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WE all  heard of the movie The French Connection about the heroin smuggling ring that was so huge that trying to track down the source of heroin from Europe into the United States.   It involves a $32 million shipment of high-grade heroin smuggled from Marseilles to New York hidden in a Lincoln Continental. A complicated deal is set up between the French people, an American money man and the Mafia. Like the movie , the release of the so called (1)>>Panama Papers has a similar money trail . It may not be the biggest thing in the international news . If smuggling heroin is the same , much like money laundering , the big shots in the world , pretty much political leaders on a global scale may have been exposed .The documents, known as the Panama Papers, named international politicians, business leaders and celebrities in a web of unseemly financial transactions, according to the articles, and raised questions about corruption in the global financial system. Many of the figures named in the leak have denied that they had broken any laws. Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson announced he was stepping down amid mounting protests and calls for his resignation after leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm revealed his links to an offshore company. This list also named Russia's President Putin,  he  has denied "any element of corruption" over the Panama Papers leaks, saying his opponents are trying to destabilize Russia.Mr Putin was speaking for the first time since the leak of millions of confidential documents from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca.The papers revealed a number of offshore companies owned by close associates of Mr Putin. They suggest the companies may have been used for money laundering.This list gets a bit staggering , if you READ the names of national figures involved , you might noticed that world leaders who are  "enemies" of each other seemed to have belonged in the same"friendly" club like the mysterious (2)>>Bohemian Grove.  I could not believe this one , but at least three of the seven people on the Chinese Communist Party’s most powerful committee, including President Xi Jinping, have relatives who have controlled secretive offshore companies, the organization that has publicized a trove of leaked documents about hidden wealth reported on Wednesday.Somewhat perplexing that authoritarian leaders who aren't accountable to anyone in the first place would feel the need to hide their riches, and through family members, no less. The names of hundreds of Americans have also surfaced in the Panama Papers, including a handful of U.S. businessmen accused or convicted by U.S. authorities for ties to financial crimes or Ponzi schemes.The identities of the Americans emerged from the treasure trove of documents obtained by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung,Benjamin Wey , a Wall Street financier, was charged in September with securities fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering  for using family members to help him stealthily amass ownership of larger blocks of stock in companies through so-called “reverse merger” transactions between Chinese companies and U.S. shell companies. In the process, he reaped tens of millions of dollars of illegal profit by manipulating the companies’ stock prices, the indictment charges. Prosecutors say he was aided by his banker in Switzerland, Seref Dogan Erbek, who was also charged in the alleged scheme.

A Mitt Romney Connection?
Back in 2012, two months prior to the presidential election, a former senior FBI official, actively employed by the FBI, came to us.  He had a story to tell.  He said that Mitt Romney, working with a series of financial organizations in the US including banks owned by the Walton family, maintained accounts overseas for hundreds of American political leaders.The story of these accounts, not whose name was on them, but confirming they existed, hit the newspapers only a few short days before, citing Romney as having thousands of secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.We were told of how Romney and Carlos Salinas, former president of Mexico, met at Harvard Business School, and together built an empire out of the drug cartels that, through buying 5 US Supreme Court Justices who passed “Citizens United,” legalized drug cartel bribery, done through corporations set up by a law firm in Panama with offices around the world.
Hillary Too! 
 Mrs. Clinton is not implicated in the Panama Papers, which pertain to offshore bank accounts set up by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. But the Democratic presidential candidate’s connections to two subjects named in the leaked documents show the vastness and depth of her international relationships. The revelation also comes as Clinton continues to receive criticism for her financial relationships with shady businessmen through her family charity, the Clinton Foundation.In a statement released on Thursday, Sanders criticized Secretary Clinton for supporting the Panama Free Trade Agreement as Secretary of State. He said that the agreement, which he opposed, opened the door to greater tax evasion by Americans in the notorious tax haven.In 2011, Sanders argued against the agreement on the Senate floor, saying that it would make a “bad situation much worse.” At the time, Clinton advocated for the agreement—an about-face from her opposition to it during her presidential campaign just four years earlier.
The Obama Connection.
Years before more than a hundred media outlets around the world released stories Sunday exposing a massive network of global tax evasion detailed in the Panama Papers, U.S. President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed for a Bush administration-negotiated free trade agreement that watchdogs warned would only make the situation worse.Soon after taking office in 2009, Obama and his secretary of state — who is currently the Democratic presidential front-runner — began pushing for the passage of stalled free trade agreements (FTAs) with Panama, Colombia and South Korea that opponents said would make it more difficult to crack down on Panama’s very low income tax rate, banking secrecy laws and history of noncooperation with foreign partners.Even while Obama championed his commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy, he pursued and eventually signed the Panama agreement in 2011. Upon Congress ratifying the pact, Clinton issued a statement lauding the agreement, saying it and other deals with Colombia and South Korea "will make it easier for American companies to sell their products." She added: "The Obama administration is constantly working to deepen our economic engagement throughout the world, and these agreements are an example of that commitment."Critics, however, said the pact would make it easier for rich Americans and corporations to set up offshore corporations and bank accounts and avoid paying many taxes altogether. With this revelation of sorts , you call a ghost haunting the White house ,  In an unscheduled appearance in the White House briefing room, Obama described the revelations from the leaks as “important stuff” and said the issue of global tax avoidance was a “huge problem”.Obama’s intervention came as "quickly as possible" it seemed . It's proof that our world is smaller (politically) than you think .Mr. Obama rushed his unscripted remarks , came as he made a rare and unscheduled appearance in the White House press briefing room and follows confirmation that US authorities are reviewing an international offshore law firm, exposed for helping the wealthy and powerful avoid US sanctions against regimes in Syria, North Korea, Russia and Iran.

(1)>>Panama Papers The Panama Papers are 11.5 million documents — or 2.6 terabytes of data — provided by an unnamed source to a German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, more than one year ago. They were taken from the files of Mossack Fonseca, described as the fourth-largest offshore law firm in the world. Among the dozen current and former world leaders named in the documents as controlling offshore companies were the prime ministers of Iceland and Pakistan, the king of Saudi Arabia, and the children of the president of Azerbaijan, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism, a nonprofit organization based in Washington that published the papers through more than 100 news organizations around the world on Sunday.The data include emails, financial spreadsheets, passports and corporate records revealing the secret owners of bank accounts and companies in 21 offshore jurisdictions, from Nevada to Hong Kong to the British Virgin Islands. The so called list of NAMES made it to Wikipedia ( ) for any ones information .  (2)>>Bohemian Grove.  I often "joked" about a theory that President Obama along
It's not a big world if you
belong to a international secret
society .
with world leaders played gulf together as the top secret Bohemian Grove . Obama might be sharing a drink , or a cigarette with the North Korean Leader Kim Jun Un , and later play the part that they are "enemies" . 
The club is so hush-hush that little can be definitively said about it, but much of what we know today is from those who have infiltrated the camp, including Texas-based filmmaker Alex Jones. In 2000, Jones and his cameraman entered the camp with a hidden camera and were able to film a Bohemian Grove ceremony, Cremation of the Care. During the ceremony, members wear costumes and cremate a coffin effigy called “Care” before a 40-foot-owl, in deference to the surrounding Redwood trees. More recently, a reporter from Vanity Fair snuck into the Grove during the 2008 encampment to investigate logging activity as well as the usual goings-on, and his experiences are summarized in a May 2009 article entitled "Bohemian Tragedy."  .  The members of the Bohemian club include presidents, government officials, corporate officials, global elite in high positions of authority and influence from all over the world. Under the Logan Act, it is a felony for unauthorized citizens to meet in private with foreign governments, in California it happens every year, everything that goes on there is kept secret. The media does not report on it because the CEO’s of the major media are likely there cross-dressing and running around drunk urinating on trees between occult rituals sacrificing children to an ancient god along with our president, vice-president and secretary of defense. These are the people making decisions that affect our lives, the ones who decide when we go to war, manage our health care, and gradually strip our freedom away from us. They meet every year in a relaxed, care-free social setting. It is only inevitable that this setting encourages it’s members to come to agree on issues concerning policies that affect our day to day lives. If there is any place to find evidence that the world is mostly controlled by a few powerful men and conspiring to create a New World Order, then it would definitely be the bohemian grove. It’s amazing the impact a single trip to the Bohemian grove can have on a member’s career, evidence that our free elections aren’t so free after all.

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