Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Herman Cain has just given the GOP a problem. For me to see something like this is  like kicking the wall,  all because   I want to see African -Americans be part of a political process . Here a man of African decent  is brought down by dirt dug up perhaps by the White Media ? ****.A scandal like this could hurt the rest of the GOP candidates .Mark Block and Linda Hanson, two top campaign aides in Herman Cain's presidential bid, have embroiled the GOP hopeful in yet another scandal, this time one involving corruption, with violations of both election law and federal tax law suspected through conservative groups like Prosperity USA
No Quarter (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) broke the story Oct. 30, which was swallowed up in the fervor over accusations of sexual harassment. Now, however, news of illegal corporate funding has begun to be picked up by blogs and local news sources on Oct. 31, and may be yet another "cloud" cast over Cain's 2012 presidential campaign .Conservatives almost immediately denounced the story as a "high-tech lynching," the same phrase Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. (see Notes & Comments )
Hanson and Block, the campaign manager now infamous for the "Cain smoking ad" that went viral last week, ran a private Wisconsin-based corporation that footed the bill for thousands of dollars in iPods, chartered flights and other expenses that helped their candidate get his campaign off the ground--something that internal sources and legal documents indicate might breach both federal tax and campaign laws in the United States.Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is offering the embattled Herman Cain some advice in the sexual harassment settlement fallout — don’t pull the race card. Good words of wisdom, but the train has already left the station in this mess. Herman Cain and his team bungled this terribly. He said the attacks on him are racially motivated. Really? How about the scandals that torpedoed presidential aspirations of John Kerry and Michael Dukakis?If this is how he handles a controversy as a private figure, imagine what he would do as president of the U.S.A. Some on the right claim this is a high-tech lynching and a throwback to Clarence Thomas’ sexual harassment scandal that came to a head during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, when we saw his accuser, Anita Hill, grilled by the Senate. To Herman Cain and people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, you can pull the race card when it convenient to you. That will certainly backfire.
It is quite evident that Herman Cain’s meteoric rise in the polls is being reduced to nothing more than a national joke. He should have known that his “little secret” would come to light at some point. Either he is narcissistic or just plain arrogant into thinking he could have pulled this off without the press getting wind of two sexual harassment settlements in his past. The reality is that stonewalling, semantic denials, hurling accusations of a smear job, partial explanations, that we can clearly see through and using weasel words to steer clear of the conversation, won’t make the questions or this mess go away.
What will be equally damning is if the accuser, who is rearing to come forward, is a white woman. Herman Cain would have diminished his stature even more, by embodying that stereotype of black men fawning over white women.  The reality is that this scandal really magnifies the political naivete of Herman Cain and shows us quite clearly, he isn’t ready for the White House, not by any stretch of the imaginatio


****  There has not been any African -Americans who has risen to a predominant office in American  Politics other than Barak Obama  . Dr. Martin Luther King rallied the masses in the 1960's for change , at that time he could not aspire to politics  .  Jesse Jackson tried it and failed . I have to give credit to Condoleezza Rice is an American political scientist and diplomat. Clarence Thomas. has been recently compared to Cain  , I see that Thomas survived on the Supreme Court Bench . Cain however is damaged .

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