Thursday, October 13, 2011

California's Bad Dream.

Brown's liberalism at his best. Free scholarships for children of illegals . OK, how are we going to pay for this?

Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed the Dream Act on Saturday granted illegal immigrants access to state financial aid ... News reports state clearly that :  Under the legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday, the children of parents who are in the country illegally can apply for state scholarships and financial aid at public universities and community colleges starting in January 2013. OK, I don't know where to begin. There are so many reasons why this is wrong. Anyway. The State can't afford to give 'scholarships to it's natural born legal student population' , yet can spend it on illegals by giving them some sort of amnesty ? do not care of this will benefit one or 200 students it is totally unfair to reward illegals. Many of us American Citizens are struggling to put our own kids through college yet these freeloaders get a free ride. They have broken the law and get rewarded! Does the United States of Mexico have a Dream Act of their own for any illegal Gringos who have sneaked across their boarder to make a easy living in Mexico ? Has the rational of our elected officials been twisted around by the Latino vote that has blind sided and created a double standard for Citizen and Non- Citizen? Dream Act supporters have said they also will push for illegal immigrants to become eligible for driver licenses, a next move in a bid for full U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants.

These funds are needed to be used for our students. I do not think we are getting the full story. Maybe it is time that we all claimed to be illegal. Free medical, food stamps etc just to name a few benefits. Aside from this Dream Act, does the public also realize the amount of money being taken away in our public school system from our students to pay for bilingual education and other programs.

We need a laws like Alabama. When the news interviewed a few undocumented people in Birmingham, AL they were asked what are they doing now that they are cracking down and demanding documentation, these folks answered we are going to move to California because they do not ask for anything and we get wonderful benefits!The DREAM Act was just a way to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens by first providing citizenship to their children. Extended families would follow in huge numbers. We cannot afford to import, educate and support more unskilled, non-English speaking workers when we have unemployment among American citizens at 9.8%.As for the bogus claims that they are essential to our economy, I ask, at what cost?
If you look at a family of five with the father working construction and the mother as a part time daycare worker with a total family income of $35,000, they would pay zero income tax, burden our emergency rooms, and force our schools to hire language teachers. Even if they declared their income and paid social security, which I would doubt, the earned income tax credit would return more to them than they had paid into the system. Healthcare would cost $6,000 per year. Student annual per capita costs are $11,000 plus another $1,200 for English as a second language. Their net drain on services would exceed their total income. Don’t believe me, look at what is breaking the bank in California.


Unbelievable!! American families are struggling to send their children to college, yet we're going to give money to illegal immigrants who can't use the free education they'll receive to legally get a job in California anyway! This is just one of many reasons why I'm against the Internet sales tax. Our hard earned money is wasted on things like this. 

CCGirl. AB-131 applies to illegal aliens (having been in high school for at least 3 years) are eligible for STATE financial aid and grants. So this applies specifically to illegals, not American citizens.

The LA Times summarized the bill in the following manner: "The measure would allow illegal immigrants who graduate from a state high school and demonstrate both merit and need to apply for publicly funded scholarships and other state aid. A bill passed last month already allows these deserving students to apply for privately funded scholarships."

They'll be "Deserving" in my book when they go the extra mile and become citizens.

The Times went on to endorse the bill, stating "Undoubtedly, some people will oppose providing state aid to illegal immigrants at a time when tuition is rising for all students and California's public colleges and universities are struggling to survive the economic downturn. But barring them from aid is both shortsighted policy and foolish economics that would rob California of future skilled workers who can pay taxes and fill jobs left vacant by aging baby boomers expected to retire in the coming years."

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