Thursday, June 2, 2011

The 'Sentence and the Dollars' .

The American Justice system is one of the 'strangest in the world' , and this is my own opinion. The Case in point is about sentencing of Phillip and Nancy Garrido . Phillip Garrido was given the max of 431 years . These rather long prison sentences puzzle me . The Dollars involved to incarcerate Garrido could amount to millions of dollars ,along with prison health benefits within a decade . NO HUMAN BEING is going to live for 431 years . The Judge could of sentenced him to life in prison , but the legal system can't carry out the death penalty , so it has to jump to absurdities . When it applies to sex offenders , like Garrido who was a registered sex offender  '.the system failed' , he was out with no supervision . This 'justice' failure lead to the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard..But setting a sentence that is longer than a human life span means that once a person gets time off for good behaviour, etc it still remains beyond a human life span. It basically means that the person dies in prison. If you set a sentence that means a person gets released at 100 years of age it is possible that they may alive to be be released on an early license.Madoff only got a sentence of 150 years. California is the state where people serve 30 years for marijuana possession violations. They get life sentences under the 3-strikes law.

We look to California when people start talking about "zero-tolerance" going to its logical conclusion. 

The press would would then GO into a  panic , we have a recent report of :

The warning is out about a high-risk sex offender in San Jose.
Police say 61-year-old Wayne Allen Page has the potential to re-offend. They aren't saying specifically why, but he has not been supervised since being paroled for rape and kidnapping in February.
On Wednesday, officers will hand out flyers around Payne Avenue and San Tomas Expressway warning people that page is living in their neighborhood.

It sounds familiar with the Dugard case . A high RISK individual is  OUT . LOCK YOUR DOORS. Like Garrido before,  Wayne Allen Page is free to roam the streets. Here is my theory . Wayne Allen Page was let out to make room for Garrido .
Meanwhile our prisons are overcrowded. Prisoners are being regurgitated back onto the streets. Repeat offenders are rampant. The legal system is clogged beyond belief with frivolous appeals filed by inmates .Murphy's ultimate law is that if something that could go wrong doesn't,
> it turns out that it would have been better if it had gone wrong.


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