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Our American system has reached it's zenith ?.

" Well, I actually agree with that. I agree with everything she said". Trump can't seem to get away from 'agreeing' with Hillary . He has said that so many times already .The tone was set early when decades of tradition eroded as Trump and Clinton declined to shake each other's hand. As I am writing this . I sense that our nation has some sort of political crisis . First we don't have as voters any broader candidates for voting . (1)>>The two party system has FINALLY COLLAPSED. We have a multi-billionaire showman running for office. WE many have our FIRST woman President , who just happen  to be a first former lady & wife of a past President . No explanation.  It could be it . Our American system has { may have }reached it's  zenith ?. We have a fractured and fleeing Republican party . There is so much to write about this , but I'd like to pull some of the pork out this second debate    For Donald Trump , the week for him  was a utter disaster just leading up to the second debate a 2005  video surfaced , here he bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a conversation caught on a hot microphone, saying that “when you’re a star, they let you do it " . Comparing the first debate with the second , Mr. Trump seemed a bit stressed , but his poise was less calmer  in regards to being questioned about "locker room talk " . Honestly Trump looked like a  BIG lier when he was asked about the  groping  video . Which he claims that " does not represent  who he is " . Trump's own apologetic speech can't not even  mend the conversation about him. Hillary questioned if Trump was fit to be in the Oval Office .  Its a bit embarrassing for the Republican party that their nominee has serious allegations that are more concerning than picking a bone with Hillary's emails which will not go away . There is another interesting twist , Trump seemed to have also dug up dirt on Bill Clinton , decades old .Donald Trump’s campaign sought to intimidate Hillary Clinton and embarrass her husband by seating women who have accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual abuse in the Trump family’s box at the presidential debate here Sunday night, according to four people involved in the discussions.
I feel sorry for Chelsea Clinton . Bill her father was 
unnecessarily insulted during 
the debate by Trump
in a scathing attempt to draw attention
away from his scandal .
We ALL READY KNOW what Bill Clinton did . Bill Clinton did get impeached for lying about Monica Lewinsky . BUT you don't need another lier to point the finger  .  There is lots of "hypocrisy" to go around.  "If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse," Trump said Oct. 9, 2016. "Mine are words, and his was action. { this is outrageous !}  His was what he's done to women. There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women. So you can say any way you want to say it, but Bill Clinton was abusive to women." While Trump invited four women to the debate at Washington University in St. Louis, only three of them -- Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones -- accuse Bill Clinton of sexual assault.The fourth woman, Kathy Shelton, was a victim in a rape case. Hillary Clinton defended Shelton’s attacker while working at a University of Arkansas legal aid clinic. You can read our fact-check related to that incident here.  I don't think it had any effect .  It was a bad strategy politically to point talk about Bill Clinton from a man who may have equally been abusive toward women   . This REALLY I believe  did not hurt Hillary. It really shows what desperation and what lows Trump is sinking .  I could tell form the face expression of Bill Clinton that he was upset since Trump took liberty to invite the women who accused Bill two decades ago at the debate and sit a few feet from .  Bill Clinton probably would have used a revolver if he had one .

FACT CHECKING THE FACTS ! Going beyond the innuendo , there are a lot of fact checking minutes . ON both Trump and Hillary . I heard few things out of Trump's mouth in regards to Syria , and Russia that I am going to elaborate on . There was one suspicious , yet quite nonfactual statement from Hillary that "Muslims have been in America since George Washington" . Let's start with Hillary's accusation : 
"  But, you know, let’s talk about what’s really going on here, Martha, because our intelligence community just came out and said in the last few days that the Kremlin, meaning Putin and the Russian government, are directing the attacks, the hacking on American accounts to influence our election. And WikiLeaks is part of that, as are other sites where the Russians hack information, we don’t even know if it’s accurate information, and then they put it out " .
This is a vary bold statement coming from one of the architects of the new cold war with Russia , with all my dislikes and likes about Hillary { I blame President Obama and his failed foreign policy that our nation is at odds again with Russia , but on a dangerous threshold } The statement to blame the Russians for the hacks is part of a smear Russia casmpign  Without facts or evidence that Russia is trying to swing the election to Donald Trump is being promoted by Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media and the entire Democratic Party- Republican  establishment. They also allege that Wikileaks is a tool of Russia, and are now up in arms about Donald Trump supposedly quoting what they call “Russian propaganda”. It's vary ludicrous . In one my past blogs I discussed that the "leaks" to Hillary's e-mails most likely { MY SPECULATION} were leaked by the State Department , perhaps one in the Republican Skull & Bones chamber . It makes no sense that the Russians would want to sway our elections . I do understand that why in a comical  way that Putin would want Trump . Here is what Trump says , here I agree with him : 

" But as far as other elements of what she was saying, I don’t know Putin. I think it would be great if we got along with Russia because we could fight ISIS together, as an example. But I don’t know Putin.
But I notice, anytime anything wrong happens, they like to say the Russians are — she doesn’t know if it’s the Russians doing the hacking. Maybe there is no hacking. But they always blame Russia. And the reason they blame Russia because they think they’re trying to tarnish me with Russia. I know nothing about Russia. I know — I know about Russia, but I know nothing about the inner workings of Russia. I don’t deal there. I have no businesses there. I have no loans from Russia". 
If Trump wants peace with Russia I am for it . Of many of the insane things that he has said over the last few months , here I agree with Trump . Why can't we get along with Russia ? Our American government right now is doing shitty things undercover . Like conducting war games with NATO close to the Russian boarder, { blaming Russia for the bombing in Aleppo Syria , which by the way the Syria mess is one mess created by the Obama administration  }  this aggravates me , setting up a missile defense system deep in Europe near again by Russia , while our American ambassador to the UN lied to the member states that it was being set up to "detour Iran's Nuclear threat ..." . We are being fed a spoon full of lies by our nations leaders that we are close to war , no American media network wont blow the lid off it . Why? (3)>> Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, called for peace and a de-escalation in tensions between the US and Russia. What is the future for dialog between the two countries under current circumstances? Gorbachev here too is alarmed by the escalating tensions . In the second debate I did not hear much on de-escalation from Hillary Clinton .  I guess no body cares ."Muslims have been in America since George Washington"  OK, I did hear it . Here is where you have to some fact checking for real. Muslim's were  in  America since 1776 ? Hillary Clinton raised eyebrows with a questionable claim during Sunday’s fiery presidential debate by stating Islam was always part of American history – even since the Revolutionary War. After recycling the Khizir Khan controversy, the Democrat nominee claimed “we’ve had
Gorbah Hamid asked Hillary and Trump about
Islamophobia .
Muslims in America since George Washington.” 
Several conservatives found humor in this seemingly overlooked part of colonial American history? Don't know,  so I had to research . It appears that if their were any Muslims in America during the revolutionary war one was  Peter Salem was a notable African American who participated in the Revolutionary War. He played a particularly important role in the crucial Battle of Bunker Hill, in which he fatally shot British Marine Major John Pitcairn. Although there is no direct documentation of Salem's religious views, some scholars believe that he may have been Muslim. Question arises here , that most of the first American Muslims may have  been African American slaves , (4)>>but there had to be vary few of them. to note , remembering how much our Government has gone to the apology  mode since Obama took office , the events of September 11th , that "phobia" .  I don't know if President Obama was talking about recent history ? 
“I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story,” Obama said in a June 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt. “Islam has always been part of America,” he said in a 2010 statement marking the start of Ramadan. So the Muslim question jumped in again when the candidates were questioned on by  (4.2)>> GORBAH HAMED
Well Gorbah Hamid Muslim American of Palestinian descent, she  did not look like a Muslim to me . I did not see any head covering of a TRADITIONAL Muslim woman .  She said :

Hi. There are 3.3 million Muslims in the United States, and I’m one of them. You’ve mentioned working with Muslim nations, but with Islamophobia on the rise, how will you help people like me deal with the consequences of being labeled as a threat to the country after the election is over?
 But Clinton’s pronouncement was designed to put Donald Trump on the defensive because of his earlier proposed shutdown of Muslim immigration. Paying tribute to American Muslims, Clinton mourned, “We just lost a particular well-known one with Muhammad Ali.” She accused Trump of being “short-sighted” and “dangerous,” even putting American security at risk.

The Special Prosecutor 
The best part of the debate
"special prosecutor "
Besides the innuendo / smear that Trump & Hillary have been targeting each other , during the debate Trump said that "Hillary would be in jail " if he were President . It's a Presidential debate "first", but what he actually vowed to do was appoint a “special prosecutor” to look into Mrs. Clinton’s “situation” — by which he was obviously referring to the e-mail scandal. Yes, the already overblown e-mail nonsense , but I am sorry to say, as I have said before . Its over and done . To investigate Clinton for mishandling classified information, destroying government files, and obstruction of justice — regarding Benghazi - Mrs. Clinton was a scapegoat for Mr. Obama - Obama failed Benghazi , he was the Commander in Chief , he should have sent protection , but we can go over subject that soo many times , why this has anything to do with Hillary is beyond any logical explanations ? , how many angles you look at it she got blamed what the President failed to do .The Obama administration strangely  investigated Mrs. Clinton, at least ostensibly, for over a year {after year } .  FBI investigators have already worked over Clinton’s server. That’s one of the FBI’s great investigative specialties, and they are very good at it. (5)>>REMEMBER they found NOTHING so FAR {Wikileaks } releasing what look like a bunch of "gossipy" e-mails that are not worth any attempt for espionage,  seem to be a focus of endless criminal investigation by the Republicans who can't seem to focus on anything else .
The Healthcare SCARE !
Bill Clinton did throw President Obama a "curve ball" when he somewhat admitted that Obamacare, quote, “the craziest thing in the world,” saying that small-business owners are getting killed as premiums double, coverage is cut in half. Was he mistaken or was the mistake simply telling the truth? REALLY COOPER asked the ultimate Taboo that shows that Obamacare is not making Healthcare affordable . It just means that it either has to be repealed  as Trump wants to do , or as Hillary wants to "fix it" . I  PERSONNALY think that a single payer system would have been better , but the obvious "cry" of the pundits is that if our nation did that we'd be on a path to Marxism . Obama knew that he would eaten alive if he did  a "Canada style" healthcare system that in any spectrum would have put all the insurance companies out of business . So the Obama healthcare  system  law had to be formatted to suit the already greedy system  { in place system} by introducing penalties for non compliant , forcing people to buy health insurance  . Yes, 20 million people did get cover'd . The Insurance moguls fatted their coffer with spiking rates.   Trump's own healthcare plan is just as scary as Obama care , he saidYou’re going to have plans that are so good, because we’re going to have so much competition in the insurance industry. Once we break out — once we break out the lines and allow the competition to come..."  I heard that I knew I would be running for cover . Trump's plan has to be explained a lot better . Unless you want Trump or Hillary-care . It's a scare .
The Last great Question in the second Debate .
Here was the best part of the  second debate that was the best , it it was the last . Both Hillary and Trump regardless of their mud slinging , finger pointing anger toward each other , there was one saving grace . 
RADDATZ: We’ve sneaked in one more question, and it comes from Karl Becker.QUESTION: Good evening. My question to both of you is, regardless of the current rhetoric, would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?(APPLAUSE)

 Karl Becker, a town-hall participant, had the opportunity to ask the final question in St. Louis after a nearly two-hour heated exchange between the pair of presidential candidates. “Regardless of the current rhetoric,” he asked, “would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?” It was fitting end to a crazy debate . Trump and Clinton traded many  insults throughout the debate, which began on an already contentious note when they did not shake hands at the start. They did finish the event with a handshake.
Third debate on Wednesday .

(1)>>The two party system has FINALLY COLLAPSED. As November inches closer, America’s two-party duopoly continues to implode. Disillusioned Democrats are making a mass exodus from their party while prominent Republicans vow to support Clinton over Trump, and once clear-cut lines in American politics are disintegrating as Americans seek other, actually “less evil” options. The myth of the "less of the two evils" is a hoax . I think that the American Democrats and Republicans are "one party" two names , they are part of some Masonic - Skull & Bones system , perhaps a "secret society " . By now the election process has already been decided . (2)>> We ALL READY KNOW what Bill  Clinton did. Monica Lewinsky was obviously the "only" victim of a extra marital  affair .That can be verified ,  We know because of DNA evidence . What I mean ONLY , not to take anything out context since there are sensitive people . You have to have sold proof that an abusive situation did happen . Having an "extra-martial affair" in Bill's case is not like rape , but it has been weighed on the same as committing adultery as in Bill Clinton's case . In  case of the other women  , Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones -- were part of a tabloid sensation that seemed to have brought out other victims in a similar line with  Bill Cosby . I suspect Paula Jones did have a affair with Bill .If it was harassment ?Trump and his supporters have said Hillary Clinton enabled her husband and victimized his accusers. At a rally in Oregon, Trump called Hillary Clinton, " an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler".Left unmentioned is a tape recording that Gennifer Flowers made of Bill Clinton on the phone specifically coaching her how to lie about their affair to the press...Pretty damning evidence their 12 year affair was no lie, eh, Ms. Clinton? Hillary did support her husband after he was caught , at what length she knew is probably no better than what  Jacqueline Lee "JackieKennedy knew of JFK and his "other" relationships . Trump is no cleaner in his laundry  either since he married 4 times , perhaps committed adultry .  (3)>>Mikhail Gorbachev Addressing participants in the international conference marking the 1986 US-Soviet Summit, the former Soviet premier expressed his concern about the current state of US-Russian relations, which he blamed on a “collapse of mutual trust.” He cautioned against the use of force, in particular nuclear force, saying that military methods had not helped to resolve conflicts in Iraq, Libya, Syria or the former Yugoslavia. Instead, he called for a resumption of dialogue between Russia and the United States, which he says has been lacking over the past two years.(4)>>but there had to be vary few of them.  America and Muslim's have really a shaky history , it's never been vary mutual in terms of "friendliness" The first United States military land action overseas, executed by the U.S. Marines and Navy, was the Battle of Derne, Tripoli, in 1805. It formed part of an effort to destroy all of the Barbary pirates, to free the American slaves in captivity, and to put an end to piracy acts between these warring tribes on the part of the Barbary states, which were themselves member states of the Ottoman Empire. The opening line of the "Marine's Hymn" refers to this action: "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..."Most Americans are unaware of the fact that over two hundred years ago the United States had declared war on Islam, and Thomas Jefferson led the charge! In 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams met with Tripoli's ambassador to Great Britain to ask by what right his nation attacked American ships and enslaved American citizens, and why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts.(4.2)>> GORBAH HAMED. "about Islamophobia, and that’s a shame " Trump said . While Muslims face a "image problem" in the Western world. Their the only ones who can change it .  Muslims have committed the worst atrocities of the 21st Century , most of all Many Muslims have died by Muslim hands . Its a shame .  (5)>>REMEMBER they found NOTHING so FAR . Back in 2015 , The State Department this week announced that it would be releasing 7,000 new Hillary Clinton emails from the batch of 30,000 turned over by the former secretary of state earlier this year. State Department officials first discovered that Clinton had been using a private email server to conduct government business back in March while investigating the deaths of four Americans in the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, prompting Clinton and her team to preemptively turn over a swath of pages for review. Similar to the department's previous Clinton email releases, the latest round included few new details which might prove useful going forward, but enough of mundane comedy to keep the public entertained.The press and social media had a field day, tweeting jokes and snide comments about the non-revelation. "The upside of this Hillary Clinton email scandal?  Wasted Tax payer Money .Lol!

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