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The 'Mark' of Cain.

While the GOP won't embrace Mitt Romney because of his 'Mormon' faith  , Herman Cain shares the same stigma from the African- American community.A black Republican can be a scary thing to Democrats , if your African - American your political party has always been Democrat.  Cain at best 100 % African - American. The point here is while Obama is not 100 % African - American , Obama touched a cord with Whites more for the vote , and the younger generation . Here Cain presents a more mature position of views that are some what radical . As again , if the GOP had a choice of closing the image of their party as of accepting African -Americans , and people of color . Back in 2008 it should have been Herman Cain in the White House , thanks to the GOP Mr. Cain is a late comer .
 In an interview with The Associated Press, Cain said the Texas governor "thought he had carved out that niche, when he didn't own that niche by himself."
"People are realizing that he is not the only Christian conservative in this race," Cain told The AP at a campaign stop in Harriman, Tenn., where he spoke before close to 1,000 tea party activist."People are realizing that he is not the only Christian conservative in this race," Cain told The AP at a campaign stop in Harriman, Tenn., where he spoke before close to 1,000 tea party activists.
"You know, I don't wear my Christian faith, which has been my faith since I was 10 years old, on my forehead," Cain said. "But people can see it on my website and when they read my credentials they can see I'm a staunch Christian conservative, and they are saying 'wait a minute."'But his campaign finance reports for the most recent quarter show him trailing well behind Perry and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who've raised $17 and $14 million respectively Cain says he's raised $2.8 million and the report will show he has $1.3 million cash on hand. Through the end of September, Cain has loaned his campaign $675,000, with most of it taken out during the spring.
But Cain said that in the two weeks since the reporting period closed Sept. 30 he's raised another $2 million as his poll numbers have climbed,
"We don't know if it will keep up at that pace, but we're going to try to keep up a healthy pace," he said.After just six weeks, ever-fickle Republican presidential primary voters are cooling to Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), setting their sights instead on a Tea Party favorite: former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain (R). Though Cain has been running since January, his recent debate performances and straw poll victories have created a boomlet for the former pizza executive. Now, Cain is leading state polls from North Carolina to West Virginia to Nebraska and surging nationally as well. Taking up the mantle once occupied by the likes of Donald Trump and Rick Perry, pollster Tom Jensen declared yesterday that “Herman Cain is the new GOP frontrunner.

(1) PLEDGED THAT HE “WILL NOT” APPOINT MUSLIMS IN HIS ADMINISTRATION: In an interview with ThinkProgress earlier this year, Herman Cain declared that he “will not” appoint a Muslim in his administration if he were elected president. In the months that followed, Cain qualified his position a number of times – at one point even telling Glenn Beck that he would appoint Muslims but only on the condition that they take a special loyalty oath – before finally recanting this unconstitutional stance and issuing an apology to Muslim-Americans. Unfortunately, since that time Cain has continued to peddle the ridiculous notion that Sharia law is a threat to the American legal system.
(2) TOLD THINKPROGRESS, “I DON’T THINK THE CURRENT MINIMUM WAGE IS NECESSARY”: During his time as the top lobbyist for the restaurant and fast food industry, Cain fought against an increase in the minimum wage. During a recent ThinkProgress interview, Cain went further, saying “I don’t think the current minimum wage is necessary.” As Greg Sargent noted, not even conservative icon Barry Goldwater supported eliminating the minimum wage.
(3) CONFUSED BY BASIC CONCEPT OF ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN PEACE PROCESS: In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Cain was asked his opinion on the right of return for Palestinian refugees. Cain was clearly confused by the question, responding, “The right of return? [pause] The right of return?” When host Chris Wallace explained the issue to him, Cain suggested that Israel wouldn’t have a problem “with people returning,” a prospect Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu fiercely opposes. The incident was not the first time Cain displayed lack of familiarity with international affairs. Previously, Cain said he doesn’t know enough to say what he thinks about the war in Afghanistan.
(4) IMMIGRATION PLAN INVOLVES A “GREAT WALL OF CHINA” AND A “MOAT [WITH] ALLIGATORS”: In a speech to Iowa Republicans, Cain called for building a fence along the entire U.S.–Mexico border, comparing the effort to the Great Wall of China. Building a fence along the nearly 2,000-mile border not only wouldn’t work, it would cost the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars in the process. Cain also suggested building a moat next to the fence and filling it with alligators.
(5) BELIEVES “WE ALREADY RECOGNIZE” THE GOVERNMENT OF TAIWAN: Discussing U.S.-Chinese relations with ThinkProgress, Cain confirmed fears that he lacked a firm grasp on foreign policy matters when he declared that “we already recognize” the government of Taiwan. In fact, the United States stopped recognizing Taiwan in 1979. Cain, visibly confused about relations between the U.S, China, and Taiwan, refused to say whether this belief meant he planned to send an ambassador to Taiwan, saying instead, “President Cain will get back to you!” Lest the matter seem trivial, Chinese-Taiwanese relations are extraordinarily tense and the matter of diplomatic relations with the United States carries enormous implications for the billions of people living in southeast Asia.

(6) WANTS TO PUT DIRTY ENERGY CEOS IN CHARGE OF EPA REGULATIONS: After an Iowa voter asked about increasing domestic oil production, Cain proposed creating a commission consisting of businessmen from the coal, oil, shale oil, and natural gas industries to gut environmental protections. Cain even said he would appoint the CEO of Shell, claiming the company had been “abused” by the EPA. Cain has close ties to several top oil executives.
(7) BELIEVES IRAQ SHOULD PAY U.S. BACK FOR INVADING THEIR COUNTRY: Cain suggested in a 2008 interview that Iraq should pay the United States back for invading and occupying their country. Even Rick Santorum, who nobody would confuse as a moderate, strongly disagreed with this idea, saying, “I think that would send every possible wrong signal.” Since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq began, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died and millions have been displaced.
(8) TRIED TO HIDE HIS GAY TREASURER: A former staffer to Cain, Kevin Hall, testified in court that Cain attempted to cover up the involvement of his openly gay PAC treasurer Scott Toomey. According to Hall, the campaign was trying to cover up Toomey’s involvement due to his sexuality. Cain’s lawyers declined to dispute the allegations.
(9) SAYS HE WOULD SUPPORT A NATIONAL PHOTO ID LAW: With an increasing number of conservative governors implement new requirements for voters to present photo identification at the polls, Cain told ThinkProgress he’d support such a bill on a federal level. “If you need a picture to get on an airplane, why shouldn’t you need one in order to be able to vote?” Cain asked. To be clear, voting is not like getting on an airplane – only one is the basis of our very democracy – and requirements that citizens present photo IDs instead of other forms of identification has the potential to disenfranchise millions of voters, especially minorities and poorer individuals.
(10) BELIEVES THAT AMERICANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO BAN MOSQUES: During a Fox News Sunday interview, Cain professed his belief that if a community wants to ban a mosque, “they have a right to do that.” Rather than idle banter, Cain’s comments came fresh off his speech blasting the proposed expansion of an existing Islamic center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee because it was, in the former pizza executive’s estimation, “not an innocent mosque.” Cain’s view is squarely at odds with not only the Constitution, but basic precepts of tolerance and diversity as well.
 (11)The 9-9-9 plan eliminates the payroll tax and estate tax, which brought in a combined $883 billion in 2010, or about 41 percent of the $2.16 trillion collected by the federal government last year. Cain’s proposal also wipes out taxes on capital gains and repatriated corporate profits.The Tax Policy Center estimates that cutting capital gains taxes alone would allow 23,000 millionaires to pay no income taxes, a move that would add $11 billion to the deficit each year. Cain’s fellow GOP presidential candidates Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman also support eliminating the capital gains tax.Cain’s plan to end taxes on corporate profits that are earned overseas and then brought back into America would drop federal revenues by about $80 billion over the next decade, according to the tax center.


Cain’s plan: If you have to spend most of your income, you get taxed 9% on your income and 9% again when you spend it – similar to what you’re paying now. If you’re very wealthy and make most money from government bonds, capital gains and dividends, you pay 0% on your income and since you don’t spend most of it, you’re barely taxed at all. That replaces “oppression”???

LOL! …. Under the Clinton tax rates we had a skyrocketing economy, continuous YEARLY federal revenue growth each year (not federal revenue decreases like during the Bush years) and our federal bills (which Republicans also added to) were paid during the last two years, resulting in 2 annual federal budget surpluses.
“RESULTS” CommonSenseParty, results are what count:
……………………. 1977 …………………………….. 1980 ……………
REVENUE: ……. $278,741,000,000 …………. $403,903,000,000 ….. Growth in Revenue = 44.9%
OUTLAYS: ……. $328,675,000,000 …………. $477,044,000,000 ….. Growth in Outlays = 45.1%
Difference between Outlay Growth and Revenue Growth during Carter Years = “0.2%”
(Outlays grew faster than Revenue by 0.2%, thus Carter’s $280 billion increase in the national debt during his 4 years.)
……………………. 1981 …………………………….. 1988 ……………
REVENUE: ……. $469,097,000,000 …………. $667,747,000,000 ….. Growth in Revenue = 42.3%
OUTLAYS: ……. $542,956,000,000 …………. $860,012,000,000 ….. Growth in Outlays = 58.4%
Difference between Outlay Growth and Revenue Growth during Reagan Years = “16.1%”
(Outlays grew faster than Revenue by 16.1%, thus Reagan’s increase in the national debt equal to $1.7 TRILLION”, i.e., more than alll 39 presidents before him COMBINED)
……………………. 1993 …………………………….. 2000 ……………
REVENUE: ……. $842,401,000,000 …………. $1,544,607,000,000 ….. Growth in Revenue = 83.4%
OUTLAYS: ……. $1,142,799,000,000 ………. $1,458,185,000,000 ….. Growth in Outlays = 27.6%
Difference between Outlay Growth and Revenue Growth during Clinton Years = “-55.8%” (Revenue grew faster than Outlays by 55.8%, thus two surpluses at the end of fiscal year 1999 and fiscal year 2000)
……………………… 2001 …………………………….. 2008 ……………
REVENUE: ……. $1,337,815,000,000 ………. $1,865,945,000,000 ….. Growth in Revenue = 25.8%
OUTLAYS: ……. $1,516,008,000,000 ………. $2,507,793,000,000 ….. Growth in Outlays = 65.4%
Difference between Outlay Growth and Revenue Growth during Bush # 2 Years = “39.8%” (Outlays grew faster than Revenue by 39.8%, thus Bush # ‘s increase in the debt by “$4.9 TRILLION”)

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