Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wisconsin & Obama 2012 .

Wisconsin may have become the most radicalized states to embrace controversial reforms .Take for instance legislation to require voters to show photo identification cards at the polls and to deregulate elements of the telecommunications industry. And the Republican-dominated Legislature is now in the midst of advancing provisions to expand school vouchers, to allow people to carry concealed weapons, to cut financing for Planned Parenthood and to bar illegal immigrants from paying in-state tuition at Wisconsin’s universities.
There is a sure SIGN that America could fall under the spell of Right Wing Conservatism . Should Obama lose the election in 2012? Wisconsin is a warning to the rest of the NATION . Of course there are a lot of angry people . Now planning to do a RECALL .
New, special elections are expected in as many as nine Senate districts (six of which are now held by Republicans) as part of the largest recall effort against state lawmakers in Wisconsin’s history — an effort that grew out of yet another controversial measure Republicans pushed through this spring, a sharp reduction to collective bargaining rights for public workers .Some might believe this topic to be dealing with the unthinkable, but I don't believe that it really is. The pundits currently state over and over again that he is a shoe-in, but I don't believe for one minute that this is true. The same pundits also told us that the Republican party was dead, until they (the media) brought them back to life with the made-up-by-the-media Teaparty. We thought good health care reform was possible, until the media made sure that enough turned against any reforms whatsoever.  NOW HEALTH CARE is worse than EVER .We thought Financial Regulations would be welcomed after the 2008 meltdown, but regulations were fought against tooth and nail by large corps and their money, and our media didn't help. BANKS GOT RICHER , and THE MARKET picked up .This question is being asked because I am reading here a lot from folks who have decided that they may not vote for, work for or donate to this President's re-election campaign.SO FAR NOTHING HAS CHANGED . The Ultra Right is gaining , and bringing on the table reforms could spread to other states
The Conservatives are getting their teeth in Obama these days , and they are just chomping at him left and right . The Wisconsin model is for the extreme, how a government could and should react to BUDGET crisis  , but I do not believe it's either CORRECT . The Warning Sign is there for the DEMOCRATS to get on the BALL .

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