
They are really mad at President Obama. "The community is organizing against the community organizer," cracked Andrew Breitbart.
They were inspired by Obama and other Democrats, so anything they do can be blamed on Obama and his party. "They would not be organizing if they were not blessed by Nancy Pelosi and organized by Obama," said Breitbart. "Occupy Wall Street is the direct result of Barack Obama's relentless class warfare that he's been practicing since he was a candidate," said Rudy Giuliani. "I believe that Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement. It would not have happened but for his class warfare. He praised it, supported it, agrees with it, sympathized with it. As it gets worse and worse it will be the millstone that takes his presidency down."
They are a bunch of lazy hippies. "I'm happier than a hippie in Zuccotti Park on free hash brownie day," joked Jonah Goldberg, who apparently moonlights as a Borscht Belt comedian. "How about you occupy a job?" Giuliani rhetorically asked the protesters. "How about working? I know that's tough. Woodstock is more fun. How about proceeding with your education? Nah, they'd rather do Woodstock in Manhattan, which is what it's turned into."
(Giuliani must be unaware of the widely reported fact that many of the protesters hold a bachelor's or even master's degrees, and it is because they cannot find work to pay off their student loans that they are protesting.)

 The New Yorker reported last week that some Occupy Wall Street activists think the Tea Party is as legitimate a movement as their own, and one they should seek to work with. The feeling is not mutual.

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