Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bigger than "Watergate"?

Before it's either called FAKE-NEWS, or a  leak . President Trump's problems are growing into a downward spiral . The whole Comey -Russia so called scandal testimony this week , calling out Pres. Trump as a liar . Donald Trump is now willing to testify under oath . A defiant President Donald Trump said Friday he was willing to testify under oath about his conversations with James Comey, further fueling the swirling controversy ignited by the fired FBI director's bombshell testimony before the Senate on Thursday. "One hundred percent," Trump said when asked about his willingness to deliver sworn testimony. If President Trump goes and swears trying to prove his "innocence" before Congress,  I have a feeling about this , that he is going to fumble . He is left to himself,  along with his tweets as an open target of political attacks . In order to protect the FBI, his reputation, and to deliver the message in the most qualified rhetoric he could muster, Comey put his own head on the block.He may save his head, his reputation, the FBI, and American democracy if he can weave a case from what is now a tangled skein of direct and indirect factual evidence that ranges from domestic to international, and that requires assistance and cooperation from NSA.  Can the Republicans mount an independent and effective investigation of Moscow’s hacking during the 2016 campaign and the interactions between (1.1)>>Trump’s crew and Russia? There is now a good argument that the answer is no. The line about White House “drama” serving as a distraction from the Republican agenda is damning enough from a political perspective, national security questions aside. The GOP leaders are implying that they could fulfill the White House’s agenda if only the White House could get out of their way. It’s not a note of confidence from the president’s party some four months into his administration. Remember when  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) declared that allegations of collusion between President Trump’s inner circle and the Russian government are potentially worse than the (1.2)>>Watergate scandal that brought down former President Richard Nixon. Just how worse can it be ? I think it's the creme of the crop as they say of serious wrongdoing not just as much as Pres. Trump's cohorts , but it bottoms down to the entire (1.3)>>Republican party {inner circle that knew and picked Trump } in order to defeat Hillary Clinton at the polls .  Former FBI Director Comey for example is part of the "scandal"that he helped Trump win , by trying to find criminal wrongdoing against Hillary Clinton's e-mails.  So Comey's testimony is rather bizarre . How CAN he testify against the President , when he was working for him by leaking material against Hillary? Mr. Trump and his defenders have responded to Mr. Comey’s testimony by denouncing him as a leaker. That is a neutral description, but Mr. Trump on Friday used the term in a way that was clearly intended to carry pejorative connotations: “He’s a leaker,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Comey at a news conference. So is Mr. Trump referring to the e-mails from Hillary's server that some how ended up with Wiki leaks founder Julian Assange ? The line between a leak and a plant is sometimes ambiguous. In a 2013 law review article, David Pozen, a Columbia University law professor, coined the term “pleak” to describe a practice in which high-level officials talk to reporters without getting clearance but in a way that the White House tolerates. Of course Mr. Trump during the fist 100 days saw the sizing of Cell Phones within the White House staff . Looking for the "leaker" . Later President Trump himself "leaked"  classified information to the Russians regarding some terrorist plots using Laptop computers from an Israeli source .  Its' seems that the "leaker" was the President . Inside the White House, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted during a gaggle with reporters that despite all signs to the contrary, it was “a normal Thursday at the White House.” She bristled at the question of whether Trump was a liar, which Comey twice suggested under oath, and said she was unaware if the president watched much of his testimony. Sanders referred further questions to his outside counsel, Marc Kasowitz, who read a typo-filled letter aloud accusing Comey of  “unauthorized disclosures” of “privileged communications with the president.” So the Leak continues ...............

(1.1)>>Trump’s crew and Russia?{ there is a lack of evidence that Russia "influenced" our elections . I never saw any propaganda from Russia to convince me to vote for Trump , but Trump's ties to Russia in business dealing is overwhelming } With the resignation of National Security Adviser retired Lt. General Michael Flynn and the reporting surrounding his actions have raised many questions about the Trump administration’s contacts with Russian officials and why the White House statements often appear contradictory. As Ryan discussed at Just Security last week (Newsweek: Despite Denials, Russians Were in Contact with Trump Campaign), a second bombshell was in The Washington Post story on the content of Flynn’s communications with the Russian Ambassador is the pair’s contacts prior to the November election, and presumably at the time of  the so called Russia’s cyber operations against the United States { The Russian government wanted Trump to win in order to ease sanctions , normalize relations . This is a fact}otherwise Trump's own cabinet is full of pro- Russian business CEOs .  (1.2)>>Watergate scandal. A former prosecutor who worked on the Watergate investigation says that there is “no question” President Trump was involved in obstruction of justice.The remarks from former prosecutor Nick Akerman came a day after former FBI Director James Comey testified in the Senate for the first time since Trump fired him in May.Akerman compared former national security adviser Michael Flynn to James McCord, one of the first people arrested in the Watergate investigation. Trump asked Comey to drop an FBI investigation into Flynn, according to Comey.(1.3)>>Republican party {inner circle that knew and picked Trump }It was supposed to be Jeb Bush, if you asked Democratic honchos in mid-2015, except when it was always supposed to be Scott Walker. Eventually, they insisted, it was always supposed to be Rubio. But it was never supposed to be Trump.  If there was any rigging , it can only be said that something was suspicious about how Trump won the nomination , knew he beforehand he was going to win . There is evidence . For me is when Donald Trump flew to Mexico to meet with it's President . He was already acting the roll that his proponents were trying to  mold him in . So who told Trump?  Last election was vary odd . The DNC  as revealed by the leaked e-mails prove that the election was "rigged" for Hillary against Sanders . So can we speculate that GOP was also "pre-arranged" for Donald J Trump ? . I BELIEVE that could be the case , rather than spinning around Russian manipulation in our election . We have seen the politicians on both left and right of accusing Russia of "undermining" our democracy . Our democracy was already undermined from within .

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