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"embrace the chaos"

"embrace the chaos"

Jeb Bush in 2016 predicted on President Donald Trump . "When I ran for office, I said he is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president"  .  Bush, a former Florida governor, fought bitterly on the 2016 campaign trail with Trump, labeling the real estate mogul a "chaos candidate" and arguing he would make a "chaos president."The thing about the chaos theory is that once the first events occur, it is difficult to stop the domino effect.The result, at least in politics, is, often extremely damaging.Trump has created chaos in his government. He should blame no one else. If he does not significantly adjust, his presidency may well become uncontrollable.Bush, who was considered in the early days of the GOP race to be a favorite, ended his bid for the Republican nomination after a disappointing finish in the South Carolina primary in February 2016.   I have heard Pro-Trump'ers use the phrase (1)>>"embrace the chaos" as a way to justify the chaos in stu that is going on in the White house   Its hard to "embrace the chaos" in a government kinda of way  that nothing is getting done .  The factors are we have an on going investigations , Russia probe first of all .   Second , Republican held Congress is imploding ,they are turning against each other on the repeal and replace healthcare bill . Remember the Republicans gave Mr. Obama  so much hell. Obstructionism reigned . The fact the GOP could not  overhaul the healthcare industry is vary telling . It explains how powerful the industry is , its pretty much backed by the Republicans . The ultimate failure is they want to repeal quickly , return to the status quo. The White House chief of staff is out — after the new communications director went on a profane, public rant insulting him.All of this is clearly borne out of the president’s frustration with how his administration has gone so far. Trump is unpopular, his legislative agenda has stalled, and his presidency could be in serious legal danger from the Russia investigation. So he very clearly (and understandably) wants to make changes. But the way he’s going about it — by publicly humiliating officials who have long supported him but are now out of favor — is downright deranged. And it will make his problems far worse in the long run, as competent and qualified people will choose to stay far away rather than risk similar disgrace. '
Of Course going after the "leaks" Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday that the Justice Department is ramping up steps to investigate an prosecute government leaker's  a day after transcripts of President Trump's calls with two foreign leaders were leaked to the Washington Post.  IT'S INTERESTING  to note that we  have been bombarded with this hype before  about (2)>>"FAKE NEWS".  A trump trademark . The hype about the mysterious" LEAKER'S" in the White-House . For me , its still government misinformation . While Jeff Sessions goes after the non-existence leaker's ,President Trump's tweets continue to send a barrage of information to the public that should be "classified" . It was Mr. Trump that first "leaked" info on two foreign leaders . The conversations between the Australian Prime Minister , the Mexican President were known to the press for a long time . It’s not yet clear how big Sessions’s stand against leakers will be. He did not specify any new investigations or outline any revised policies, but he said four people have already been charged under the Trump administration for leaking classified information. The tableau presented by Sessions, who is struggling to hold on to his job after weeks of withering criticism from Trump for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, seemed designed to suggest to the president’s political base that other, more trusted security agencies would play a prominent role in the leak investigation.Not going to happen. As opposed to what the TV pictures might suggest, U.S. intelligence agencies are barred from criminal investigations of leaks (although they conduct their own internal probes).  
Sanctions and More Sanctions!
This week Congress voted to increase sanctions against Russia, North Korea,  (3)>Venezuela   and Iran . Over the years since the 1990s sanctions have lost their power over other nation. In simpler ways  "they have no effect" . They only increase hostilities against our nations . In some cases, it’s not surprising that other countries don’t comply with our sanctions. There’s no reason to expect, for example, that China would refrain from giving North Korea foreign aid or that Russia would cease trade with Iran just because the United States says so. But often the countries that undermine US sanctions are our allies. For decades, countries like Great Britain, Japan, and Spain have conducted business with Cuba, taking a lot of the bite out of the longstanding US embargo. In fact, the embargo actually made business easier for those countries, in a way: With US firms on the sideline, they faced less competition for Cuban business. In July 2010 President Barack Obama signed into law a series of tougher bilateral sanctions against Iran.These were intended to turn the screw on Tehran and to bolster existing United Nations Security Council sanctions.The hope was that the mix of UN and bilateral sanctions - tougher measures are already being planned by the European Union - would persuade Iran to change its mind and halt its uranium enrichment pro gramme.So far they never worked.  Obama ended up negotiating a deal that gave Iran 400 billion dollar's  , currently a deal that now Trump wants to reverse . Russia  and Iran for instance have huge reserves , resources at their disposals . These sanctions just do not work.I am for sitting down at the table with Russia , China and Iran . Its vary easy to talk , start dialog with those countries , but hostile actions on our governments part has made the world a bit more dangerous.
North Korea. 
While Washington D.C. "reeks" with scandal . There is a serious and worrisome note . Its North Korea . North Korea is seriously considering a plan to fire missiles at Guam, state media reportedly said Wednesday, hours after President Trump responded to reports of nuclear threats by saying the regime (4)>>"will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which the world has never seen before."  For me is not a good  thing and I feel that were in trouble . It’s after US President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed to apply maximum pressure and sanctions on North Korea in a telephone call on Monday.The U.N. Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea on Saturday aimed at pressuring Pyongyang to end its nuclear pro-gramme.The U.S.-drafted resolution bans North Korean exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood following Pyongyang’s two intercontinental ballistic missile tests in July.Trump’s national-security adviser later elaborated on what his boss meant. In an interview with Fox News in April, H.R. McMaster specified what might prompt the Trump administration to take the extremely risky step of using military force against North Korea. “I don’t think anyone thinks that it would be acceptable to have this kind of regime with nuclear weapons that can target, that can range the United States,” he said. So far, congressional leaders from both parties have been silent on the issue. They’re reluctant to tie Trump’s hands as Pyongyang threatens to bomb a specific target: the U.S. territory of Guam. They also recognize how unpopular and divisive a vote on a war resolution would be for lawmakers facing reelection next year.  The US military isn't in any position right now to strike North Korea with the kind of campaign that would be needed to bring battlefield success and would need weeks, if not months, to sort out the logistics, analysts say. So What can we hope for ? Here are my scenarios . Please I am not trying to be cruel . I don't wish harm on innocent people caught up in the North Korean imperialism . But when play fire prepared to be burned .  Hope that one of North  Korea's missile guidance system malfunctions so it falls in Chinese territory . Yes, China has to wake up ! and quit kissing butt to  Un . China will take action for sure   . Hope that North Korea has a Chernobyl  like event were somehow one of the nuclear devices explodes by "accident" in Pyongyang.  Mean time . Let's pray that Congress and Mr. Trump would open dialog with China as a channel , along with Russia,  first try to talk { reason} with the beast first before any side takes any action .  ADIEU !


(1)>>"embrace the chaos" . “Chaos creates drama, and drama gets ink,” former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg said. “This is a new kind of presidency. He’s followed the tabloid model, and it got him to where he is, and it’s the model that will be followed until it doesn’t work. And it has worked. He’s sitting in the Oval Office.”  (2)>>"FAKE NEWS".  A trump trademark .   If the reports are fake, then there are no real leaks because Trump is claiming that the "media" is pulling them out of thin air. Clearly there is some substance behind the news reports. Trump is protesting a bit too much with his incongruent arguments. Remember Trump is accusing the American media of spreading Fake News , while the Democrats are accusing Russia of spreading  misinformation at the same time . If you look it closely it sounds more like our own government is spreading  disinformation  as part of some cover up . All totally unsubstantiated unsourced fake news propaganda being deliberately produced in order to hide a political coup d'état by the already  political establishment against the people's will . First by convincing the public of Russian melding which I never believed . It reminds me of a cover up by presenting misleading facts by instilling hostility in the populace,  so our government could continue its international anti-Russian hostilities  . Keeping the American population brainwashed .  3)>Venezuela. The Hilarity of sanctions is best demonstrated here. Amazing isn't it? First US gov't has a hissy fit over mere rumours that Russia "interfered with" US elections, then they turn around and blatantly interfere in Venezuela's elections. This is why people hate the USA, the blatant double standard, the "one rule for us, and a different rule for the rest of you" attitude. And they're so incredibly *shameless* about it. I swear their hubris is just breathtaking. Let me get this straight.The US is sanctioning Russia on ALLEGED election interference and on the same day the US is INTERFERRING in Venezuela's planned election?
Is something wrong with the USA? Our great Congress announced economic sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin blasting the democratically elected leader as a "dictator who disregards the will” of his people".  Again its down right silly to accuse the Venezuela government of fraudulent elections while we here in America seem to have the same problem. It wouldn't be the first time the US had meddled in the affairs of other countries though would it? We could go back to Cuba, Vietnam, Panama, not to mention Cambodia and Laos, the list is as long as your arm. This is in large part due to American foreign policy which dates from the end of the second world war when the US envisaged a domino like scenario in which if one south American country fell to communism, the others surrounding it would fall with a domino like effect, one after the other.  In the case of Venezuela, it's not communism, it's the oil.  (4)>>"will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which the world has never seen before."  President Trump is as crazy as Kim Jun Un . Has anyone ever heard of  MAD ???? " Mutual Assured Destruction!.  Case in point it's right  out of Dr Stangelove .  Trump's craziness may have alerted the Russians and Chinese to do drills together . I really can't believe how far our country has sunk in diplomatic matters .  I look back to the days of Ronald Reagen and Mikhail Gorbachev when walls came down . We seem to live in age where walls are going up ! Something must be done. This is something –– therefore it must be done.”  I feel  like Dr WHO who needs the "Time Lords" to intervene some how and stop some idots  in power from making awful decisions . Frankly North Korea is a nut house . It puzzled me why the Chinese would allow for such a "fake" Communist state to exist under their wings for a long time . The Communist Party in China must never took note that North Korea has a monarch system where it's leaders are worshiped as gods , slightly not like Marxism . But the people of North Korea are starving , so what do the North Korean leadership want ? Right now , North Korea has nothing to lose. They sure are making the west look like a bunch of suckers. Swallow pride, NK is winning. And thats better than 10million more victims of senseless war. Rather than continously threaten them, ask them what they will do to contribute to humanity, try to bring out the best in them, and welcome them into the global community for the betterment of society.

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