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TIME MAGAZINE : TRUTH has been Dead for a while .......

Truth has always been "dead" in
politics .
TIME MAGAZINE asked recently in an article / interview  " (1)>>Is Truth dead?".  Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs said the concept of truth has been given new meaning under President Trump.In an essay for her magazine published Thursday, Gibbs explained why the cover for the latest issue asks if truth is "dead." Remember in our "current" political system , we have "alternative facts" and "fake news" . Truth or otherwise is TRUTH OR DARE! During the 2016 campaign, 70% of the Trump statements reviewed by PolitiFact were false, 4% were entirely true, 11% mostly true. Voters were not deceived: nearly two-thirds said that Trump was not trustworthy, including nearly a third of the people who voted for him anyway. Dishonesty in a candidate, far from being disqualifying, became a badge of "disruption." Trump often makes public statements that contain either major or minor inaccuracies, and Time explored that in its cover story. If we look at our current government , Trump is a symptom of a failed organization . 
Smoke and Mirrors Russia Senate investigation committee .
The Senate Committee investigating
Russian "influence ".
Right now we have Senate hearings on going investigations of SUPPOSEDLY Russian influence in our 2016 elections ? I never seen any Russian propaganda, swaying my vote . Why is my country Trying to make me think Trump won Because of Russia ? The on going reports on Russia pleases only to a extreme minority. It is now recognized as propaganda & devastating for the Democratic Party ?  FOX NEWS  Published March 15, 2017, a interesting summery in regards to the "theory" of Russian intervention . I am not playing devils advocate  for Mr. Trump . But blaming Russia for our election failures is really a smoke & mirrors kind of double talk . It blurs the real truth . Tucker Carlson said this :

" The theory that Russia won the November election for Donald Trump through some vague meddling, so dominates cable news right now that it is worth summing up exactly what we know and what we do not know about that story.  As of today, there is no evidence that the Russian government tampered with voting machines or hacked any votes in November. There's no evidence that the Russians collaborated with Donald Trump or his campaign to win the election.There is no evidence that Russian propaganda swung a single vote away from Hillary Clinton.There is in other words no reason to believe that Russia changed the course of American political history.There is merely innuendo and conspiracy mongering and connecting probably irrelevant dots. "
So just who is guilty of leaks , collusion ?  It's the people behind the Senate Committee Investigations  : The Republicans , and their cohorts . The Hillary e-mail leaks just before Nov 8th, which involved FBI Director James Comey . { funny that no one's figured it out to certain point } He attempted to go public as early as the summer of 2016 with information on Russia’s campaign to influence the U.S. presidential election, but Obama administration officials blocked him from doing so, two sources with knowledge of the matter tell Newsweek. Well he did not , we all know that , even with his testimony it blurrs the fact that he helped to sabotage Hillary Clinton's campaign by "releasing" more e-mails right after Pres. Trump made his public statement asking the Russians to hack Hillary's . { Now, now, don't go blaming Donald Trump for Steve Bannon. If Hillary Clinton were President, he'd be there. Just remember: "There's no difference between voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton", or so all the "smart" people said.}  The Guilt factor of the  Democratic -Republican party is amazing . It's amazing how they try to hide the "truth" but falsely saying that the Russian's interfered  some how . (2)>>By sending out "fake news" . YES FAKE NEWS! Russian propaganda on our American media ? . They pushed the internet to one small area... without cooperation from Google or Facebook.   Ok, how? Were they trolling local election message boards?  Again, as a computer geek, what he said doesn't sound anywhere near factual.  I think most of us were paying a hefty amount of attention during the elections. Did anyone here get a fake local story?  Can someone point me to any single one?  Can we do some analysis.. What he is saying doesn't even make sense.  I don't remember any local presidential news nor any mass wave of fake news in any local elections.. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.. that what I am trying to wrangle through these "hearings" & investigations. On March 20, Comey told the House Intelligence Committee that the FBI has, since July, been investigating Russian interference in the election and whether there was collusion between Moscow and associates of Trump. It's funny that Comey did not say this back in 2016 November : (3)>>“Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton and harm her electability and potential presidency,” the report stated, adding that the U.S. intelligence community had “high confidence” in its judgments. “We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.” So how far was the FBI aware of this ? California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, responded to Trump just hours before using the hearing to lay out aspects of the ongoing investigation into whether Trump or campaign associates had contacts with Russians involved in hacking Democratic Party officials close to presidential nominee Hillary Clinton."Mr. President, the Russians hacked our election and interfered," Schiff saiid. "No one disputes this now, but you. This is what is called 'fact.'"In his tweetstorm, Schiff also responded by citing another aspect of Monday's hearing: Trump's so-far-unfounded claims that predecessor Barack Obama had him wiretapped in the runup to the election."As you will see during our hearing, Mr. President, there is no evidence Mr. Obama tapped your phones," Schiff said. Hours later, Comey confirmed there is no evidence backing Trump's wiretapping claim, a comment that came shortly after he disclosed that the president's campaign is involved in the Russia investigation.“I can promise you we will follow the facts wherever they lead," Comey said,Comey, who privately encouraged Justice Department officials to refute Trump's accusations soon after he made them in a March 4 tweetstorm, testified before the House Intelligence Committee along with National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.Democrats pounced on Comey's testimony.“The Department of Justice and Trump administration must allow Director Comey’s investigation to move forward without any interference, meddling, or political pressure of any kind whatsoever," said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer. “The possibility of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian officials is a serious, serious matter."Trump, meanwhile, has complained about news leaks and said that is what the committee should be looking into. "The real story that Congress, the FBI and all others should be looking into is the leaking of Classified information," Trump tweeted. "Must find leaker now!".  
Former FBI agent Clint Watts own
claims are extraordinary, besides
Russian trolls he claimed sought to
spread fake news to get Trump
elected . REALLY !? .
Clint Watts  is part of the
problem of government
misinformation  in the first place .
None the less the hearings are wild goose chase of sorts , searching for someone to become the fall guy/or girl. While the public in REALITY dose not care . The Government is spinning a lie . These accusations against the Russians smell eerily similar to the Bush/Cheney administration’s claims that Iraq was secretly harboring Weapons of Mass Destruction, in the Bush administration’s efforts to sway public sentiment, in order to enter into a war that should have never occurred. (4)>>These accusations are dangerous What the US government and their corporate media arms hope to accomplish with these allegations can be the subject of infinite speculation, but if we use history as our guide, it is likely a power-play designed to increase the United States’ leverage in their agenda to supplant Assad in Syria, which would give the US access to the building of a pipeline, which would result in trillions of dollars in gains for the corporations that own our government. Remember "WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION "? . This got Congress to declare war on Iraq , oust Saddam Hussian , in the end result was a second Gulf War , invasion of Iraq & occupation that continues to this day . THE REALITY factor is  how a government lies to it's people by spreading "propaganda" & Calling real news FAKE NEWS tests the gullibility of the American public. { keep reading below}
Clint Watts and his testimony.
During the first public Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about Russia’s meddling in the presidential election , former FBI special agent Clint Watts explained how Russia and the Trump campaign team up to weaponize fake news.Asked by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) about why Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to make more of an effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election than in years past, Watts, who is now a a fellow at George Washington University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, said, “the answer is very simple and it’s what nobody is really saying in this room.”  “Which is, part of the reason active measures have worked in this U.S. election is because (5)>>the Commander-in-Chief [Trump] has used Russian active measures at times, against his opponents,” Watts continued.Watts cited two specific examples from the campaign — one that came from the mouth of Trump’s campaign chairman and one that came from Trump himself. On August 16, Paul Manafort, who at that time was still Trump’s campaign chairman, was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper and criticized the media’s coverage of the campaign. Instead of focusing on stories like Trump’s veiled threat about “Second Amendment people” potentially stopping Hillary Clinton, Manafort suggested the media cover more important things.“In late July, Sputnik and RT — both Russian state-controlled media outlets — pointed to a fire near a NATO base in western Turkey as potential sabotage,” the BuzzFeed report continued. “And both sites helped spread the idea — which also was passed along on Twitter by accounts that are both pro-Trump and pro-Russian — that the protests [at the NATO base] in late July were a massive mob attempting to takeover the base.During his testimony, Watts noted that Manafort and Trump used the “debunked” Turkey story “as a talking point.” It was recently revealed thatManafort did secret propaganda work on behalf of Putin before working for Trump.Watts’ second example was Trump using a fake news story to attack Clinton during an October 10 rally in Wilkes-Barre.“This just came out a little while ago. I have to tell you this,” Trump told the audience, reading from a sheet of paper that he said contained the text of an  email written by Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal.“The attack was almost certainly preventable,” Trump read, alluding to Benghazi. “Clinton was in charge of the State Department… if the GOP wants to raise that as a talking point against her, it is legitimate.”Beyond the virtual component of Russia’s meddling, Watts encouraged committee members to “follow the trail of dead Russians.”“There have been more dead Russians in the past three months that are tied to this investigation, who have assets in banks all over world,” he said. “They are dropping dead even in Western countries.”Watts also expressed concern that the Trump administration won’t ultimately protect people like him.
 Steve Bannon’s removal  a curiosity .
While President Trump continued his sarcastic accusations that Obama wiretap somehow his Trump towers or his no so substantiated attack on Susan Rice . The madness of his Tweets goes on . His best tweet so far was " FIND THE LEAKER" .An intelligence official who spoke to Foreign Policy magazine painted a picture of a White House that was in disarray and being run without checks and balances or even a complete paper trail.The controversy over Bannon’s role with the NSC reinforced Bannon’s public image as a kind of Svengali pulling the strings behind Trump. Bannon, whose most recent job before joining the campaign was as executive chairman of Breitbart News.  Bloomberg News first reported the changes on Wednesday. The source revealed that Bannon is conducting a “witch hunt” to find out who is leaking proposed executive orders to the press. (6)>>The  Leaker theory is just another misinformation taking or making real investigations  away from being conducted . The numerous executive orders signed by Trump had fit neatly into Bannon’s white nationalist agenda; their poor execution signal that a government novice is pulling the strings; and Bannon’s unconventional (and possibly illegal) appointment to the National Security Council suggests that he, more than anyone, holds Trump’s ear. A White House official portrayed the change as a natural progression rather than a demotion for Bannon. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, contended that Bannon was placed on the committee in part to monitor Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and never attended a meeting. This does not mean Bannon no longer has a role in the Trump administration. He’s still chief strategist.But still, this could definitely be interpreted as a major demotion.Bannon, the former head of the alt-right media outlet Breitbart News, has been an unpopular figure in the Trump administration from the start.

As I write this . There is an update . President Trump has ordered within 24hrs tomahawk missile strike on a Syrian airbase that "may have held chemical weapons"  . As the "story" we are told that ON APRIL 4th a chemical attack struck the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib, a province in northern Syria controlled by an alliance of rebel groups, including a powerful faction linked to al-Qaeda. Again we are in a mind boggling situation trying to convince our sympathies After six years of war, international reaction to the attack followed a predictable pattern. (7)>>The Syrian government swiftly denied dropping chemical weapons. Russia, its ally, said a Syrian air strike had hit a rebel-held weapons stockpile, releasing deadly chemicals into the air. Leaders in the West condemned the regime, but little more. Donald Trump declared that his view of Syria and its dictator had changed, but declined to say what he would do about it. Yet he surprised us all . The man who mocked President Barack Obama for declaring a red line that proved meaningless by a Syrian attack that killed 1,800 is now the commander in chief, and blaming Obama’s inaction for this week’s chemical attack that killed 70, including many children.Trump, who said repeatedly during last year’s presidential campaign that Russia should deal with Syria and Syrian President Bashar Assad should deal with IS — and whose top aides just days ago announced they were done trying to get rid of Assad — now agrees with those same aides who say that it’s time to think about regime change. { see this Washington Post article . There had been plans to remove Assad . Makes you wonder : article in the Washington Post, }.  We are at a DANGEROUS time . Our elected government is at its weakest.  Chaos reigns in Washington D.C.  International crisis are boiling over in Syria .   We  ARE BEING LIED TO GO TO WAR AGAINST ASSAD .Syria is a good case study in the modern application of information warfare. In her book “Hard Choices”,  former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote that the U.S. provided “support for (Syrian) civilian opposition groups, including satellite -linked computers, telephones, cameras, and training for more than a thousand activists, students and independent journalists.” A huge amount of money has gone to “activists” and “civil society” groups in Syria as well as in the USA and west. These groups have shaped and manipulated public opinion. The fact they are recipients or contractors of one or more governments directly involved in trying to overthrow the Syrian government has generally been ignored or hidden. The Syria mess is the creation of the United States . Iraq has disintegrated just as much as Syria . Thanks to a lousy American foreign policy . I don't want my tax dollars to pay for these stupid wars . As a nation we are hated , we have lost that respect by foreign powers . Why I ask that Americans continue to buy into this ? There should be protests . President Trump is not going idyll on his own to bomb Assad , since Syria- Assad government is allied with Russia .  President Trump is either cornered against a wall , or he's going to lead us into another war with out hindsight for diplomacy .Censorship and domination of western media is so thorough that one rarely hears the second narrative. This is true of much of the liberal and progressive media as well as mainstream. For example, listeners and viewers of the generally progressive TV and radio program “DemocracyNow” have rarely if ever heard the second narrative described in any detail. DemocracyNow news has frequently broadcast the explanations of Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and others associated with the US position. They have rarely if ever broadcast the explanation and viewpoint of the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, the Syrian Foreign Minister or countless analysts inside Syria and around the world who have written about and follow events there closely. At the global level, U.S. repeatedly breaks laws to attack/invade illegally which not only raise troublesome questions, indeed, U.S. is the biggest menacing threat to world peace/stability, treacherous peril to global order and rule-of-law. { see this interesting article by Joe Clifford as he get to the point what has been going on in Syria } 

So Prepare for more PROPAGANDA .

 They seem to have conveniently forgotten that it was fake stories against Clinton and supporting Trump, that were posted on a huge scale on Facebook, linking people to fake news sites. So now, in order to deflect the blame, every day Trump and his flunkies claim the mainstream media is Fake News. The thing I can’t understand is why do so many people fall for that? Are their attention spans that short?

(1)>>Is Truth dead?  Truth isn't dead. You can't kill gravity, you can't kill science. Objective reality exists, whether you choose to believe it or not. The cold universe of facts doesn't care. Of course truth is dead. Our culture killed it, long before Donald Trump showed up. He is the symptom, not the problem.  Many are reticent to call this period of history “The Era of Trump.” Perhaps it makes more sense to call this “The Era of Truth?” Since the beginning of his campaign, Trump has made his alternate reality a key topic of public discourse and, in turn, made us question what we previously took for granted: truth. He consistently calls credible media outlets “fake news,” tweets direct contradictions to real-time stories, and propagates lies by questionable sources like Breitbart. He’s divided the American people from not only each other, but their own sense of reality. (2)>>By sending out "fake news". Since President Trump coined the word "FAKE NEWS" . I never heard of the phrase till Trump came along and called out CNN "fakenews" and so on . Now the word is being used against news sources that are not your traditional government misinformation media . Its so good that even the LIBERAL MEDIA and as much as the CONSERVATIVE outlets are using it at each other .  It's lame as alternative facts  .The sheer idiocy boggles the mind . So we are being brainwashed to believe that  The Kremlin paid an army of more than 1,000 people to create fake anti-Hillary Clinton news stories targeting key swing states, the leading Democrat on the committee looking into alleged Russian interference in the US election has said.Senator Mark Warner, the Democrat ranking member, and chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Republican Senator Richard Burr, appeared together at a press conference to give an update . YOU HAVE REALLY comb this , here is, Mr Warner said: “We know about the hacking, and selective leaks, but what really concerns me as a former tech guy is at least some reports – and we’ve got to get to the bottom of this – that there were upwards of a thousand internet trolls working out of a facility in Russia, in effect taking over a series of computers which are then called botnets, that can then generate news down to specific areas. I am shaking my head . Just where was all this propaganda against Hillary ? There was a lot of anti-Hillary stuff coming from the Republican party headquarters . So If the accusation is TRUE , we can say that the Republican's benefited from the Kremlin hackers who themselves my have been FBI operatives themselves .  Working for the Republican Party !  (3)>>“Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton and harm her electability and potential presidency,” Of all the "testimonies" in the committee , this statement is the most laughable that I ever read . Yet there is NO EVIDENCE of Russian tampering in our election. We should as our elected officials to show the evidence to the American public , yet the Media is putting a spin on this . The Russians are certainly a nefarious lot, although their offenses–if allegations are true–are no different from those of our own CIA. After all, it’s not like we have never run disinformation campaigns designed to influence elections in other countries. (Ukraine? Israel? Nicaragua?) It’s not like we’ve never lobbied other countries regarding issues the outcomes in which we have a vested interest. (4)>>These accusations are dangerous What the US government and their corporate media arms hope to accomplish with these allegations can be the subject of infinite speculation.   The political establishment, the corporate-based media and their corporate/1% sponsors are beside themselves at the fact that they can’t properly control the information/propaganda received by the American public anymore. For those interested in the subject, it has been well-documented that the CIA and other deep state actors have been steering the media towards the desired narratives to shape public opinion, often in favor of unnecessary wars and other illegal activities that benefit the wealthy elite and their corporations. The US government has long used psychological operations against the American public and we all need to be aware of that fact.Thus, RT, Sputnik, and any other source of information that goes against the officially-sanctioned narrative provided by our government must be tarred as “fake” — the American people must not question the elites’ plan for permanent war and the massive drain of wealth and well-being from this country.Democrats, in alliance with hawkish Republicans, are using the anti-Russia card because the elites and corporations want constant conflict and they still aren’t sure Trump will provide that (they knew for certain that Hillary would and that’s why she was their choice). There are many of other factors explaining our belligerence towards Russia and China, but don’t expect to hear about any of those factors on sites like this one. (5)>>the Commander-in-Chief [Trump] has used Russian active measures at times, against his opponents,”-- How gulity are the Republican's ? They helped get Trump elected in the first place . No Russians did it !. The media has been taken in without investigating it on their own , that there is something more sinister going than Putin. Mr. Trump sounds so phony every time he speaks is mind boggling . The real puppet masters are in the seats of Congress not in Moscow .  WAKE UP!The only real question now is how compromised are the Republicans in Congress? Even their party-over-country agenda keeping trump around to sign in all of their corporate/1%-serving bills, some of which we have already seen, and their suppsoed fear of his cultish devotees anger at his removal for any of the violations of the US Constitution he has already performed, does not explain their ongoing and constant now ludicrously obvious machinations to protect him and his exec branch people. We know that the Republican National and individuals were also hacked but nothing has been released to date. How much do the Russians have on them, that they are more terrified of being “leaked” on them than they are of clear and present danger of complicity?. (6)>>The  Leaker theory.  Just WHO IS THE LEAKER[s] ? President Trump,  pledged to punish people who leaked damaging information about the inner workings of the White House, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn's conversations with Russia."We're going to find the leakers and they're going to pay a big price," he told reporters in the Roosevelt Room during a meeting with Republican lawmakers.The foreboding comments come one day after Trump blamed "criminal" leaks from the intelligence community for Flynn's ouster. Recall that the leak of the infelicitous but not vital Pentagon Papers led to the Nixon Administration’s creating the so-called Plumbers, the sad-sack volunteer burglars led by Gordon Liddy and Howard Hunt, whose efforts to solve leaks led to a creepy break-in at Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office in September, 1971 and then to the boneheaded Watergate break-in of June, 1972.  After that, President Nixon sank in a flood of leaks for twenty-six months until his terse resignation on the day he recognized that forced removal from office by the Senate was imminent.Following the Flynn resignation, there was a moment for the White House to regain balance and go forward with the overwhelming tasks at hand of creating a new government.  Instead, the White House chose to follow in the damp footsteps of the Nixon White House and treat the leakers as the problem.  (Of course, he had no problem with WikiLeaks’ leak of e-mails from the Democratic National Committee during the campaign. “I love WikiLeaks” he said.) But the pattern of leaks is uneven and, in one area, that inconsistent pattern may well redound to Trump’s advantage: Despite all the information that has come out of this leaky administration, his tax returns remain confidential (except for a single year reportedly leaked by one of Trump’s former wives). (7)>>The Syrian government swiftly denied dropping chemical weaponsWashington neocons never fail to utilize their hypocritical standby attempting to feebly take the moral high ground always justifying their overt military aggression in the name of humanitarianism. Without any evidence to back up her completely bogus claim, the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power keeps accusing Putin as the perpetrator of what turns out most likely to be another US staged terrorist rocket attack that a week ago destroyed 18 of 31 trucks killing 21 in a UN aid convoy, thus resulting in suspension of relief efforts to the people of Aleppo.While the Russian military spokesman maintained in addition to neither Russia nor Syria standing to gain from attacking the convoy, the damage to the vehicles and remnant traces appear to be from shells fired by tanks, cannons or RPG’s that al-Nusra Front (deceptively renamed last month Jabhat Fateh al-Sham) is equipped with and was visibly active in the area where the attack occurred. Even the UN retracted earlier statements and moved away from placing the blame on Russia. In any event, the US and its fellow terrorists would obviously benefit the most by blaming Russia. And both Empire and terrorists have the means to carry out such an attack. The Damasus government intercepted a conversation between the US military and ISIS just prior to the airstrikes, confirming they were premeditated, well-coordinated, and deliberate acts of aggression that violate international law and more than anything else expose US Empire’s true intentions all along in the Middle East to protect its terrorist ally. The UN convoy attack two days later was mere camouflage in a vain attempt to disguise US criminality for the Saturday airstrikes involving US, Australian and UK warplanes. Because the Syrian government forces were clearly winning the war against the terrorists and closing in on the final ISIS strongholds of East Aleppo and Raqqa, the Washington neocons were deceitfully using the ceasefire and months of Vienna talks as opportunity for its proxy terrorist allies to regroup and then launch its latest volley in the propaganda war to smear both Assad and Putin with this most recent barrage of verbal attacks. That’s what nations do just before all-out war, they demonize to dehumanize the enemy as propagandized mental prepping for war. Right now Washington is conditioning Americans for world war against Russia.

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